For Chuck the Red…..

Of the seven plus years I’ve been doing Slabbed, 2014 was the wildest, wackiest year of them all and then some folks. Those of you that remember the brutal Senate GOP primary between Thad Cochran and State Senator Chris McDaniel also recall it was also a three ring circus.  A journalist from California named Chuck C. Johnson came over to cover the race for his website and ended right up in the middle of the Rose Cochran nursing home picture scandal mess plus some. After receiving a return invite to Mississippi via a Grand Jury subpoena Chuck moved on to Ferguson and after Ferguson, the Rolling Stone UVA rape allegations and a retracted Rolling Stone article on same. He’s managed to piss off a few people along the way including the Clarion Ledger’s own Sam Hall and that brings me to yesterday:

Sowing Mayhem, One Click at a Time ~ David Carr

Before we get into a sampling, as Norm once famously said on Cheers:

“It’s a dog eat dog world, Woody & I’m wearing Milk Bone underwear.”

Woman Falsely ID’d as UVA’s Jackie by Conservative Blogger Is Suing ~ Anna Merlan

Which of These Disgusting Chuck Johnson Rumors are True? ~ J. K. Trotter

The Daily Caller Can’t Quit Chuck Johnson ~ J.K. Trotter Continue reading “For Chuck the Red…..”


The other day I ran a guest post from Uptown Music and it was well received.  I edited out the last paragraph though as it made a good post all on its own.

Seems to me that if the goal is to do quality journalism that can be accomplished.  Money to fuel “the movement” is a game changer though as money corrupts.  I know one way around that, at least short term but it too comes with its own “baggage”. In any event the rest of Uptown Music’s email:

What little faith I have left is now invested in Slabbed and your ilk. I am hoping in about 6-8 months to get out from under a pile of debt so that I can start contributing to your fine efforts. My fear is: What will eventually occur to this mass movement? However, at this point the main task is to create the mass movement for transparency and honesty. A man can dream, anyway.

Maybe this is a bridge too far but Steve pointed out there is one place that gives grants for transparency projects, national security and human rights but I fear the Faux news crowd would choke. It is rich considering Rupert Murdoch’s pedigree but there are lots of simple minds that need educating ’round here. :mrgreen:

File this one under she’ll remain clueless until the bitter end…..

I’d issue Ms. Freret an invitation to dance with Sop in the avant garde but I do not think she can find me here on the other side of Pine Hill.  That said I may even read my assistant’s paper for once to see who shows up in pictures. But if you want to know what is going on in town you pal up with someone that goes to the Glamorama on a regular basis.

Good luck, godspeed and with best wishes from the avant garde sign me.


Yes I can verify…..

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words.  Unfortunately for the Slabbed Nation, Anthony Weiner’s cock shot has been removed from Yfrog so the link on yesterday’s Weinergate post no longer works. ‘Nuff said about that folks.

There indeed may be nothing new under the sun but the new media certainly trail blazes old paths. I mention this because of today’s editorial in the Sun Herald about certain thin-skinned local politicians that did not like their pics appearing in the paper next to critical letters to the editor concerning them.

I laughed and thought of former partner in blog Nowdy and a December 2007 meet and greet we had at the Hattiesburg Cracker Barrel. While we visited I shared my two rules for blogging with her. The Sheriff and Tax Collector violated the first rule big time, thus making this post possible. Now back to that trail blazing thing because things could be far-far worse for ol’ Mel and Joe.

Mike Chaney and Jim Donelon as the Head up Yer Ass Man and Bozo the Clown are examples of what I speak about here. Them and my current favorite Miss Piggy as stand in for Mary Landrieu and that one fits on several levels folks. But my all time favorite is Laurel and Hardy for Oxford based State Farm lawyers Scot Spragins and his sidekick Lucky Tucker, two ethically challenged guys that never met a corner they failed to cut in the wind-water litigation down here.

So count yer blessings guys and quit yer bitchin’.  😉