Nancy you ignorant media whoring slut: “Tot Tee Vee” took one on the chin (and it ain’t doughnut glaze…)

For you partisan media freaks that read this blog it is duly noted that I’ve ripped on Faux News enough lately that our shorter term readers may not know that we also have fun with CNN here at Slabbed including calling out CNN’s Anderson Cooper for cavorting with local political whores during the oil spill little over a year ago. Tee Vee news outfits like CNN and Faux News, (likely along with your local news outlets) are way more show biz than journalism. I don’t watch much cable news and sensationalized coverage of stories like the Casey Anthony trial are the reason.

Evidently Grace shamelessly used the tragic death of a 3 year old to boost her show’s ratings as she evidently tried and convicted Casey Anthony for her daughter’s death on the Tee Vee. Fact is the entire Tee Vee media herd was balls deep in the Anthony saga and it looks like most whiffed but none as spectacularly as Grace, who shares the distinction with Mary Landrieu of strongly reminding me of Miss Piggy.

To the extent these are same folks that made the trailer trash lady from Wasilla who shall remain nameless (along with her single mom daughter) a national media sensation take my advice and just say no to Tot Tee Vee.