Garlandfill wants everyone to know he’s not a Heebe media shill

A billboard featuring Garland Robinette off the Pontchartrain Expressway in late 2011. Photo by Michael DeMocker, The Times-Picayune

The problem, of course, is I think only his wifey Nancy Rhett believes him.

Fred Heebe’s River Birch Inc. takes ownership of controversial Garland Robinette property ~ Manuel Torres

The reader comments sum things up nicely. I’ll add I contacted the FCC after the T-P put all the meat on the bones of a story Slabbed broke in December 2010 (on the down low) in the Robinette Federal grand jury subpoena as it is very clear the people at Entercom Communication’s WWL AM/FM are not to be trusted to report news in the public interest.

Garlandfill’s microphone cost a man of Fred Heebe’s wealth a relative pittance and at scandals end it is the briefcase boy that ended up with a lifelong case of the mookie stinks. It is a recurring theme in the human condition.

It is a stubborn, stubborn fact that Clancy Dubos is a complete sellout like Garlandfill.

And no folks, I do not think it was a coincidence the Gambit took a shot at me back in July. That said it also comes as no surprise that Gambitman Clancy Dubos does what he can to come to Garlandfill’s defense with a tug at the ol’ heartstrings as he takes a nostalgic trip down Eau de Landfill Lane on Garlandfill’s behalf. The rationalizations and twisted logic is sickening.

Maybe, just maybe Clancy, Garlandfill should have gone to the bank and avoided the situation altogether.  Ethics is not a hard concept to grasp.