Anyone Else Remember Maria Brown? Let’s catch up shall we.

Our long term readers no doubt remember the lusty saga of Maria Brown who surfaced with salacious allegations of sexual harassment against her former employer and Scruggs Katrina Group member Nutt and McAlister PLLC when all hell was breaking loose with the Dickie Scruggs criminal case. At the time we were criticized in some quarters because we didn’t blindly believe Ms Brown’s allegations of sexual harassment and of course the complaint vaporized in the face of production of her in office emails which revealed Ms Brown possessed a very healthy libido.

Today Ms Brown surfaced in the Clarion Ledger telling a story of now having to wait tables one day a week to supplement the meager income her new job provides. Ms Brown is also sick of working for lawyers and recounts how she was “laid off” from her paralegal job at Nutt & McAlister and working briefly at another law firm before saying sayonara to the legal profession.  What the article doesn’t mention however is why Ms Brown has “had enough of lawyers”, ostensibly even her one time paramour John Doe.

What is clear is that the economy was not the only thing slumping when Ms Brown left Nutt & McAlister Continue reading “Anyone Else Remember Maria Brown? Let’s catch up shall we.”

“The image is one thing and the human being is another”

If Elvis understood that, Sop, it shouldn’t be all that difficult for folks to apply his wisdom to USA v Scruggs – particularly if they read your comment to my Fat Mama’s post or the April issue of the ABA Journal.

The Katrina-related cases—tailor-made to cast Scruggs as a home-state hero—have also led indirectly to the bribery allegations against him.

Scruggs’ own home in Pascagoula had been destroyed in the hurricane, occasioning his relocation upstate to Oxford. He bankrolled lawsuits against companies like insurance giant State Farm, which had argued that damage from water pushed landward by winds was not flood-related, and thus not insured.

But as the litigation proceeded, two familiar complaints against Scruggs emerged with a vengeance: one involving tactics, the other fees.

It’s impossible to review the record of USA v Scruggs and miss all that “emerged with a vengeance” to suggest the image of the King of Torts was on trial, not the human being, Richard A. “Dickie” Scruggs – but the vengeance of the pursuit of all things Scruggs says far worse things about those in pursuit than could ever be said about Richard A. “Dickie” Scruggs.

Speaking of Fat Mama’s, have you read Brown v Nutt?

Sop says he’s “really busy” – tax time and all that – so he hopes I “don’t mind posting today’s update on Brown v Nutt” – like I don’t know he’s ROTFLHAO at the thought of me trying to compose one of my “straight news posts” about the Exhibits submitted with the latest response from the defense.

No problem, Sop, I’ll just link folks to Legal News Line so they can read the first part of the email mail message and insert the rest of the Maria Brown version of the 2007 Tax Code as a quote:

10-12″ Luxury Tax $300.00
8-10″ Pole Tax $250.00
5-8″ Privilege Tax $150
3-5″ Nuisance Tax $30.00

Readers who don’t want to put the two parts together can just download the Exhibits and read it all on page 37 – that’s as far as I was able to read without thinking that you were going to owe me a case of Fat Mama’s and some sweet potatoes for this post!

I’m cutting this short – so to speak – to set up a new page under Legal – leaving you and our readers to decide if the good neighbor isn’t a bit of a peeping Tom for including Maria Brown in their effort to disqualify KLG.