Guest Post: Politics Trumps Public Safety and Being a Good Neighbor

Is it too high of an expectation these days for the concern for public safety and being a good neighbor to trump politics and personal agendas for just one day out of the 365 that the Good Lord blesses us with this year?

WLOX reported Friday that Bay St. Louis Mayor, Mike Favre, has decided not to assist the City of Pass Christian with 4 off duty Bay Police Officers for crowd control at the St. Paul’s Carnival Association Mardi Gras Parade.

Mayor Favre contends he needs all of his force in the Bay to protect their citizens. Mayor Favre may want to consider the fact that a very large number of his citizens will be in Pass Christian tomorrow for the infamous “Pass Parade” which draws the largest crowd of any parade on the Coast, and is historically the most volatile.

Year before last two people were shot and killed at the parade, and this was not the first time violence was an issue for this event.

Former Bay St. Louis Police Chief, Matt Issman, told WLOX that he has access to two text messages from Bay Officers saying Issman’s suit against the Bay and Mayor Favre was the reason given to the officers as to why they are not allowed to assist the Pass, coupled with Issman’s position as a Reserve Officer with the Pass PD. Continue reading “Guest Post: Politics Trumps Public Safety and Being a Good Neighbor”

Comment bump: AROD is back!

Let me share some “new” (for most of you) information with you. Preliminarily, let me reiterate that “I will not join a Club that will have ME as a Member”, and particularly a “Jefferson Parish Mardi Gras krewe” that parades on Veterans Highway. Having said that, I am the son of a Jefferson Parish gambler, and I will NEVER receive an invitation to join a “main line” Mardi Gras krewe. My wife’s GrandFather was a King of Proteus (whose identity is supposed to be “secret”). Her Great GrandFather was REX in 1883. Now for the “new” information: The first “Court” of Comus, which is the “Gold Standard” for all other Carnival organizations, was in 1884. The Comus organization did not parade that year (Where are you, Dorothy Mae Taylor?), but the ladies of the Court were: Varina Anne “Winnie” Davis, the youngest daughter of Jefferson Davis, the former President of the Confederacy. Winnie Davis was known as “The Daughter of the Confederacy”, having been born in June 1864, during the “dark days” of the Civil War. The next was a daughter of Robert E. Lee (either Mildred or Mary), who so many Southern Men worship as a role model, even to this day. And the daughter of General (some accounts say “A.P.”, others say “D.H.”) Hill, Nannie. and lastly “Julia” who was the daughter of General Stonewall Jackson. There also are incomplete accounts that REX honored “Daughters of the Confederacy” in 1885. Winnie Davis returned to Comus to serve as OUEEN of the organization in 1892. Reportedly, Confederate veterans living in New Orleans WENT NUTS! So, in addition to imparting this information, I have an idea: Comus and Rex have to invite Obama and Michelle to attend their Balls, and a “toast” to the ZULU organization has to be added to whatever happens at Gallier Hall (does anyone really understand THAT?).