The events surrounding Katie Stewart’s Criminal Complaint Against Jeff Harding and the LesLie Mobile come into sharper focus

Folks before you swear out a criminal complaint against someone you should always consider whether or not there are third party security videos that would undermine your affidavit. Did Katie Fillingame Stewart consider that the Camera Never Blinks? I’m thinking the answer to that question will be revealed in fairly short order.

Screen Capture of August 13, 2016 Security Video Courtesy of a Reader
Screen Capture of August 13, 2016 Security Video Courtesy of a Reader

Slabbed has seen two different security videos that depict the events leading to Ms. Stewart swearing out that criminal complaint against Harding. What was most interesting to me is the white vehicle that was tailgating Mr. Harding and the Les-Fiillin Machine aka the LesLie Mobile, who was around 11 seconds behind Ms. Stewart. This situation is still fluid folks but rumor holds that white vehicle behind Harding was being driven by a Bay St Louis police officer that would in turn be a witness to the entire chain of events. Maybe this is why sources are indicating to Slabbed that Bay St Louis Police Chief Denardo has turned this matter over to Hancock Sheriff Ricky Adams. Commenter Paying Attention revealed what could be a much bigger problem for Hizzoner last night:

It has been reported that they are following their adversaries with part time cops.

Has Chief Denardo and his guys become hired muscle for the Committee to Re-Elect Les Fillingame? That is a disturbing thought folks. Continue reading “The events surrounding Katie Stewart’s Criminal Complaint Against Jeff Harding and the LesLie Mobile come into sharper focus”

Slabbed New Media seeks permission to sue Loyola University, Stuart Smith Law Clinic Assistant Director Ramona Fernandez and Law Student Janey Lamar

Slabbed New Media today filed a Motion for Leave to Amend its copyright abuse lawsuit against suspended lawyer Daniel Abel to include Abel’s close associate Chris Yount, along with Loyola University via its Stuart Smith Law Clinic adding counts of malicious prosecution and abuse of process. The new counts are related to a defamation lawsuit that was improperly filed under seal via ex-parte court order by Abel which named Handshoe, Slabbed New Media and Slabbed New media’s attorney Bobby Truitt as co-defendants. This suit was subsequently struck under Louisiana’s Anti-SLAPP law. Attorney Abel was subsequently was suspended from the practice of law due to the threat of harm to the public for his conduct in that and other cases.

During the appellate process, the Loyola University Stuart Smith Law Clinic, via Assistant Director Ramona Fernandez and third year law student Janey Lamar, then stepped into Abel’s shoes, filing an appellate brief which accused Handshoe of committing the crime of cyber stalking in addition to other scandalous and defamatory verbiage including attributing statements to Slabbed’s lawyer Bobby Truitt that have been literally concocted from whole cloth. They took these actions under the guise of representing Mr. Yount’s minor son, who was never a party to the dismissed SLAPP suit.

Said Slabbed New Media publisher Handshoe, “the conduct of the Stuart Smith Law Clinic at Loyola University has been reprehensible and has exposed a minor child to potential legal liability.”  Handshoe added that both clinic director Bill Quigley and Loyola Law School Dean María López as well as Fernandez and Lamar were repeatedly warned to refrain from injecting a minor child into a civil matter to which that child was not a party. He also noted that Loyola never filed a formal motion to intervene in the case before joining in with Yount prosecuting the case at the appeals court level.

“It is clear that Loyola University, after tossing the Lens from its campus and joining in with Yount, a noted serial litigant in litigation designed to squelch journalism in the public interest, has become the enemy of the free press”, Handshoe noted. He continued that the verbiage used in the joint appellate brief submitted by Yount and Loyola mirrors, in certain cases word for word, a scandalous brief submitted by Daniel Abel that was subsequently struck by the United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi.

Handshoe vowed to bring all the legal abuses and acts of retaliation connected to his reporting on the troubling multi year divorce case styled Yount v Steitle, which included instances of Yount self notarizing legal documents using Abel’s notary stamp to the light of day.  “I’ve had many inquiries into the status of this litigation by interested legal observers”, said Handshoe who added that “the abuses that occurred before Judge Raymond Steib recused himself from that case are both highly troubling and certainly deleterious to the proper formation of the minor that has been at the center of the multi-year custody battle.  Loyola’s subsequent use of the same minor child to participate in an abusive defamation action in an attempt to silence a journalist will not be tolerated.”

Finally Handshoe indicated that further legal action is anticipated related to another of suspended attorney Abel’s defamation suits against Handshoe, Slabbed and all of its previous counsel.  “Suing a lawyer for the sole purpose of creating a legal conflict strikes at the heart of the justice system. Even worse are judges that sanction that behavior in abuse of their office.  My right to freedom of Speech under the First Amendment and to do journalism in the public interest here on Slabbed has literally been paid for with blood of American patriots that made the ultimate sacrifice and I fully intend to honor that sacrifice by securing my constitutional rights in a court of law.”

The case is styled Handshoe v Abel, Case Number 1:14-cv-00159-KS-MTP, United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi, Judge Keith Starrett presiding.

Slabbed legal update: Pfffft you were gone…..

But first some lovely music:

Canadian court orders? Here at Slabbed New Media we wipe our asses with ’em. Down here where the courts are meaningful however I do believe every lawyer with a Mississippi license has now exited the building:

Handshoe v. Randall Cajun Motion to Withdraw

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Doomsday for the former Goatherder in Chief?

Former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard
Former Goatherder in Chief Aaron Broussard / Image via the Times Picayune / NOLA Media Group

Judge declines to toss out Katrina flooding lawsuit against Aaron Broussard and Jefferson Parish ~ Paul Purpura

Peytavin noted there were too many questions concerning Broussard’s credibility to make the pretrial judgments. The judge twice noted in his three rulings that Broussard has given only one deposition.

Something tells me Darleen Jacobs’ people will not be the only ones making the trip to the Federal Pen in Butner North Carolina to depose the former Goatherder in Chief. If I may be so bold to suggest a full fleshing out of this evacuation to Mount Hermon Louisiana nonsense because that is exactly what Broussard and his doomsday plan are: complete nonsense.

My own considered opinion is Broussard intentionally flooded the Parish via abandonment of the pumps so he and his cronies could partake in some disaster crony capitalism that resulted from the flooding. At least that is what a preponderance of the evidence tells me. I’m proud Slabbed contributed to the knowledge base that is the Broussard Flood of 2005. Speaking of that knowledge base, these three archival posts from Nowdy are must reads on this topic: Continue reading “Doomsday for the former Goatherder in Chief?”

Today’s minute entry is on me

Minute Entry: Handshoe v Broussard et al 13cv251
September 13, 2013

TEXT ORDER ONLY The Court finds that pursuant Rule 16(b)(3)(B) of the Uniform Local Rules for the Northern and Southern Districts of Mississippi (L.U.Civ.R, effective 12/1/2011) provides that the filing a motion involving a jurisdictional defense motion stays the attorney conference and disclosure requirements and all discovery not related to the issue pending the Court’s ruling on the motion. The the Court find that the Defendants, Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Trout Point Lodge Limited’s Motion for Protective Order [27] should be granted in part and denied in part, discovery solely directed to issues pertaining to the pending Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction [14] may proceed and Defendants must respond to the aforementioned discovery on or prior to September 27, 2013. No further written order shall be issued by this Court. Signed by Magistrate Judge John M. Roper on September 13,2013 (JFN)

Discovery referenced above can be found here.

Look away! Its bad, very bad…….

Martin v Abel Cap 1

IMHO beyond money there is a law license on the line in this one. Click below to get the full 5 page suit.

Martin v Abel – Petition for Damages

A matter of the VERY public record: Martin v Abel

And from the bowels of the EyewitnessTM newsroom to Rampart Street one can almost hear a plaintive wail.

Vital background here.*

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