There is someone here at this website that has experience fighting back against being de-platformed that also happens to know a thing or two or three about the First Amendment. Heck it was just over a year ago we covered this topic.

There is also someone here at this website that has been warning the GOP about the dangers of being taken over by ignorant, right wingnuts, most of whom are nothing more than closet racists.

So when those freaks stormed the capitol last week carrying Blue Lives Matter flags looking to kill our elected officials and successfully killing law enforcement, to expect there would be no blowback or that the enablers of these far right anarchists would simply walk away is expecting a bit much. Accountability is inherent to the healing process and there is going to be lots of accountability as there is lots to heal.

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A Con Artist is Running for Southern District PSC: We know her as Sugar Stallings

Sugar Stallings via  WLOX File Photo
Sugar Stallings via
WLOX File Photo
What started as a tip that a local radio personality/political candidate was pretending to be a lawyer has morphed into something more and that started when Slabbed obtained Southern District PSC candidate Demetria M “Sugar” Stallings resume from the Biloxi City Council minutes when former Biloxi Mayor AJ Holloway appointed Stallings to the Historical Preservation Commission:

Sugar Stallings CV by on Scribd

It was with that detailed information that Slabbed started doing some sleuthing with the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland but the initial searches turned up dry. Summer Selby-Drew stopped in with a tip which we were already wise, namely that Stallings may not be her original last name and Sugar is a nickname. Having already run a public records search we knew that Stallings was known in Maryland as Demetria M. Brown. The Baltimore Sun circa 2006 made that bit of sleuthing easy: Continue reading “A Con Artist is Running for Southern District PSC: We know her as Sugar Stallings”

Another family Values Republican Revealed as a Crook and Hypocrite

People in Mississippi love talking bad about other states’ politicians despite being so roundly failed by their own. Normally the local invective is saved for Nancy Pelosi or AOC. It’s kinda like voter fraud that way, people around here want to talk about it when the Texas Attorney General goes off half cocked accusing Mexicans of voting illegally and not so much when the GOP in North Carolina demonstrates their detailed knowledge of how to perpetrate it.

And then we have Rep. Duncan Hunter, a family values Republican who evidently spent his campaign money so he could hump lobbyists, a staffer along with some other act of perversion the Federal Prosecutors essentially said was NSFW and wanted to submit under seal. It also explains why his wife turned on him.

Watching the clown show that is the modern day Republican party collapse under the weight of its own corruption is pleasing. So is watching Franklin Graham reveal himself as a political prostitute. Will the evangelicals give Hunter a pass like they do Trump claiming humping around is OK, because after all King David did that and worse? One thing about the good ol’ days that I do agree with is back then, people knew the difference between right and wrong, without watching Tee Vee news or listening to Tee Vee preachers that are more interested in building net worth than leading people to salvation.

Meantime Mississippi’s new bogeywoman, AOC is giving the Democrats a much needed enema and that is very pleasing to see as well. The only open question is whether or not the Dems lose next year by picking Creepy Joe Biden as their standard bearer. Not so pleasing are the people drinking the Koolaid that actually think one party is better than the other when the reality was well summed up years ago by the late Molly Ivins:

As they say around the Texas Legislature, if you can’t drink their whiskey, screw their women, take their money, and vote against ’em anyway, you don’t belong in office.

Meantime we can all wonder which GOP Congressman hits the pokey first, Hunter or the crook from New York.

Caption the story…..

Feel free to chime in with your own caption in comments. Here are a couple of examples:

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Ray Nagin: Chocolatier, “Human Sponge” and “Worse”

While Nagin’s lawyer Robert Jenkins is taken to school by the prosecutors we have missives from the Advocate worth highlighting. First Nagin the Human Sponge:

Prosecutors: As finances tanked, Nagin sought cash ~ Gordon Russell

And now worse:

Trial makes Nagin seem worse than we thought ~ Stephanie Grace

And for those wanting to know how the IRS can go all the way back to 2005 on his disHonner’s income taxes:

Even the IRS has limits ~ Robert Wood

Congressman Steven Palazzo: Ignorant of the bills upon which he votes

Maybe if he spent a little less time counting the campaign ca$h he get$ from $tate Farm executive$, the Congressman could spend more time representing the people in the 4th district.

Flood insurance measure heads to Senate ~ Da Noose

I love these snakes taking credit for throwing a scrap back to the populace after letting their insurance benefactors loot the NFIP dry, sticking the bill for the massive fraud on the little people in the process. Say what you want about Gene Taylor folks but he never put the interest of millionaire insurance executives from Illinois above the interest of his constituents.

Which future felon will Mayor Half Moon and Cynthia Hedge-Morrell support for interim District E?

Even better will the “robust” news operation at Times Picayune join the blogs in vetting potential candidates?  Having all those bodies does no good if the editors won’t publish their stories. If you folks from New York reading this blog want to know the secret it is called having a sack.


Disgraced former Judge William Roe goes off to the Greybar Hotel as a crybaby. Is he a true piece of shit? Discuss.

Susan Poag / The Times-Picayune

Well folks what can I say except the T-P broke out their best file photo of former Plaquemines Parish Judge William Roe giving the stink eye to the camera and used it with his letter to the editor whining about the recent Times Picayune editorial about his imminent 3 month stint in the Grey Bar Hotel for petty thievery.  I’ll add I bet the gang over at Team T-P happily posted the judge’s last missive to the paper and public before entering the jailhouse, which, in the spirit of the season, the ex judge gifted to all including the Slabbed Nation.  Here is a snippet:

Your gratuitous and mean-spirited editorial must be considered another example of your rabid, irrational and hateful crusade, which exemplifies why The Times-Picayune is the second-rate paper it always has been.

Now me, I view the dispense of justice as a solemn occasion which is why you’ll rarely see me pile on a convict.  Given the judge got only 3 months for stealing $6,000 while a typical bank robber that steals half that amount gets 10 years I just don’t see what beef Roe has with the T-P beyond the fact he has the strong appearance of a thin skinned pussy that had no problem locking other people up for such petty thefts while he was busy betraying the public’s trust doing same. Continue reading “Disgraced former Judge William Roe goes off to the Greybar Hotel as a crybaby. Is he a true piece of shit? Discuss.”

When it comes to corrupt, sack of shit politicians Billy Nungesser gets the headlines but he isn’t the only one running for office.

Folks I have a hard time deciding which kind of sack of shit politico I hate worse, straight out crooks like Billy Nungesser or professional scapegoaters like John LaBruzzo that have no problem scapegoating minorities or the less fortunate to advance their personal political ambitions.  Both types are dangerous just in different ways.

Luckily for all of us it appears a solid majority of the registered voters have figured out Nunny is on the take as polling data indicates Jay Dardenne has a solid lead in the Louisiana Lite Gov race that will carry him to a win in a few weeks.  One thing that surprised me was that I figured voters on the north shore were more intelligent than the polling data shows but evidently them folks prefer their politicians to be of the variety that robs them blind so long as they spout the right talking points.  Speaking of Nunny, does anyone think the $100MM FEMA trailer contract that is now the subject of a federal investigation escaped his sticky fingers back in 2005/2006? Stay tuned.

And then we have Bucktown’s John LaBruzzo. It is no surprise the people who gave David Duke to the political world would elect a right-wing nut to represent them.  It is just that you’d think after the Duke disaster they would at least elect a right-wing nut that represented their interest in the legislature.  As luck would have it Hammerman at the T-P wrote a lengthy article on the incumbent v incumbent battle involving Nick Larusso and John LaBruzzo and it does not cast LaBruzzo in a good light, especially the dishonest campaigning involving Larusso’s service in the military.  And when a pol like, Senator Danny “Boob” Martiny washes his hands of a candidate it is saying something.  Simply put LaBruzzo wasn’t redistricted into the race against Larusso by accident folks as even the most ardent right-wing nuts want him gone from the legislature.

Stay tuned folks as Slabbed will be introducing a new series of posts called “identify the candidate” that we’ll kick off with an able-bodied guy with a preference for using handicapped parking.