Meantime over in New Orleans a Film Tax Credit Scam Trial of the Rich and Famous

The gang rides again with ninja lawyer protecting the flanks.

High-stakes trial over La. film program gets under way in federal court ~ Gordon Russell

One of the defendants is Peter Hoffman, a colorful Hollywood producer who has beaten a federal rap once before. Another is Michael Arata, an actor and lawyer who is married to Emily Arata, a top deputy to Mayor Mitch Landrieu.

The Aratas are related by marriage to Fred Heebe, the landfill magnate who was the target of a federal investigation when he famously brought down former U.S. Attorney Jim Letten and two of his top lieutenants by bringing to light an online-commenting scandal. Arata is being represented by Billy Gibbens, one of the lawyers who helped Heebe get the federal probe of him dropped.

Thank God Gordon Russell can still write the word Heebe for the Advocate as I’m being told that leaving that singular word in comments at will result in immediate comment deletion.

In other news the Advocate is taking a victory lap sponsored by Lucky Coin:

Rouses, Winn-Dixie shifting ads to The New Orleans Advocate ~ Timothy Boone

A question of trust: Advocate owner John Georges lied about Steve Newhouse meeting

Looks like we have a truth problem over in the Publishing/Ownership department at the Lucky Coin Today:

The dangerous peoples of the intertubes strike again – Jason Berry

After reading Jason’s piece head over Jim Romenesko and read a few more whoppers from John Georges and his shills┬áin comments.

I have not spoken to Steve Newhouse though some curious visitors from Jersey occasionally pop up reading Slabbed. In fact, the last thing most people want publicized is the fact they have spoken to Slabbed New Media. That list of names is long, distinguished, occasionally infamous and in fact would be surprising, perhaps even shocking to the readers of this project.

I do have the Wino’s permission to reveal her name after her death (which hopefully will not come to pass for many, many years). Otherwise my lips are completely sealed. (See how easy it is not to lie?)