Attention all life forms at Starship LSBME: Resistance is Futile…..(Updated)

Folks the story of the treatment of Doctor Borg by LSBME has the potential to become bigger than Perdigao. And who filed one of the LSBME complaints against Dr Borg? Why it was Great-West Health Care (an insurance company) after “Dr. Borg had lodged his own complaint against GW with Louisiana Insurance Commissioner for perceived improprieties in GW’s reimbursement practices.”

So we have the good Doc at the mercy of an investigator who was carrying on an illicit affair with his lawyer while this case was open, among other wild happenings and events. I literally can’t do this justice in the small amount of time I have available now outside of the day job right now. Luckily for all of us KATC TV sat down with the Doctors Borg in a story that aired last night. While we await the video report here is the teaser from channel 3:

A Lafayette doctor has closed the doors to his business after being told he can’t practice for two years.

Doctor Walter Borg has been suspended by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.

According to his website, he is a Yale trained endocrinologist who has authored more than 20 scientific articles in medical journals. Continue reading “Attention all life forms at Starship LSBME: Resistance is Futile…..(Updated)”

I’m hoping one of our Adams and Reecers…….

Can tell us exactly what in the heck is going on over at the LSBME. Double dealing with HCA perhaps? Sex lies and audiotapes? We don’t know yet if we’ll cover this (lord knows our plate is full) but dang you boys get around.

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