Nothing but Thursday Links…..

Conservation groups oppose change in DMR rules ~ Paul Hampton

Its Great to be the CEO Running a Huge Criminal Bank ~ Bill Black

I-Team: Perricone, Mann surrender federal law licenses ~ Travers Mackel

Councilman says there is no merit to trespass, tampering allegations ~ Dwayne Bremer

St. Tammany DA Walter Reed’s payments to son’s companies reach almost $95,000 ~ Heather Nolan and Lee Zurik

Mississippi daycare worker dies in tornado, found clutching toddler she saved ~ Jeff Amy

After Donald Sterling, the NAACP plans to tighten up its award policies ~ Jarvis DeBerry

That high pitched squeal brings back bad memories…..

Weather radios across the state have been working overtime the past few days, here on the coast early this morning as the lightning and thunder was rocking and popping from about 2:00 AM to almost daylight.  Human suffering and major damage stretched across the state but Louisville and Tupelo were hit very hard as the following tweets illustrate:

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