Orleans Shoring’s questionable sales practices scrutinized by Hammerman. A former State Senator Julie Quinn double dealing update.

In this morning’s T-P we learn a few things from Hammerman’s analysis of the YouTube vids posted by the New Orleans Observer including the Observer’s likely identity as someone affiliated with the Cumberland Investment Group, an Orleans Shoring competitor. Because of the money involved the market competition has devolved into the business world’s version of a street fight as the public learns the extent of Julie Quinn’s financial involvement with Orleans Shoring while proclaiming to be some sort of consumer advocate, a routine she has used to double deal as a State Senator dating back to the Chinese Drywall scourge that afflicted this area after Hurricane Katrina.

Hammerman notes Quinn is the COO of Orleans Shoring and discloses the worst of the abuses Orleans documented in its own undercover sting are not present in the NOLA Observer’s video.  That said Hammerman also brings up two things that are disturbing in the use of $100 Walmart gift cards to score appointments, a practice Orleans was made to discontinue and the disturbing implications of an Orleans Shoring direct mail solicitation and for that we visit with Slabbed commenter Fedupwithitall:

The salesman from Orleans Shoring arrived at this homeowners home with paperwork all filled out including square footage, entrances, name and even Road home number. Is this guy psychic? How can this be? This salesman mentions looking on a list that was not supposed to be used but was magically now able to be used. Lo and behold this homeowner is approved! This Orleans Shoring salesman then tries to scare the homeowner by describing that the homeowner may lose their chance to get their home elevated if they don’t choose Orleans Shoring since Elevation Shoring went out of business 6 months ago per the Orleans Shoring salesman. (Elevation Shoring is still in business). The Orleans Shoring salesman then politely informs the homeowner that they have a NEW Mitigation Analyst named Hank. What a well-informed, nice guy.

How was this information obtained? Orleans Shoring all of the sudden has a list? Oh my! Is this a new list or and older one purchased from Kurt Wiltshire of New Path Recovery? (Kurt Wiltshire of New Path Recovery worked for Christian right after he quit working for OCD_HMGP)

Fedup is referencing the ongoing criminal saga involving the selling of the homeowner lists as well as earlier Hammerman reporting I added in hyperlink to his comment above.  The targeted mailing indicates there were other possible leaks involving the program and since a picture is worth a thousand words the mailing is below: Continue reading “Orleans Shoring’s questionable sales practices scrutinized by Hammerman. A former State Senator Julie Quinn double dealing update.”

About the latest dust up in the Louisiana Home Elevation Program……

Folks all I can say is the latest news of Orleans Shoring running undercover stings to eliminate the competition brings this whole home elevation deal to a level of nasty not seen since Julie and Patrick Quinn’s divorce proceedings were raging as the general public gets a peeksie at some of the reasons that Quinn was redistricted out of the State Senate (and John Young’s bed).

I mention this because last night we received a contact or two on the topic including one person that gave us the skinny on Orleans Shoring owner Christian Cancienne’s prior criminal record distributing hard drugs. We already knew Christian Cancienne from the Katrina litigation folks and he was about as useless as Eric Paulsen’s legal team in Paulsen v State Farm. But ol’ Christian does have a nice jingle and some of the best former politicians money can buy to snap up a cool quarter of the market.

Hopefully in the process folks I hope everyone will understand how absolutely feckless the current contractor licensing process in Louisiana is in its current incarnation and that is the real story here.

Meantime people are looking to Slabbed to cover this issue and something tells me there is plenty enough dirt on Quinn and Cancienne to make this topic a good fit here.


Julie Quinn makes the Op-Ed page……

I am beginning to form a mental picture that the Louisiana Home Elevation Program is little more than Oil Spill Cleanup Lite where the politicians figure out how to loot it out and keep competition to a minimum.  Today the Times Picayune takes a more even-handed stance on their editorial page in regards to Senator Julie Quinn, a political financial beneficiary of the program via Orleans Shoring, one of the newer entrants to the biz that has somehow managed to capture 25% of the market. It is worth the read as we’ll be keeping this subject on our radar screen here on Slabbed as information has begun to trickle in that should allow for a substantive post here on this topic.


Slabbed News Miscellany: I'm not sure just how to present these items…

First of all folks it has come to my attention there is a missing episode of Magnum J.D. starring Eric Paulsen, Diane Hollis, Phyllis George, Dr. Laura Badeaux, Cindy Cenac, Julie Quinn, Faith Peperone, Sonia Perez, Kathleen Diamond and Elizabeth Dent.  According to my sources, screen writer Nell Nolan had the ladies situated poolside enjoying the fine spring day over at Mag’s place on St Chas. A tip of the Slabbed hat to several readers on the disappearance of the episode which also has Magnum out of town trying to ascertain his real place of birth.

Next up is Saints Owner Tom Benson getting the pope to genuflect before him and kiss his Super Bowl ring. Folks in Catholicism these days the times they are a changin’.

I’d like to recognize the Magnolia Report for linking us on their headline page. Merci Beaucoup. Along those lines I’d also like to thank our new friends over at Moosedenied for the very kind words over on Twitter. Grandmaster Wang has some good stuff on Vaggie Bush.


John Young you magnificently ignorant slut……..

Sure he’s not as bad as Broussard or TheRiot but Young comes with his own set of problems including a certain character flaw that not only unnecessarily complicates his life but will end up doing him in politically.  Bottom line is I’ve seen enough folks and its time to call this one the way I see it. ~ sop


BREAKING: John Young is fixing to bust Karen Parker’s balls. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update.

Does this mean Ken Trahan’s balls are on the line too? Could be as Rich Rainey has this breaking story for the Times Picayune.  If I were Mr. Young I’d also be looking closely at the supervisor who signed off on all these fictitious paralegals too.

In other news Patrick Quinn wants Judge Ray Steib booted from his divorce case .  He is accusing Steib, “of bias in favor of his ex-wife and her attorney, Wiley Beevers of Gretna.”

The fact that Quinn, a millionaire is going to court pro se, which is the latin term for “already defeated”, is an important clue that Mr. Quinn could well be back on the sauce. That said it appears Judge Steib is getting comps from lawyers that practice before him and that is cause for concern but Beevers is from Grenta and per the Porteous impeachment that is the way things are done there thus the legal term “Gretna Mentality”.  Paul Purpura has the skinny in a new episode of Leave it to Beevers over at the Times Picayune.

We now return you to our regular programming.


I hate it when blogging gets in the way of work: Some transparency over at the Picayune sure would be nice.

LA State Senator Julie Quinn

Bunhare gets the hat tip in comments concerning a Brendon McCarthy story on a gun going off at Galatoire’s during lunch on Friday. The comments to the story identified the shooter as Louisiana State Senator Julie Quinn, current squeeze of Jefferson Parish President to be John Young.  I checked in on the story a time or two myself and noted a couple of the early comments were deleted. The story attracted over 130 total comments as of 6ish AM this morning. 

I mention this because Whitmergate sends this via email: 

I just went to the NOLA story and 23 posts have been removed all having to do with Young/Quinn…only one remains 

I took a peek and sure enough the axe indeed fell on McCarthy’s story, which did not identify the owner of the gun which was reported to have accidently discharged. 

I’ve had journalists tell me privately they do not read the comments to their stories and I think I remember Jarvis DeBerry writing same in an OpEd he wrote not that long ago. Coming from the finance boards at places like Yahoo, I’m a firm believer in the Predictive Value of Stock Message Board Sentiments so I read the comments, even the ones from the many idiots who post newspaper story comments. There are lots of idiots on the stock boards too so I can speed filter to the discriminating bloggers.  Ironically after Bunhare first posted with us I noted this person as a quality Times Picayune poster applying these concepts so I guess it is only natural Bunhare would give us the tip on Quinn.  Great minds obviously think alike.  😉 

So what do we know at this point: Continue reading “I hate it when blogging gets in the way of work: Some transparency over at the Picayune sure would be nice.”