Slabb-a-leaks: Did someone say more Tommy Capella please?

Yes they did and we aim to please.  Lots of duplication in this portion of the inbox which goes through early December but lots of good stuff too. Enjoy.  I think we’ll be rolling out some Byron Lee next.


Slabb-a-leaks: PRR? Here at Slabbed we don

The second installment of meet Councilman Capella takes us from October 2009 to mid November, 2009. This portion of the inbox had lots of duplicity, some of which we edited out.  At 1,147 pages it is quite an interesting read and includes some of the internals from Team West Jefferson Medical Center when it was revealed that Tim Coulon, along with Wally Pontiff and Tim Whitmer were eating from the Lagniappe trough at the hospital. Enjoy!


Slabb-a-leaks proudly presents: My baby sent me a letter. (Alternative title: PRR? Here at Slabbed we don’t need a stinkin’ PRR)

I’ve had about 10 different inspirations for rolling out this series, each pretty good but today I favor simplicity. The long and short of it is last fall I was the recipient of a data dump that comprised certain material that went to the federal grand jury late last year.  So the story goes, which will be told in detail in subsequent posts, this material went to the federal grand jury, 4 different NOLA area media outlets plus one individual that had the $5K it took to pay for the PRR, which I estimate numbers close to 200,000 pages. I’m not sure whose copy ended up on my doorstep but there is no denying the treasure trove of info contained therein.

With the emails of Tom Capella, we find a Parish councilman that was in reality a council part timer; one who used the Parish’s email servers to conduct his private law practice in the process compromising attorney client privilege.  Capella has an in with the LSED and Convention Center folks and the taxpayers pay his freight along with CDC Clerk Dale Atkins, who evidently was too engrossed with doing Larry Roedel’s bidding to make sure the conveyance data was properly backed up.

Here at Slabbed we’re fully prepared to do battle if need be to exercise our first amendment rights with respect to the Parish Council’s emails. That said we will not be publishing anything that we feel will interfere with the ongoing grand jury investigation.

First installment: Tom Capella October 2009 partial. 924 pages of spam, public notices, email blasts from Bayou Buzz plus some good stuff.


I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..

Timmy, Tommy and Michael all look to be going up the hill.  Tommy was evidently let go by Baldwin Haspel per Sock’s recent comment.

Tom pOreteous will be going down hard folks.  His refusal to resign exposes others like former Jefferson Parish DA John Mamoulides.  I’ve enjoyed seeing the lightbulbs go off with some of the knowledgable folks I talk with who have been previously puzzled about my inquiries regarding the former DA.

Those with a stake in this very high stakes game are not sitting on their hands folks.  Mr pOrteous, by his actions, intend to take others down with him.  Mamoulides is one such example IMHO. This one has the makings of a real donnybrook so everyone get your popcorn ready.

Porteous, Mamoulides and Jack Capella are all long time Jefferson Parish political machine guys. Porteous practiced in Harahan to be precise, before running for judge on the 24th Judicial District.  In Jefferson Parish having the DA on board has long been part of the successful path to getting on the bench.  That trend may be changing though. Continue reading “I think by now most everyone knows that Tom pOrteous sons have been subpoenaed…..”

To amplify some of Dambala’s recent posts. Follow the money folks.

Hat tip Editilla.

Dambala over at American Zombie has been doing some great investigative work lately involving LA State Rep Cedric Richmond.  He wrote this:

For the past four months, I’ve been researching a tip I received on current 2nd District Congressional candidate, State Rep. Cedric Richmond. I was told that Rep. Richmond took a chapter out of the Mose/Bill Jefferson playbook and set up at least one 501c3 (non-profit), then bilked the organization’s cash flow for personal use.

I think we have some stuff up on Slabbed that can help fuel the fire. I welcomed Ike and Sonja Spears to Slabbed and highlighted his connection to Dollar Bill and family. I imagine Ike was a member of that political machine.  Jim Letten has the goods on Sonja Spears yet has not released an indictment despite the slam dunk case he has against her.  Sonja is Ike’s wifey. This could also tie into them rumors we keep hearing about Civil District Court. Continue reading “To amplify some of Dambala’s recent posts. Follow the money folks.”

Slabbed goes behind the ‘green door’ and takes a peek at the Jefferson Parish corruption hive: Adams & Reese welcome back to Slabbed

I was actually tickled that a commenter mentioned former Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale yesterday on my profile of Lafayette Insurance Company as it loosely fits with other information that has come to light in the unfolding Jefferson Parish corruption scandal. The intersection of course is the lobbying arm of law firm Adams and Reese which has a penchant for hiring crooked former pols to lobby for their big business clients. As the title implies we’ve blogged a good bit on Adams and Reese through time, especially the saga of former A&R partner Jamie Perdigao who is now in prison serving time for embezzling almost $30MM from his partners there without being caught for years. Our archival posts on this topic can be found generally here with some notable posts here, here and here

The web of relationships that fostered the cesspool that is Jefferson Parish government cuts across the legal profession, as everyone will eventually learn as some of the best lawyers both trial and corporate form the rats nest on top of the Parish treasury. This post focuses on our old friends at A&R as one of their lobbyist, former Jefferson Parish President Tim Coulon, has repeatedly surfaced in connection with the doubling dealing that centered around former Parish CAO Tim Whitmer and his insurance brokerage Lagniappe Industries. We’ll let Paul Murphy at WWL kick start things: 

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.915560&w=425&h=350&fv=]


Federal investigators are now reviewing subpoenaed documents from the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District, also known as the Superdome Commission.

They requested LSED contracts and insurance agreements from 2004 to 2008. That’s during a time when former Jefferson Parish President Tim Coulon served as chairman of the board and was on the payroll at Lagniappe Industries, owned by former parish Chief Administrative Officer Tim Whitmer.  Continue reading “Slabbed goes behind the ‘green door’ and takes a peek at the Jefferson Parish corruption hive: Adams & Reese welcome back to Slabbed”