Mississippi lawyer turned convict Paul Minor recommended for permanent disbarrment in Louisiana

This is a post script to Slabbed’s coverage of Paul Minor’s conviction and subsequent appeal dating back to our earlier days.  My former partner in blog Nowdy had a deeper understanding of what drove some of the events behind the prosecution and while her coverage of same marched to the beat of a different drummer, there is no doubt she well added to the knowledge base of the first Mississippi judicial bribery case to be tried in federal court that would ultimately culminate in USA v Scruggs.  In what would be a sign of the future direction of Slabbed as a community sourced blog, that deeper understanding of what made Paul Minor tick garnered some some quality comments from high quality people.

Without further adieu the LADB motion, made almost 5 full years after Minor’s conviction as the wheels of justice indeed turn very slow. (Hat tip to a long time reader) Continue reading “Mississippi lawyer turned convict Paul Minor recommended for permanent disbarrment in Louisiana”

Menage a Frois law Firm Baker Donelson again exhibits blatantly unethical courtroom behavior a what else is new update

I’ve been sitting on some very nice legal briefs out of Lafayette Parish  for a few weeks now regarding a pair of highly unethical lawyers in Baker Donelson partner Monico Frois and her insurance defense sidekick Daniel Brenner with the firm of Bolen, Parker, Brenner, Lee & Gremillion out of Alexandria.

This post will highlight their shameful conduct in Landry v PSA of Lafayette but to set up Baker Donelson, I’ll first remind our readers they landed on our radar screen when Deputy Mississippi Insurance Commish Lee Harrell left MID and went to work there. The revolving door in the insurance biz is nothing unusual but Harrell took brazen to another level as Baker Donelson counts State Farm as a client and before he left MID Harrell whitewashed the Market Conduct Study untaken by MID against State Farm for their shameful claims practices in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina before collecting his payoff for same via Baker Donelson’s Jackson Mississippi office.

Through time I collected a few tidbits on Baker Donelson ethical sleazery so their latest bit of jackassery came as no surprise.  Following the insurance litigation indicated to me a sizable segment of the insurance defense bar could not win a case unless corners were cut and sadly there are plenty of lazy judges that allow all manner of underhanded tactics simply so cases move off their dockets.  Federal Judges in particular have a reputation for such laziness.

So I’ll set up Landry with a quote from a lawyer that has tangled with Baker Donelson’s Monica Frois to get a flavor of how she is viewed by her peers: Continue reading “Menage a Frois law Firm Baker Donelson again exhibits blatantly unethical courtroom behavior a what else is new update”

A “White Shoe” firm with smelly brown stuff on the soul: A Phelps Dumbar Conflict of Interest Update.

Short and sweet folks: Three cases and we’ve covered them all.

The suit the Parish filed against certain media outlets to clarify which grand jury documents the media would receive pursuant to media public records requests.  The decisions made with respect to the outcome of this litigation is a key precursor to Slabb O’Leaks where we periodically publish the emails of certain parish council members from around the general time frame when the insurance portion of the Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal broke. This suit deals with the public records law and the media outlets were defended by Phelps Dunbar.

The suit Anne Marie Vandenweghe filed against The Parish after the Parish denied her public records request for her email file folders. This suit is currently at the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals after Judge Ross LaDart dispensed a bit of Gretna style justice in favor of  TheRiot and company. This suit deals with the public records law and the Parish is being defended by Phelps Dunbar.

Last but not least is TheRiot and the Parish suing the blogosphere last year, specifically mentioning yours truly in the suit. Leaving aside for the fact it is practically impossible to defame or liable a government under our system of law, the Parish was represented in this suit by Phelps Dunbar. Continue reading “A “White Shoe” firm with smelly brown stuff on the soul: A Phelps Dumbar Conflict of Interest Update.”

Its Official! Thomas Porteous has resigned from the practice of law

He brought dishonor on himself, those that associated with him and his family name by not resigning from the bench, preferring instead impeachment and conviction by Congress. With the handwriting on the wall, he saves the do-little Chuck Plattsmeier and his band of blind mice at the Louisiana ODC the work of booting him from the legal profession by resigning from the practice of law.

Unfortunately for Plattsmeir, there is still the matter of Dick Chopin, Joseph Mole and Don Gardner, and Claude Lightfoot, Porteous enablers all, that have thus far skated on any discipline for their grossly unethical behavior with the former judge. We won’t be holding our breath though because the ODC seemingly only regulates those lawyers that are not politically connected.


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BREAKING: Porteous the pig is impeached and convicted (Updated and corrected)

The vote is going on as we speak.  All articles approved.

Here is the breaking story from the Times Picayune.

Folks we are all fixing to find out if Chuck Plattsmier and his ODC are really limp wristed nutless wonders or if they are serious about the judicial and legal misconduct revealed in this case from sleazy operators like Dick Chopin, Don Gardner, Tom Wilkinson and Joseph Mole.

Stay tuned folks.


James Gill tackles Murphy the Turd. A Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson ODC reprimand update.

Could James Gill be as big a fan of Slabbed as we are of his opinion columns? While the answer to that question will remain unanswered for now we do know he is paying attention from across the pond as yesterday’s column tackled the subject of the ODC reprimand of former Gov Mike Foster’s boy, Murphy the Turd.  Here is a peek at his column:

Banish any unworthy suspicions, because neither Murphy Foster, nor any of the other four attorneys who made up Breazeale, Sachse’s management committee, had any idea what was on the firm’s website. That was all handled by an office manager, who up and posted the bogus dope on the sly.

It is amazing, when corporate mischief comes to light, how often it turns out that the fault belongs entirely to a relatively humble employee who is no longer around, and so it was here. The office manager has left the company for unrelated reasons, so the motive for spreading “false, deceptive and misleading information” can only be guessed at.

No guessing about our interest, given that Murphy Deux was pushing Fred Heebe for US Attorney during the earlier years of the Continue reading “James Gill tackles Murphy the Turd. A Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson ODC reprimand update.”

“And the quarterback is toast….” Son of self proclaimed King of Torts Daniel Becnel suspended for a year by the ODC.

You gotta admit, this has been a tough couple of years for the sons of the Kings of Torts. Zach Scruggs was railroaded into copping a plea to a crime he did not commit and Daniel Becnel III appears to be a simple fool.  I’ll also add being “The Turd” has been tough lately too as Murphy the Turd just had a bad run in with the ODC.  Here is the order from the LA ODC on Becnel the Turd which suspends him from the practice of law for one year.

Anyone else remember Daniel Jr’s massive self promoting media blitz trying to capitalize on the oil spill. He landed himself in Business Week and on MSNBC.  I have it on good authority Team BP laughs at the “Firehouse Dog”, especially on the day Judge Barbier washed his ass outta the trough.