For those that didn’t know: We’ve got us a Mayor’s race in Kenna! (Brah)

In one corner is incumbent Mayor Mike Yenni. Having the occasion to speak with Mayor Mike on a couple of different occasions he is definitely Type A.

In the other corner is blogger Walt Bennetti.  This is Walt’s second try at public office in Kenner if memory serves.

A few links are now in order:

Kenner mayor candidates talk trash in | The Times-Picayune debate ~ Ben Myers

Kenner political forum set for candidates for mayor, two City Council seats ~  Drew Broach

The Mayor’s race has all the makings of a classic Louisiana style bare knuckle brawl and I’ve got a ringside seat.  Fresh off a run for juvenile court judge Connie Montgomery is speaking out on the Mayor’s race and she is not mincing words:*

My name is Connie Montgomery, I am a general practice and family law attorney in Kenner, LA.

First of all I want to be clear that this is not really about me, or lifting up any of the other candidates who are running for Mayor, but I am sure that Mr. Walt Bennetti will not be the answer. As a former judicial candidate, I have learned a lot about the election process and what I’ve learned is alarming. Based on my legal practice, I feel as though I can spot a person who is not dealing with the public in an honest and direct manner. I’ve reviewed much of Mr. Bennetti’s history and have become more and more concerned with what I’ve found through this process. Through the course of the posts that follow, I’ll detail the information I’ve discovered.

Point of disclosure: Slabbed has offered both Mayoral candidates right sidebar advertising space.

Those wanting additional background on Joe Stagni and the “local wiener” series should click here and here.

* Ms. Montgomery is currently providing legal services to myself and Slabbed New Media.

All lined up like birds on a wire…..

Nine Louisiana officials got a total $370,000 in excess contributions since 2006 election, review shows ~ Manuel Torres

Big dawg himself leads the list. Rules are evidently for the schmucks in Louisiana. Vital background on Alario here.

Thursday links: Henry Shane’s public records suit delayed, Ethics charges delayed, Housing Authority delaying……

Or in the parlance of the insurance litigation: Delay, Deny, Defend.  Here are three links along those lines:

Hearing on political email through Jefferson Parish agency pushed back ~ Paul Purpura

Ethics case against River Birch takes back seat to criminal probe again ~ Manuel Torres

Jefferson Housing Authority members moving parish suit to federal court ~ Manuel Torres

Now regarding this legal war between the Parish council and the Housing Authority Board. In it simplest, most boiled down terms the fight is about the financial interests of one man in Gary Lala as it intersects with the desire in the Gretna political set to keep subsidized housing out of that City.  Everything else is smoke and mirrors except the stealing and looting, which is very real.

Vital background on Lala can be found here and here.

Oh the weather outside is frightful but at the Ethics Board its so delightful…

I seem to remember a certain Goatherder swore a certain affidavit in a certain court case on this matter. Lying in sworn affidavits in Federal Court sounds serious to me but what do I know? I know I saw a subpoena duces tecum from the Ethics Board which indicates ol’ AB was in a world of shit not counting using his property in Nova Scotia as a conduit to accept bribes. Click the pic to get the 46 pages on Aaron Broussard’s corrupt monetization of the Christmas holidays amongst other jackassery.

Getting “there first with the most”: Self Admitted Felon Frank Fradella gives mucho bundled campaign cash to Mayor Half Moon.

For true folks he did as Hammerman points out today for the T-P.  He joins the River Birch Landfill people financially supporting Half Moon, who were bundlers from way far back as we reported back in February 2011.  Another serial bundler, prominent uptown class action lawyer Calvin Fayard was not mentioned today but no doubt will down the line as Slabbed continues to trail blaze this topic.


Calhoun strikes out: Louisiana Supreme Court denies writs to quash Ethics Board subpoenas involving the Caroline Fayard campaign.

Sources familiar with the DEMOPAC Ethics Board investigation indicate to Slabbed the decision came down late last week under seal and today it appears on the internet as the Louisiana Ethics Board investigation into strawman political contributions involving the failed Lite Gov campaign of Caroline Fayard will move forward including an examination of DEMOPAC’s banking records (among many others) including class action lawyer Calvin “Calhoun” Fayard.

Those wanting to catch up with the Fayard Ethics Board saga should click here to start with updates that chronicled the legal fight here and here.  We wove the Gulf Oil Spill litigation into the narrative here and tied in national politic$ here.

Though not directly related to the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill this post kicks off a series of posts as Slabbed will examine the intersection of the legal profession, politics and the oil spill litigation where competing conflict of interest are seemingly the norm.


Everyone remember the Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics case????

By George if a reader did not help me come up with a very plausible explanation for the basis of the charges against the former Jefferson Parish council woman a couple of weeks ago. That said I am busy as all get out so I do not have time to post it but I’m hoping someone will post all the skinny in comments. Here is a hint: Continue reading “Everyone remember the Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics case????”

On this week’s Louisiana Ethics Administration Docket…

OK folks you know the drill, click the magic link quick because when the docket rolls over it is gone for good. On tap, Tim Whitmer, Dawn Whitmer, Lagniappe Industries and Jennifer Sneed.

Speaking of people formerly connected to Jefferson Parish Government, through time doing Slabbed I’ve heard several ex-employees talk about the rampant speculation about what would go on up on the 10th floor of the Yenni Building, especially during the Coulon Administration.  Coulon’s reputation among the minion was that of a man possessive of a very healthy libido. Some of the stories I’ve been told involve the most unlikely of participants beyond the stable of 10th floor concubines, whom I’m told Parish President John Young has since cleared out.  If walls could talk the stories I imagine they could tell.

Speaking of John Young let’s welcome him in as an official member of the Slabbed Nation’s twitter division along with former Saints great Joe Horn, who is in the barbeque sauce biz these days. We’ve picked up several new tweeps over the past couple of weeks and I’d like to take the opportunity to say howdy to all of you.


Rut roh Calhoun! 1st Circuit Court of Appeals denies Calhoun’s writs. The Ethics Investigation into Calhoun’s alleged strawman political contributions is greenlit.

I’d say more folks but I’d be facing a fine of $2,000 and jail time so I’ll let the readers draw their own inferences there. My previous posts on this subject can be found here and here. ~ sop

The Louisiana Ethics Administration starts off the New Year with a bang

By now folks you know the drill as the Louisiana Division of Administrative Law Docket will soon be gone with the cyber winds. On tap this week is Aaron Broussard, Jennifer Sneed Heebe and serial NOLA election candidate James Perry plus a host of other current/former public officials that are in trouble.

For those of you that checked this post out too late, I created a PDF of the webpage for posterity sake here.