Miss Piggy sends three more names to Obama for Federal Judge.

I have not heard anything about the latest batch of names sent by Mary Landrieu to Obama for the vacant article III judge slot in the Louisiana Middle District but when I see the name McGlinchey Stafford in someone’s pedigree I generally get the urge to shower.

Meantime a Landrieu nominee that I have heard lots about is Phelps Dunbar partner Susie Morgan and evidently word of her checkered past has made its way to the senate as her nomination will be receiving further scrutiny.

Having corrupt judges is a large part of the key to perpetuating the cycle of systemic corruption that has long had this area in a stranglehold. With Senators like Landrieu and Vitter making the recommendations I wouldn’t look for much to change.


Wednesday Music: “The shit is hitting the fan” with Tom Porteous. Ozzie knows best…

I’ve listened to preachers
I’ve listened to fools
I’ve watched all the dropouts
Who make their own rules
One person conditioned to rule and control
The media sells it and you live the role

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I tried to join back in the day…..

I love getting links from the BBs. Sometimes we can’t look at what they are saying because the sites are pay sites. Sometimes you simply have to join. Today I do not have the time to join but man o’ man which LAED judge are they talking about? We’ve heard stories on most all of them including the smokingly hot wife of a certain LAED judge who hopped on board the love train after the lifetime appointment was laid down.

As for me, I’m happy to dance with the one who brung me to the party almost 24 years ago.


Lets catch up with some judicial news. President Obama rejects Landrieu nominee for Federal Judge on the LAED.

As our readers may expect from the premiere legal affairs blog in the gulf south we were the early innovators in the topic of  New Orleans Civil District Court Judge Michgael Bagneris being nominated to a spot on the Louisiana Eastern District with a post Nowdy did back in April 2009 on his nomination to the federal bench at the same time Jim Letten was retained as US Attorney for the LAED. We were also the blog which broke Bagneris’ order delaying a trial until after the Superbowl back on late January, a topic which went viral and landed on the front page of the Picayune later on that day (where we were not credited). However, we won’t take credit for breaking the news Bagneris was rejected as unfit to serve by Team Obama as Bruce Alpert at the Times Picayune did that but unlike Mr. Alpert and his employer that prefer to protect these type of characters, Slabbed add some color as to why Mr Bagneris is unfit to serve as a federal judge. Let’s begin with Bruce Alpert and his recent report on the rejection:

In a surprise move, Barack Obama’s administration has rejected Sen. Mary Landrieu’s recommendation to fill a federal judgeship in New Orleans, asking her to offer another candidate to replace her choice of Parish Civil Court Judge Michael Bagneris.

Landrieu had recommended Bagneris, 60, a 17-year veteran of the parish court, in April 2009, at the same she suggested that President Obama retain Jim Letten as U.S. attorney. Obama accepted that recommendation.

Landrieu expressed disappointment with the White House rejection, which came this week. Continue reading “Lets catch up with some judicial news. President Obama rejects Landrieu nominee for Federal Judge on the LAED.”