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Back up ~ American Zombie

Red Headed Step Child ~ Ignatius Jeff Reilly

Slabbed Returns ~ NOLA Defender has a message ~ Central Louisiana Briar Patch

Our Bro Editilla is always good to us on the NOLA Ladder

Guess Who’s Back ~ The Hayride

Canadian Judge Forces American Blog Exposing Louisiana Corruption to go Dark ~ Opinionated Catholic

A quick note from your first amendment refugee moderator, Sop at Slabbed New Media ~ We Saw That

I’m proud the New Media coverage cuts across the political spectrum.  To borrow a pharse from our friend Anita Lee, we’re equal opportunity muckrakers. I’m sincerely appreciative for the bipartisan show of support.

If I missed anyone please email me.


Was Doug Handshoe Telling the Truth about Charles Leary of Trout Point? I am guessing so, and Will investigate the Charles Leary of Trout Point, Coming Soon ~ Investigative Blogger