Do you folks remember me saying I thought Alabama fans were “some of the most obnoxious fans in all of collegiate athletics”?

And I did while taking the opportunity to talk a bit of trash before the title game little over a week ago. This is not sour grapes either as the Slabbed Nation fully acknowledges Les Miles is Nick Saban’s bottom bitch as LSU was woefully unprepared for the game and Miles not only refused to adjust as he acknowledged after the game, he has gone into hiding which is not a good sign for a guy pulling down $3MM/year.

So enter some poor slob wearing LSU attire passed out at the Krystal’s near the dome and the French Quarter.  Some jubilant Alabama fan evidently teabagged him and actually took cyber credit,  meaning he is also a complete dumbass along the lines of Harvey Upkyke, the dumbass Alabama fan that poisoned some beautiful Oak Trees near the University of Auburn campus last year. More ominous for those that took part in the teabagging of the passed out LSU fan is that Brendan McCarthy wrote the local version of the story for the Picayune. I don’t think we’ve heard the last of it.

File this one under country boys gone to town.