They call him “Lil’ Piece” for a reason: A (non)Performing Arts Center follow the money update.

The construction community was a great help with our Beef Plant case coverage and I’m thinking this will also be true of the Performing Arts Boondoggle. More specifically though I’d like to throw an early hat tip to the M&M sisters for putting this on the radar screen of the Legislative Auditor and for sharing some of the results from their own exhaustive research.  I should have all the data points coherently gathered for publication early next week on topics such as the master of disaster turned Mini-Me council aid Deano Bonano.  There were several good reasons why John Young showed Deano the door last year, none of which evidently matter to Mini-Me Chris Roberts.  So we’ll also examine some of Team Young’s reasons for cutting the Bonano in-depth too. And to think Mini-Me was on the news last night wondering why people were leaving Jefferson Parish.  The boy simply isn’t that dumb folks. And he obviously doesn’t give a crap people are moving out so long as he can personally benefit from the cesspool that is causing the out-migration.

But first we must follow the money and the Legislative Auditor was kind enough to include a nice list of project expenditures for the last 9 years plus this boondoggle has been going. And of course I laughed when I saw Larry “Lil’ Piece” Sisung’s name listed on the project.  You gotta give Larry props because he understands the concept of dispersed costs and concentrated benefits better than most.  He just takes a little piece of every deal. And of course you’d easily suspect a politically connected law firm would be in the top 5 expenditures doing Tom Wilkinson’s diversionary busy work.  Click the pic to get the 1 page pdf. ~ sop

And the mystery person is "Lil' Piece" Larry Sisung: A what The Times Picayune didn't tell you update.

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A trip to the hive yesterday in Jefferson Parish for a quick meetup with a source, coupled with an earlier lengthy phone conversation with another is the genesis of this post as we feature a stinker of a T-P editorial, a related Ed Anderson news report and a Michelle Hunter piece on Noodle Norman’s budget and the M&M sisters that share a related theme IMHO: Jefferson Parish money machine man Larry Sisung. Let’s start with Ed Anderson:

With less than 90 minutes left in the Louisiana Legislature session that ended Thursday, lawmakers came together on a bill that would require the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East to pay $700,000 by July 30 to cover the costs of maintaining New Orleans’ Lakeshore Drive.

I’ve noticed in passing the news stories about the demise of the lakefront levee police. The latest from the T-P represents the intersection of that story and the politics of 2 incumbents being thrown into the same district via redistricting and an election coming in October. What makes this a controversial issues involves how the Flood Protection Authority allocates its money to the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority. As Anderson explains in his story, “The two agencies were created by the Legislature after Hurricane Katrina from the old Orleans Levee Board: one agency has control of the flood protection capabilities of the district; the other has control of the old board’s non-flood property, including Lakefront Airport, marinas and commercial property in the Lakefront area.” Continue reading “And the mystery person is "Lil' Piece" Larry Sisung: A what The Times Picayune didn't tell you update.”

Walt Bennetti brings the last Slabb O’Leak to life….

Fat City???  Grande Grande GRANDE, nudge, nudge, wink, wink! Even Lil’ piece was on the guest list.

Walt lends context to the emails over at Click Jefferson in a must read post.

My Gabby cousin  tells me the earlier email inboxes have a treasure trove of goodies too!



As Dambala at American Zombie puts it, New Orleans area politicians looting charities is the “art of the con profit”.  The scheme is now a time-honored one in the Dollar Bill Jefferson crime family: Steer government earmarks to a charity under the effective control of the politician doing the steering and then loot the money out on the back-end. In Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee’s case, people have been looking and then some for several months and the verdict is in as the man appears in dire need of a criminal indictment.  We’ve been hearing rumors for weeks now that is exactly what has happened. Before we get to the latest I think we should review Lee and his history with affiliated con profits:

We begin with the River Birch landfill, since all corruption roads appear to lead straight back to Team Ward/Heebe’s massive real estate holding in Waggaman, purchased in the 1960s from Carlos Marcello. As part of the settlement involving the permitting process in the late 1990’s River Birch agrees to pay $70,000 per year for 10 years to the 3rd Jefferson Parish Council District to fund community projects in the area impacted most by the landfill. I’ll add landfills and corruption seem to go together in Jefferson Parish like white on rice and it contains a major political component.

Enter current 3rd District Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee, a corrupt sack of shit that has been twice duly elected by the voters despite the fact he sold them out. Once he assumed control of the annual payments he began steering them to not for profits affiliated with him. None of this was a secret yet Lee was reelected in 2007 as Louisiana voters once again shoot themselves in the foot. The spending trend was unmistakable. Continue reading “It”

It’s elementary my dear Watson. This is a “crime family” affair. Slabbed takes a look at a recent earmark/charity looting in Jefferson Parish. Part 1 a few of the key players.

Like everything else Jefferson Parish even this post is tangentially related to the River Birch Landfill so before we talk 2010 I find it helpful to set up the players, both the public faces and the ones behind the scenes so let’s set the dial on the way back machine to 2008 and visit with Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee and his charity, The Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation courtesy of Meghan Gordon and the Times Picayune:

In defending his public support of a nonprofit he created, Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee said the money he doles out from a West Bank landfill settlement represents but a sliver of the Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation’s revenue.

“The amount of funding that this organization has received is a fraction of what they have received from other resources, ” Lee said at a recent Jefferson Parish Council meeting, pointing to federal grants and individuals’ donations while explaining the group’s worthiness to receive the settlement payments. Continue reading “It’s elementary my dear Watson. This is a “crime family” affair. Slabbed takes a look at a recent earmark/charity looting in Jefferson Parish. Part 1 a few of the key players.”