Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Gill on Mann, nonPerforming Arts Center, Bickering School Board, Whitmer gets sentencing reprieve, Judge Ansardi has a stroke, Parish Council Meeting on Tap

Here you go folks, all the Jefferson Parish news you can stand courtesy of the NOLA Media Group:

Pundit (Sir) James Gill tackles the Fred Heebe v Jan Mann defamation suit in his periodic online column for the Times Picayune. Jack and Jesse are sure to be unhappy.

Drew Broach previews today’s Parish Council meeting and with JPAC on tap it is sure to be a good one.

Speaking of the (non)Performing Arts Center boondoggle, Drew checked in yesterday with a story about Councilman Chris Roberts saying state taxpayers should sink no more money into that money pit in favor of dumping the cost on the local taxpayers.  The commenters to Drew’s story seem to universally favor setting some dynamite, blowing the partially completed building up thus cutting taxpayer losses, which will total several million dollars more to complete this boondoggle.  To the extent Robert’s own council aid Deano Bonano played a large role in creating the JPAC disaster we should all view Roberts’ pronouncements on the matter with great dubiety.  I can say with certainty that I have lots of JPAC documents and the people associated with the Jefferson Performing Arts Society are first class pests that are also the bane of the taxpayers both locally and statewide.

From the what else is new front the Jefferson Parish School Board is bickering again though this time with an Alice in Wonderland like theme as board member Michael Delesdernier threatened to have board member Floyd investigated after he insulted the district’s CFO. Sarah Tan scored the following Delesdernier quote that I thought priceless as the man is a complete jackass:

“I’m really not interested in doing it as much as I’m interested in keeping him from attacking our people,” Delesdernier said. “Whatever works. I really feel my job is to protect the people in our system that are doing their jobs.”

No word yet on whether Delesdernier ever apologized to the parent he termed “an arrogant POS”. I must admit I love the playful side of Jefferson Parish voters that elect people filling the role of village idiot to office.

Drew Broach checked in with a short dispatch yesterday about Tim Whitmer’s sentencing being postponed so he can continue his squealathon with the Department of Justice as well as sell insurance. Evidently in Louisiana it is OK for convicted felons to sell insurance while they await their sentencing.

Finally Judge Glenn Ansardi has suffered a stroke according to this Paul Purpura report on the subject.

Lagniappe Industries still going strong thanks to Jimbo the Clown….

So how can you can still sell insurance in Louisiana after admitting to a felony? Simple, you use the company that was collecting graft as a front that’s what. Click the pic to nab the 5 page pdf.

One naturally wonders if the Whitmers are still making money from the Shadow Lake aka River Birch account despite copping a plea deal, ostensibly to testify against Team River Birch. Stan Marsh well explains…..

Slabbed Exclusive: Self Admitted Felon Tim Whitmer goes for a Felony exemption to maintain insurance license

And with a clown from the Jefferson Parish Political Cesspool impersonating a state insurance commissioner it may just happen folks. Click the pic to get the entire 24 page PDF Slabbed obtained via PRR.

Slabb O’Leak sez, lest we forget what got us here….(Updated)

Slabb O’Leak sends this:

and this: Continue reading “Slabb O’Leak sez, lest we forget what got us here….(Updated)”

Lets catch up with some of the latest news

The news cycle does not honor busy season but I must in order to pay the bills. That said I’ve kept up with the recent developments in the Broussard and Heebe investigations and we need to explore those a bit more.

First up are the seemingly contradictory articles yesterday by T-P Jefferson Parish beat reporters Paul Rioux and Rich Rainey regarding the Broussard prosecution as discussed yesterday in comments here.  The confusion stems from the following snippets from those stories as we begin with Rioux’s piece on Aaron Broussard’s upcoming payroll fraud trial:

During the phone conference, Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian Klebba said no additional charges or defendants will be added to the case. He said prosecutors expect to call about 20 witnesses.

Confusing since I wrote this saying more charges were coming exactly 2 weeks ago. And then yesterday afternoon Rich Rainey checked in with this:

Among his many misdeeds while serving as Jefferson Parish president, Aaron Broussard used campaign money to honeymoon in Paris and told his top aide to steer public business to a company that later paid him $40,000, federal prosecutors said Thursday. The disclosures came after the aide, Tim Whitmer, pleaded guilty to concealing what U.S. Attorney Jim Letten described as a “broad range of criminal activity” within Broussard’s administration. Continue reading “Lets catch up with some of the latest news”

I understand the FBI has been visiting Nan and the gang over at West Jefferson Medical center again….

I personally enjoy visiting with the good folks at the FBI but something tells me poor Nan and Baby Butler do not share that warm fuzzy feeling with the latest FBI site visits just last week. Remember folks Gambitman said Tim Coulon was squealing so we may well see the insurance portion of the scandal break wide open with this tentacle of the investigation.

Can someone help me remember what infamous Canadian Eco Lodge Butler, among other Broussard cronies, claimed to own a small slice in?