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Jefferson Parish judge finds JEDCO emails are public documents ~ Paul Purpura

Several of my peeps, very well placed in the JEDCO community, are urging me to send a PRR on the Henry Shane-Lucien Gunter email flap for Slabbed New Media. I also happen to know a public records expert or two….maybe even three. With that in mind I and others are wondering what makes Judge Ansardi’s decision in Shane v Parish of Jefferson a “first of its kind” ruling.  My understanding is there is a ruling out of the LA 1st Circuit directly on point. First of its kind in the 24th JDC/LA 5th Circuit maybe, but the jurisprudence is there. I wish Paul had elaborated more on that as I have a heightened curiosity on this general topic.

With that said and now that certain redactions are in order per Judge Ansardi, I’ll share that the most vexing thing in my expansive PRR on the bad old days during the Goatherderian reign of terror last year was this exact issue.  Ken Krobert at the Parish Attorney’s office and I would politely agree to disagree and move along but I was well aware that certain redactions were going to be applied to the documents.

In fact this is what made this whole Henry Shane – Lucien Gunter email thing smell to me was the fact that Team Foshee has absolutely no problem telling Slabbed no on this issue.  In fact I submit they have every incentive to do just that as being seen cuddled up too closely with Slabbed would be frowned upon by the 5AM Potty Krewe on the Parish Council.  The fact I got my docs, with certain redactions, proves the Parish Attorney is committed to following the law which is why the gang on 7 greenlit those emails between Gunter and Shane to begin with.  I hope the taxpayers can recover the costs of defending these frivolous suits from Team Shane.

So a fair read of the Judge’s decision would mean that if Shane said in emails that certain potential candidates were eliminated from consideration due to race, color and/or creed those names would all be fair game. Or is his ruling confined to declared candidates?  The devil is in those details.  I know this folks, this is how the public ended up with Pat Tovrea on the School Board.

Conducting the peoples business in the shadows: JEDCO case illustrates how business is conducted in Jefferson Parish

That’s right folks, in proverbial smoke filled rooms paid for by the taxpayers but for which serve the self interest of the politically connected. I mention this because Paul Purpura has the skinny on Judge Glenn Ansardi blowing a bunch of smoke about whether private citizens using public accommodation such as email servers to conduct private and potentially illegal activities is somehow exempt from the Louisiana Public Records Statute. It is the biggest bunch of BS I’ve heard in quite some time outta the Gretna Courthouse, now nationally infamous in the aftermath of Operation Wrinkled Robe and the Impeachment of Tom Porteous as one of the worst cesspools of corruption in the country.

Worth noting is Fred Heebe’s legal team is representing Henry Shane trying to keep these specious communications secret, while simultaneously suing multiple people associated with the Heebe prosecution  for defamation just one Parish over.  What the public will find are that the two most abusive Jefferson Parish School Board members, Pat Tovrea and Michael Delesdernier are Henry Shane tools who used JEDCO to push their campaigns for office according to sources speaking with Slabbed on the condition of anonymity.

Not mentioned by Paul is the fact that some of those 9000 apartments and at least one Shane condominium are here on the coast so if he is buying politicians in Louisiana it is a safe bet he’ll export the model here as well.  It should be lost on no one that when these self interested misers are done screwing up their communities in Louisiana they inevitably end up over here on the coast because no one wants to live in the cesspool, not even the ones that created and financially benefited from it.

Now Paul did something I was asked not to do several months ago and he threw a nice hat tip to the gang up on 7 at the Yenni Building so I sense opportunity:

Broach initially sought the e-mails from JEDCO. After JEDCO declined, Broach sought them through the parish and filed a public records request with the parish attorney’s office. Assistant Parish Attorney Kenneth Krobert concluded the e-mails were releasable but gave anyone else with interest time to object. That’s when Shane intervened.

I’ll add Ken is one heckuva nice guy and a consummate professional possessive of a temperament well matched to the trade. He is a Kenner guy made good that is well respected by the Slabbed legal team and this despite the fact he came from an insurance defense firm. He was kind enough to share some of those older experiences with me which was nice as Slabbed’s initial focus was the post Katrina policyholder court battles with insurance companies.  In return the gang got to see life through the eyes of a new media guy on a mission. Continue reading “Conducting the peoples business in the shadows: JEDCO case illustrates how business is conducted in Jefferson Parish”

Let’s meet the Heebe legal team…….

Any discussion along those lines must begin with Kyle Shonekas. He pops up in some of the most gosh darnest of places. 😉

William Henry Shane
Jefferson Parish; State of Louisiana; Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission
2/1/2013 723485

Those of you wanting to catch up should click here to read a good example of why the Goatherders have and are still actively trying to knock this blog offline.

Welcome back Kyle. 😉 The complaint itself is below the jump. Continue reading “Let’s meet the Heebe legal team…….”

He comes from a “long line of corruptors”: Slabbed truth checks Sal Perricone’s assertions about grand jury target Fred Heebe.

The case: Kern v K-Mart
The Judge: Frederick JR Heebe
Lawyer for Kern: Former Heebe Law Clerk Kyle Shonekas and Claude Lightfoot
Lawyers for K-Mart: King Krebs Jurgans, Milling Benson Woodward and others
Key ruling: Docket #84, Plaintiff’s objection to impeachment video of Kern sustained. K-Mart claims video clearly shows plaintiff vastly overstated the extent of his injuries for an accident involving his 12 year old vehicle.
Trial result: Finds for defendant K-Mart, Plaintiff makes motions for New Trial

HEEBE, District Court Judge

Thus, in accordance with the facts of this case and the legal standards set by Louisiana and federal law, the Court makes the following findings. In considering the facts in a light favorable to K–Mart, the Court finds that reasonable men could differ as to whether K–Mart was negligent. However, in weighing the evidence, the Court finds that the great weight of the evidence supports a finding that K–Mart was negligent.

Accordingly, IT IS THE ORDER OF THE COURT that the motion of plaintiff, Arthur Kern, for judgment notwithstanding the verdict be, and the same is hereby, DENIED.

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the motion of plaintiff, Arthur Kern, for new trial be, and the same is hereby, GRANTED.

This ruling can not be appealed. Next up Judge Heebe recuses himself giving no reasons.

Before the court in the above-captioned matter are (1) Defendant’s Motion to Reconsider Order Granting Motion for New Trial, which is opposed by Plaintiff, and (2) Plaintiff’s Motion to Strike Defendant’s Additional Expert Witness, which is opposed by Defendant. The Motions are before the court on briefs, without oral argument.

This matter was originally tried before a jury in Section “B” of this court during the week of January 10, 1991. Following a jury verdict in favor of Defendant, the presiding judge (Chief Judge Heebe) granted Plaintiff’s Motion for a New Trial, assigning extensive reasons. Judge Heebe then rescued himself from further consideration of the matter, and the case was transferred to this section. Continue reading “He comes from a “long line of corruptors”: Slabbed truth checks Sal Perricone’s assertions about grand jury target Fred Heebe.”

Its a brother in law deal: The noose around Fazzio’s neck draws tighter

Something tells me Stephen London will not be the last attorney to end up DQ’d at the hands of Team Letten. Judge Berrigan isn’t especially known for following the law but I hear the pressure on her to adhere to the straight and arrow on this one is intense.  And why will London not be alone on the sidelines.  The answer to that is in the new Waste Management suit as I think he’ll be joined by Kyle Shonekas of Team Heebe.  At best these guys are witnesses and perhaps co-conspirators.

I bring this all up because we find out the scheme between Mark Titus and Dominick Fazzio to fleece Garner Services was a brother in law deal. “Gate will second this and it is the opinion of Slabbed’s organized crime task force that Fazzio is a Capo and he and Titus may well have stepped out with their Garner Services scheme. Think Henry Hill and the tail end of Goodfellas folks.

Pres IMHO has a good read on the behind the scenes with Team Letten and Fazzio.


The Times Picayune rolls out more coverage of the Waste Management suit against River Birch

And the story written by Paul Rioux and Frank Donze advanced yesterday’s reporting by including quotes from team Willard-Lewis, who deny being whores for Team River Birch. But it was the comments to the story that really jogged my memory folks.

Jason Berry over American Zombie and I don’t personally visit nearly enough, but we’re taking leads from differing sources that appear to be pushing us both toward the same end game.  Along those lines Jason’s post from June of this past year, Let’s call it a rattlesnake rodeo is such an example folks and in light of current events it is a must read. Put another way we are not coordinating our coverage but it appears the bloggers have a pincer movement of sorts going with Slabbed coming in from Jefferson Parish and Jason from Orleans and both of us are closing in on 5531 St Charles Avenue.

In her column today Stephanie Grace tackles the topic of renaming the Danziger Bridge in favor of the innocent people who were gunned down in cold blood by the NOPD after Katrina. That event will go down as the one that changed local perceptions of the NOPD forever as citizens are demanding change and will accept nothing less than a complete overall of NOPD.  I mention this because at the end of what we call the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal I can easily imagine that perceptions of the people and institutions that are front and center in running this entire area will be forever altered as the puppet masters and the media outlets on their string such Entercom Communications WWL Radio are revealed as filthy accomplices to the systemic corruption that has plagued this area for generations. The institutions include the Federal Courthouse on Poydras Street too, which has produced luminaries like Thomas Porteous and the corrupt judge he replaced in Robert Collins as we find the past lives to this day in the present. Continue reading “The Times Picayune rolls out more coverage of the Waste Management suit against River Birch”