Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Kitty Kimball suffers stroke


I know Ashton doesn’t care for Kitty Kimball but when it came to properly interpreting Louisiana insurance law Ms Kimball was spot on when she said, “”I’m not really interested in what the federal courts have to say about this, frankly.” I suspect she uttered that statement after Edith Jones and her GOP band of idiots on the 5th Circuit court of appeals slaughtered the Louisiana Bag opinion in a ruling that erroneously favored insurers. The Times Picayune has the AP story:

The first woman chief justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court suffered a stroke on Sunday and was in intensive care.

Chief Justice Catherine “Kitty” Kimball had an ischemic stroke, underwent a successful procedure to remove the blockage and was in recovery, according to a statement from the Supreme Court that was confirmed by public information officer Valerie Willard. Continue reading “Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Kitty Kimball suffers stroke”