Even Chris Roberts most ardent political haters…….

Admit that putting up Elton LaGasse for Parish President was a savvy political move. It not only clears the way for Cynthia Lee Sheng to slide over to the vacated At Large council seat it sets up a bruising battle between LaGasse and Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni, who is also rumored to be in the race to succeed John Young as Parish President. Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson is backing LaGasse with his West Bank political base along with Roberts and his base there in Terrytown.

Meantime over at Louisiana Lite Gov this could be Nunny’s year.

I’m reminded of the old saying pigs love mud……..

There is a danger in becoming a one track blog or one track anything for that matter. Here area couple of examples:

cheering for Kenner to fail, again ~ Connie Montgomery

An added twist – failed magazine partners see a lot of scrutiny in Walter Reed investigation ~ Connie Montgomery

Connie Montgomery provides legal services to Slabbed New Media.

For those that didn’t know: We’ve got us a Mayor’s race in Kenna! (Brah)

In one corner is incumbent Mayor Mike Yenni. Having the occasion to speak with Mayor Mike on a couple of different occasions he is definitely Type A.

In the other corner is blogger Walt Bennetti.  This is Walt’s second try at public office in Kenner if memory serves.

A few links are now in order:

Kenner mayor candidates talk trash in NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune debate ~ Ben Myers

Kenner political forum set for candidates for mayor, two City Council seats ~  Drew Broach

The Mayor’s race has all the makings of a classic Louisiana style bare knuckle brawl and I’ve got a ringside seat.  Fresh off a run for juvenile court judge Connie Montgomery is speaking out on the Mayor’s race and she is not mincing words:*

My name is Connie Montgomery, I am a general practice and family law attorney in Kenner, LA.

First of all I want to be clear that this is not really about me, or lifting up any of the other candidates who are running for Mayor, but I am sure that Mr. Walt Bennetti will not be the answer. As a former judicial candidate, I have learned a lot about the election process and what I’ve learned is alarming. Based on my legal practice, I feel as though I can spot a person who is not dealing with the public in an honest and direct manner. I’ve reviewed much of Mr. Bennetti’s history and have become more and more concerned with what I’ve found through this process. Through the course of the posts that follow, I’ll detail the information I’ve discovered.

Point of disclosure: Slabbed has offered both Mayoral candidates right sidebar advertising space.

Those wanting additional background on Joe Stagni and the “local wiener” series should click here and here.

* Ms. Montgomery is currently providing legal services to myself and Slabbed New Media.

Links, links and more links……

Who knew Todd Slack did bankruptcy work? I occasionally refer business to that specialty so this is useful knowledge.

Brennan’s Inc., former owner of the landmark restaurant, is bankrupt ~ Doug MacCash

The Political Award Season is upon us:

Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni wins JEDCO ‘Chairman’s Champion’ award ~ Adriane Quinlan

Lafreniere Park Advisory Board names Councilman Ben Zahn ‘person of the year’ ~ Adriane Quinlan

In other stories Slabbed’s been following:

Kenner finds no criminal wrongdoing after investigating missing cash in code enforcement department ~ Yo Adriane…

Yes Mark Spears still has mucho explaining to do.

Jefferson Parish ethics committee discusses damning audit in private ~ Ben Myers

Finally, with his diaper wearing days firmly in the past, David Vitter is thinking of running for Louisiana Gov.

Vitter’s trial balloon causing a stir ~ Stephanie Grace

Kenna cars Brah: Slabbed sheds light on Mayor Yenni’s ride

Walt Bennetti over at Click Jefferson has been levying some interesting accusations at Mayor Yenni regarding the Kenner vehicle fleet including saying Mayor Yenni is somehow lying about having 6 vehicles for his personal use while simultaneously taking up for Kenner Councilman Carroll for commuting to his personal job on the Kenner taxpayers including curbing his taxpayer funded car resulting in taxpayer paid damage repairs to same. Editorially at Slabbed we do not play favorites when it comes to the wasting of taxpayer money thus the interest in why a Good Government Group would “defend the indefensible”.

As an old auditor with governmental motor pool experience here in Mississippi, Walt’s assertions about Mayor Yenni having a personal fleet of 6 cars just did not seem plausible but to the extent this is Kenna and Louisiana, anything is possible, so I decided to check things out including speaking with Kenner Mayor Yenni Last Friday. This is what I found out.

First off Mayor Yenni is the Grand Poohbah of Kenna and he can indeed use any vehicle in the City’s fleet that he wants.  No surprise there and indeed Mayor Yenni has driven several different CIty vehicles on occasion, including the SUV donated by the Parish to the City that Walt Bennetti has such a problem with, typically when his primary city vehicle, the same SUV driven by former Mayor Muniz is being serviced or in the case of the donated SUV that Walt says is “worthless”, driving several city employees to Baton Rouge for a meeting saving the need for multiple vehicles making the trip.  Contrary to what Walt asserted about Yenni’s uncle driving the donated SUV back in the day (thus the reason Yenni acquired it), I am told by sources familiar with in Parish government during the early 1990s that Mayor Yenni’s uncle drove a 1993 Oldsmobile, an assertion Mayor Yenni also mentioned to Slabbed mainly because he remembered riding in the car when he was a kid. Continue reading “Kenna cars Brah: Slabbed sheds light on Mayor Yenni’s ride”

“He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone…….”

But there more because I hear Travers Mackel has been poking around Kenner City Hall looking at what sources describe to Slabbed as City Council impropriety. I’m not gonna steal Mackel’s thunder because it’s TeeVee News after all but we should all keep an eye peeled on WDSU next week.

As with most tips I get the the above was partially true and partially false but from a subject matter standpoint it was spot on albeit with the wrong TeeVee station.

Kenner Councilman under question about his take home car ~ Natasha Robin

Nothing like a taxpayer funded ride to the day job huh? Walt Bennetti has a different take over at Click Jefferson.

Mayor Yenni Now Targetting Kenner Councilman Carroll

This is getting good folks.


Dominicales Omnibus: Altis tenuibusque conciliat!

Indeed it does does folks because the news gods favor Slabbed New Media this morning.  First up because you heard it here first:

Catching up with South Mississippi’s Gene Taylor and Trent Lott ~ Da Noose and Nelson

(Gene) saved the county up to $45,000 in labor.

Does he consider getting back into politics?

“Sometimes I do,” he said. “Like when I see this mess with the National Flood Insurance (Program) — Congress holding a gun to people’s heads and the best they’re offering is a year extension.”

It’s frustrating, he said, the inflated premiums, “which will adversely effect so many people down here and knowing that I know there’s a better solution.”

Indeed there is a better way. Michael and Karen’s piece also solved a mystery as the Dunbar Pier is close by. Altis Tenuibusque comes at a price thus my surprise at seeing the public pier fixed a few weeks back and not knowing it was a community production. And yeah Gene, please run because this area needs you in Washington!

That said the advantages of Altis Tenuibusque are also very clear as today’s missive will illustrate but first we have major news from the New Orleans Media Congroovancy as Ace Investigative Reporter Nell Nolan leaves the House of News to join the Lucky Coin Today. A fair read of these pages well illustrates why Slabbed New Media has come to conclude that Nolan was Ashton Phelps best hire bar none during his tenure as publisher of the T-P and Nell goes back farther than that to the old States Item, which I well remember because we used to get it in Waveland back in the olden days. Plus if Nell ever decides to leave the news biz a very lucrative career pumping the pinks awaits. Either way I’m a fan for life.

Now for the best political gossip from Jefferson Parish bar none because I have it.  I’m hearing from multiple sources it is likely that Parish Prez John Young will not seek re election. In the event that prediction comes to fruition here are the scenarios: Continue reading “Dominicales Omnibus: Altis tenuibusque conciliat!”

About these Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni text messages Slabbed keeps bringing up

Jingle, jangle, jingle. Here comes Mr. Bingle. With another message from Kris Kringle!

The rumors have been out there for years folks, that Kenner mayor Mike Yenni has a special friend from his days at Jesuit. Before I get to that though we need to hop into the Wayback Machine, setting the dial for July 8, 2010 for this Drew Broach/Mary Sparacello story:

The FBI is trying to determine whether Mike Yenni’s personal text messages ended up in the hands of his political opponent when Yenni was Kenner’s chief administrative officer and preparing to run for mayor of the city, according to sources familiar with the inquiry.

Kenner administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said they already suspect that the top two employees in the city’s Information Technology Department used City Hall’s computer servers to covertly download Yenni’s text messages on at least two occasions, once in December and once in January. The officials described the acts as a violation of city policy, although the employees’ attorney said monitoring text messages and e-mail traffic was an authorized function of their jobs.

But the federal investigation is focused on whether the pair gave Yenni’s messages to individuals outside City Hall, including Jefferson Parish Councilman Louis Congemi, who also was preparing to run for mayor and perhaps could have used the messages for political gain.

I do not know what the FBI found but I can vouch for the fact these messages went to people outside City Hall and they finally made it to my inbox via Patricia, who gets a huge hat tip as we continue:

Sources close to Yenni said they first grew suspicious in mid-January, when they said Congemi approached at least two Yenni supporters with word that he had seen highly embarrassing e-mail messages sent by Yenni. Congemi described the information as “devastating” to Yenni and voiced a desire for Yenni to know about the leak, one source said.


There is another way to look at this too as these text messages would also be considered prime blackmail material that could compromise Hiz Honner but I am happy to say it appears we share the same goal as this snippet from Mr Yenni’s campaign website explains:

Ensure all City operations are transparent

We’re the transparency blog and the reality here is every text message that was sent to or from any city issued cell phone is a public record under Louisiana Public Record Laws.  Here is the rub as Mayor Yenni tells Slabbed it was his personal cell phone that was hacked and this in turn puts a new light on this deal.  The new light is these are not City of Kenner exchange server emails sent from hiz honner’s smartphone but SMS text messages from his personal smartphone.

This point of the post would normally be the part where I would publish said text messages but as I indicated above I contacted Mayor Yenni for comment, sharing with him the picture I was sent and he categorically denied those were original text messages sent from his cellphone.  He further told me since this matter went before a federal grand jury he would be contacting the FBI and I can confirm the FBI took his call seriously. Continue reading “About these Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni text messages Slabbed keeps bringing up”

Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook

Folks this Kenner politicians monument deal still has people talking and since hiz honner is still trying to defend what ‘Gate calls the indefensible we need to catch up and then highlight the latest as rumor holds Mayor Yenni is angry that Patricia’s artistic renderings of Kenner monument to its politicians are more popular with the public than his Great Wall of Felons going up in Kenner’s City Council Chambers so lets start off with some more of Patricia’s artistic renderings:

But alas Patricia is nowhere near alone marveling at the overstuffed egos populating Kenner City government as Times Picayune pundit Jarvis DeBerry explained before Thanksgiving:

Speaking of walls, perhaps it was the movie “Do the Right Thing” that inspired Kenner’s self adulation? You remember Buggin’ Out, don’t you? He was the customer at Sal’s Pizzeria who, after seeing all the 8×10 glossies of Italian Americans around him, demanded, “Sal, how come you ain’t got no brothers up on the wall here?” Sal responds by pulling out his Louisville Slugger.

The Kenner City Council has no Sal to petition, only itself. Can’t you just hear them: “How come we ain’t up on the wall here? Yeah, brother. Yeah, sister. How come?”

Kenner City Council member Michele Branigan hamming it up for the cameras after Hurricane Katrina

The unscientific poll included with DeBerry’s piece indicates only the politicians wanting to see their names engraved think this is a good idea but as we since found out never, ever try to get between Kenner politicians and the self-indulgence of their egos, despite the following protestation from councilwoman Michele Branigan:

“Council Chairwoman Michele Branigan said it’s a little ridiculous that some people have criticized the wall as an attempt by politicians to seek attention. Branigan argued that most of the city’s politicians shun the spotlight.

“Honestly, we’re not jumping in front of the photographer,” she said.”

Indeed Branigan does not appear to jump in front of photographers as she evidently favors Continue reading “Social Media Rewind: Kenna Mayor Mike Yenni takes umbrage with Patricia on Facebook”

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! It’s Kenna brah

Kenner City Councilman Joe Stagni (H/T WDSU)

If I may be so bold as to suggest to Patricia she include the Joe Stagni sexting pic her rendition of his Kenner monument along with the councilwoman Michele Branigan’s hummer photo.  😉  So why do I bring the Kenner politicians monument up?  Because Drew Broach checked in yesterday with an update from Kenna brah:

For such a small expense, council members went to great lengths to explain why they were voting 7-0 for the project.

That’s because opposition, even ridicule, erupted after NOLA.com published a story Monday about plans to list politicians’ names on a 7-by-4-foot, green and gold aluminum plaque on the north wall of the City Council chamber. Calls poured in to City Hall, and critics howled on social media.

Now who dat?  😉  We dat so along those lines Patricia has released three more artist rendering of the politicians monument, which will include felons Nick Baroni and Aaron Broussard. Continue reading “Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead! It’s Kenna brah”