Karen Parker gets a wet kiss from the T-P. Hump a sleazy politician and end up f*cked?

Folks I read Bob Ross’ profile of Karen Parker Broussard for today’s T-P and had a post worded in my head that was not kind to Ms Parker but I decided to go in another direction as the subject of Aaron Broussard’s love life has come up a time or two on Slabbed before.  The bottom line for Parker is it looks as if she has made a career of dating political types and was having an office affair with her then boss Aaron Broussard well before they were married.  Aside from Debbie Villio and Tom Wilkinson doings we’ve stayed away from the subject of sexual hijinks at the Yenni Building but that doers not mean I haven’t heard some stories including one involving Jennifer Sneed -Heebe that I hope surfaces in the federal courthouse when the time comes.

One thing the story did confirm is that Broussard still has some fans out there but we already knew that folks.  In fact I’d like to extend a special invitation to those folks to let them know I’d love to hear from them here on Slabbed.

The bottom line for me is Parker knew exactly what she was doing when she spread her legs for AB and I do not feel sorry for her that the best she could do was get to $66K on the parish pay scale via fraudulent means in exchange for her relationship with AB.  If there is a travesty here folks, it is that Parker is not joined by indictment with her other partners in crime such as Kenny Trahan who was being paid by the Parish’s taxpayers as a paralegal while working at the Saints Museum.


Broussard Indictment Links: “This is the end of the beginning” as Val Bracy shines on….

One of yesterday’s top search strings to Slabbed  yesterday was “Val Bracy fired”.  I was curious about the source of the googles and found it on Fox 8’s own website as they ran large segments of the Aaron Broussard extended interview, parts of which are subject to a libel suit against Fox 8 filed by Trout Point Lodge  and its owners Broussard legal associate Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret as they evidently did not like the end result of what Broussard had to say on his ownership of a vacation lodge in Nova Scotia run by (and since sold to) Trout Point Lodge.  Unfortunately Fox 8 updated their video archives for the late newscast reports but the newer story still has excerpts of Val’s Broussard interview sans the credit. Speaking of Fox 8, their segment with Margie Seemann can be found here.

Channel 4 has 2 stories up on their website.  They garnered reaction from Aaron Broussard’s criminal lawyer Robert Jenkins, who does not get high marks from Slabbeds legal team. The Gambitman also chimed essentially saying Aaron, Tom and Karen, you guys are so fucked. Folks if you think Aaron Broussard crying on NBC after Katrina was bad wait until he reports to the federal pen.  BoP may need to start a tissue drive now to stock up.

Channels 6 (NBC) and 26 (ABC) also had coverage.

Over at the Times Picayune the editorial board tackles the newest legal strategy used by the Parish to void the shithouse deal Broussard cut with the River Birch Landfill.  They also covered yesterday’s recusal from the case of every federal judge in the LAED. I pair these two stories as a commenter to each exposes the logical flaws in both.  That recusal in particular stinks in that if these judges can’t deal fairly with the brother of a Magistrate, WTF is Ginger Berrigan doing presiding over the related case involving the son of a senior federal judge Fred JR Heebe, a jurist she once clerked for that also presided over a curious case involving Carlos Marcello back in the day? This makes absolutely no sense given Judge Vance’s started reasons for the enbanc recusal.

The T-P also filed stories on Broussard’s marriage to his former council aid that ended in both divorce and indictment. Curiously absent from Rainey’s coverage is former journalist Ken Trahan who was being paid by the Parish while he worked at the Saints Museum or drunken Constable Antoine “Tony” Thomassie who likely drank to his paycheck.  The T-P’s coverage of the indictment can be found here.


Since I’m sharing. I’m hearing rumors of another payroll fraud scandal in Jefferson Parish Government

Just throwing this out to tantalize the Slabbed Nation. The latest rumor may in fact reference earlier publicized cases such as those involving the paralegals and/or Debbie Villio/ Karen Parker.  I’m actively working to sort through the leads.

And yes Alyssa, sometimes in the search for the truth you publish partial leads. Thanks.


Citizens for Good Government calls on John Young to fire all of the perpetrators connected to the paralegal payroll fraud scandal especially the boss, Peggy Barton

Speech to Jefferson Parish Council Feb 23, 2011
About the Paralegal Scandal
by CFGG Vice-Chairman Margie Seemann

Today I am going to speak about Jefferson’s Paralegal Scandal, which is back in the news. Citizens for Good Government has been extremely distressed for some time about the Jefferson Parish paralegal scandal. As a matter of fact, tomorrow it will be exactly one year since we sent a letter to then Interim Parish President Steve Theriot with the SUBJECT: What do you intend to do about the apparent public payroll fraud in the “paralegal” scandal? We sent a similar letter a year ago to all of the members of our Jefferson Parish Council, asking them to conduct their own investigation if President Theriot did not take action to punish current Parish employees who were complicit in the paralegal scandal. By the way, we had no response from Mr. Theriot or from any of the Councilmen to these letters.

Our letter to President Theriot a year ago on February 24th, 2010 started as follows:

You are to be commended for the many actions you have taken to clean up and prevent corruption in Jefferson Parish government since you became interim Parish President. However, we have been waiting to see what action you take to punish current Jefferson Parish employees who facilitated the “paralegal” scandal, which was recently uncovered. Unfortunately, it appears that you have not taken disciplinary action against current Parish employees who participated in this scam, although the phony paralegal employees were fired or resigned and are no longer employed by Jefferson Parish. Continue reading “Citizens for Good Government calls on John Young to fire all of the perpetrators connected to the paralegal payroll fraud scandal especially the boss, Peggy Barton”

BREAKING: John Young is fixing to bust Karen Parker’s balls. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update.

Does this mean Ken Trahan’s balls are on the line too? Could be as Rich Rainey has this breaking story for the Times Picayune.  If I were Mr. Young I’d also be looking closely at the supervisor who signed off on all these fictitious paralegals too.

In other news Patrick Quinn wants Judge Ray Steib booted from his divorce case .  He is accusing Steib, “of bias in favor of his ex-wife and her attorney, Wiley Beevers of Gretna.”

The fact that Quinn, a millionaire is going to court pro se, which is the latin term for “already defeated”, is an important clue that Mr. Quinn could well be back on the sauce. That said it appears Judge Steib is getting comps from lawyers that practice before him and that is cause for concern but Beevers is from Grenta and per the Porteous impeachment that is the way things are done there thus the legal term “Gretna Mentality”.  Paul Purpura has the skinny in a new episode of Leave it to Beevers over at the Times Picayune.

We now return you to our regular programming.


Give me two steps give me two steps mister: Margie Seemann speaks on Parish payroll fraud.

Citizens for Good Government goes on the offensive and demands Paul Connick do his job. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal Update.

Affectionately known as the M&M sisters to their supporters and not so affectionately as crazed lunatics within certain circles in Parish Government, Margaret Baird and Margie Seemann have taken to the airways making the case that Jefferson Parish Government, as it is presently constituted is rotten to the core citing the recently released Legislative Auditor’s report which found potential payroll fraud as proof.

Yesterday we got their email blast which contained a link to a Kim Holden Fox 8 report in which Margaret and Margie were interviewed about the problems in payroll within parish government.  This blurb  from the email blast sums it up:

Citizens for Good Government believes that not only should the feds investigate the paralegal scandal, but Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick should do his job and prosecute the wrongdoers NOW. Since the DA has original jurisdiction in this case, he should either prosecute, or recuse himself and permit the Louisiana Attorney-General to prosecute the wrongdoers. After all, the Continue reading “Citizens for Good Government goes on the offensive and demands Paul Connick do his job. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal Update.”

The Times Picayune calls for a Federal investigation into Jefferson Parish payroll fraud. Does the ‘Gretna Mentality’ slab US Attorney Jim Letten?

Is October the month indictments finally come down? Will DA Paul Connick, who has known about these allegations at least as long as everyone else, finally emerge from hiding and do his job? Is Jim Letten stonewalling the investigation as some folks allege? Unfortunately today’s Times Picayune Op Ed on the general subject of public payroll fraud in Jefferson Parish Government did not provide the answers to any of these questions but we do appreciate their editorial position and in fact applaud it.

The comments to it convey a good sense of the various cross sections public opinion on this topic.  I’m going to focus on the very real frustration with US Attorney Jim Letten which echos some of what I’ve been told by several folks both off blog and on.  While not a majority viewpoint IMHO the frustration is real and the allegations troubling. In light of the recent senate proceedings in the impeachment of Judge Tom Porteous the commenter has an appropriate name to boot: Gretna Mentality which is a kissing cousin to our own recent use of term ‘Gretna Style’. Here is the remark:

This is what happens when you allow US Attorneys to be selected by Politicians. When David Vitter holds off the appointment of other federal post because he demands that James Letten be assured a job you have to wonder why a whore is protecting a whore of a US Attorney. Letten is nothing more than another sleazebag corrupt lawyer himself. The record is public, Kurt Engelhardt was David Vitters Campaign manager, and somehow David Vitter managed to pay for whores in New Orleans for years without ever spending his own money. Continue reading “The Times Picayune calls for a Federal investigation into Jefferson Parish payroll fraud. Does the ‘Gretna Mentality’ slab US Attorney Jim Letten?”

One acronym fits it all folks: RICO. The Legislative Auditor report on Jefferson Parish finds probable payroll fraud.

Many months and resignations later, Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera has issued a report on the question of payroll fraud in the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office and the answer is yes Virginia, Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson and Tim Whitmer are likely petty criminals that used the Parish’s payroll system to enrich relative and crony alike.  The media coverage of the report has been extensive and I’m not going to reinvent the wheel in the interest of time. That said there are 3 points I want to stress:

1. A reader sent us the link to the Fox 8 report. By rights we should be highlighting their coverage since it was their reporter Val Bracy, who broke much of this news. Fox 8, which is owned by Tom Benson, in a move that rivals the stupidity in hiring Mike Ditka to coach the Saints, did not renew Val’s contract and she left the air in August.  She deserves a Peabody Award for her Jefferson Parish reporting IMHO.  None of Val’s sources on Jefferson Parish trust Lee Zurich and I’m not saying that to be ugly to Lee, who I enjoy watching. It is just a simple fact.

2. Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court John Gegenheimer has been caught in a lie and is now trying to weasel his way out of it.  We call politicians who do this ‘Lying Sacks of Shit” here on Slabbed but Gegenheimer has good company there as we’ve called the Prez the same thing. Continue reading “One acronym fits it all folks: RICO. The Legislative Auditor report on Jefferson Parish finds probable payroll fraud.”

Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick, Jr.: A mantle of malfeasance Part II. A guest post by Whitmergate

Aside from the obvious and expected role of a District Attorney, to enforce the criminal laws of his Parish and State, that office is also charged in many instances with the obligation to seek and recover monetary restitution from any individual and/or any legal entity that has, in violation of parish or State law, profited from their wrongful conduct by way of a civil lawsuit.

As it concerns public officials, elected or appointed, DA Connick has failed to investigate, indict, prosecute or convict any officials suspected or known to have broken the laws of Jefferson Parish or the State of Louisiana. The fact is, DA Connick’s intentional refusal and/or gross negligence by not bringing any of these individuals to justice has resulted in unjust economic gains to these same miscreants at the prejudice of the taxpayers who have a right to honest services from their public officials, including HIM! To put it another way, we, the citizen/taxpayer, deserve to receive what we paid for, expecting public officials to do the right thing; not what these officials believe they deserve by covering up for each other and distributing our tax dollars to benefit themselves, family, friends and cronies as they deem fit.

There are also provisions under our laws that provide for both civil and criminal penalties in addition to any recovery. This too is ours, the taxpayers’ just reward for the punishment of these wrongdoers.

Mr. Connick is most certainly guilty of malfeasance, and most probably misprision of a felony. I will in a subsequent post detail a litany of wrongdoing by individuals seemingly protected by DA Connick, including Council members and contract/personal service campaign contributors. For the moment however, there is no other person than former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson, whose conduct while in office provides undeniable credibility to my belief that Mr. Connick has failed us; he has betrayed his oath of office. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick, Jr.: A mantle of malfeasance Part II. A guest post by Whitmergate”