Depositions show cause for Senter to reconsider Rigsby decisions

Add another “D” to the State Farm – Renfroe delay-deny-deceive strategy – distract – and give some of the credit to Judge Acker for his “free legal advice”.

Worked like a charm on the test run that resulted in Judge Senter disqualifying the Rigsby sisters’s qui tam counsel, the sisters as witnesses in policy holder cases and made the copied documents inadmissible as evidence in those cases as well.

The distract component is a pyramid scheme that takes a truth gleaned from a deposition at the bottom and colors it with questions in subsequent depositions until it a big fat lie with just enough truth to appear credible when translated into urban legends like “trailer Todd” – legends with little regard for the truth at the bottom.

Behind the scene at SLABBED, we’ve been busily dissecting depositions searching for the truths at the Continue reading “Depositions show cause for Senter to reconsider Rigsby decisions”