The South Coast Today reports on the Fox 8 settlement with the Goatherders wing of Team Abel

In other words folks, Trout Point Lodge, Leary and Perret got not one penny from Fox 8 and only a limited retraction that did not include the Aaron Broussard interview where he openly talked about his various holdings at the Trout Point Development, which rentals were managed by Leary, Perret and the Lodge.

That said the story by Timopthy Gillespie at the South Coast Today is well worth reading as the Goatherders try to lump Slabbed in with the T-P and Fox 8’s mildly erroneous reporting that Aaron Broussard owned the Lodge itself, an assertion that we never repeated here on Slabbed. That said, we did explore in-depth how Charles Leary initially lied about the extent of the Lodge’s business relationship with Broussard and the Goatherders did not like that fact SLAPPing me in the libel tourism paradise known as Nova Scotia.

This is interesting because Leary and Perret had lots to say about this subject matter starting back on January 16, 2012 in posts to the Lodge’s wordpress blog that are no longer visible to the public. Luckily for everyone these posts do exist in the Google Cache as their January 16, 2012 magnum opus on being subjected to “2 years of defamation, damage to business reputation, & harassment…..” is still out there for viewing along with a February 1, 2012 post on their home cooking of yours truly in that libel tourism paradise known as Nova Scotia. This does not count their reblog of their January 16, 2012 post on January 27, 2012.

I was happy to see Leary and Perret commit to defending themselves because their story morphed from their January 2010 position circa the Times Picayune that Broussard was just some guy down the road to this: Continue reading “The South Coast Today reports on the Fox 8 settlement with the Goatherders wing of Team Abel”

Karen Parker gets a wet kiss from the T-P. Hump a sleazy politician and end up f*cked?

Folks I read Bob Ross’ profile of Karen Parker Broussard for today’s T-P and had a post worded in my head that was not kind to Ms Parker but I decided to go in another direction as the subject of Aaron Broussard’s love life has come up a time or two on Slabbed before.  The bottom line for Parker is it looks as if she has made a career of dating political types and was having an office affair with her then boss Aaron Broussard well before they were married.  Aside from Debbie Villio and Tom Wilkinson doings we’ve stayed away from the subject of sexual hijinks at the Yenni Building but that doers not mean I haven’t heard some stories including one involving Jennifer Sneed -Heebe that I hope surfaces in the federal courthouse when the time comes.

One thing the story did confirm is that Broussard still has some fans out there but we already knew that folks.  In fact I’d like to extend a special invitation to those folks to let them know I’d love to hear from them here on Slabbed.

The bottom line for me is Parker knew exactly what she was doing when she spread her legs for AB and I do not feel sorry for her that the best she could do was get to $66K on the parish pay scale via fraudulent means in exchange for her relationship with AB.  If there is a travesty here folks, it is that Parker is not joined by indictment with her other partners in crime such as Kenny Trahan who was being paid by the Parish’s taxpayers as a paralegal while working at the Saints Museum.


Since I’m sharing. I’m hearing rumors of another payroll fraud scandal in Jefferson Parish Government

Just throwing this out to tantalize the Slabbed Nation. The latest rumor may in fact reference earlier publicized cases such as those involving the paralegals and/or Debbie Villio/ Karen Parker.  I’m actively working to sort through the leads.

And yes Alyssa, sometimes in the search for the truth you publish partial leads. Thanks.


I’ve heard from multiple sources….

That indictment day will be this Friday or the next.  There is lots of chatter folks and experience has taught me when everyone is independently singing from the same hymnal the rumor’s got legs. The net is cast wide but the concensus is indictments will be handed down piece meal.  Stay tuned.


The Ides of March are upon us…….

After Stephanie Grace unloaded on Aaron Broussard today in her column, I am left wondering what her missive will be on Tim Coulon when he is indicted. Coulon was a frequent breakfast partner of Miss Grace’s back in the day.  Is it me or does today’s column have a jilted lover type quality to it?

To this much I’ll stipulate. For someone who engaged in political thuggery at a high level for as long as Aaron Broussard did, deep down the man is in reality a garden variety pussy that easily folds up under pressure.


Citizens for Good Government calls on John Young to fire all of the perpetrators connected to the paralegal payroll fraud scandal especially the boss, Peggy Barton

Speech to Jefferson Parish Council Feb 23, 2011
About the Paralegal Scandal
by CFGG Vice-Chairman Margie Seemann

Today I am going to speak about Jefferson’s Paralegal Scandal, which is back in the news. Citizens for Good Government has been extremely distressed for some time about the Jefferson Parish paralegal scandal. As a matter of fact, tomorrow it will be exactly one year since we sent a letter to then Interim Parish President Steve Theriot with the SUBJECT: What do you intend to do about the apparent public payroll fraud in the “paralegal” scandal? We sent a similar letter a year ago to all of the members of our Jefferson Parish Council, asking them to conduct their own investigation if President Theriot did not take action to punish current Parish employees who were complicit in the paralegal scandal. By the way, we had no response from Mr. Theriot or from any of the Councilmen to these letters.

Our letter to President Theriot a year ago on February 24th, 2010 started as follows:

You are to be commended for the many actions you have taken to clean up and prevent corruption in Jefferson Parish government since you became interim Parish President. However, we have been waiting to see what action you take to punish current Jefferson Parish employees who facilitated the “paralegal” scandal, which was recently uncovered. Unfortunately, it appears that you have not taken disciplinary action against current Parish employees who participated in this scam, although the phony paralegal employees were fired or resigned and are no longer employed by Jefferson Parish. Continue reading “Citizens for Good Government calls on John Young to fire all of the perpetrators connected to the paralegal payroll fraud scandal especially the boss, Peggy Barton”

Follow the bouncing Broussard……..

Here is a bit of background courtesy of Anne Marie Vandenweghe:

I received three responses to my PRR 441-10 for all Parish Attorney Organizational Charts from 1990 to present.

  1. Mary Galley’s response ( Her title is listed SECRETARY TO PARISH ATTORNEY); Certification dated 03/04/2010
  2. Chris Gillen’s response ( His title is listed ASSISTANT TO PARISH ATTORNEY); Certification dated 03/04/2010
  3. Peggy Barton’s response ( Who at the time was ACTING PARISH ATTORNEY); Certification dated 03/05/2010

At the beginning of January 2010 as the paralegal issue flared up Val Bracy had requested the same thing and in gathering the responses for Val’s PRR I discovered that one day after the PRR came in Peggy Barton had revised the chart by removing the paralegals from under her supervision. The box(es) with Karen Parker Broussard had disappeared. Barton did not supply any other chart(s) in response, just the one she had manipulated.

OK folks, I’ve seen all three PRR responses. Mary Galley’s response had all the org charts contained in Gillen’s and Barton’s response. Now flip through the Scribd embed following and follow the bouncing Broussard until poof, she disappears. Continue reading “Follow the bouncing Broussard……..”

BREAKING: We have a Slabb-o-gram from the Lafayette Square Wino!!!!!!!

Target letters are out. And the Wino reports the winners are: (Drumroll please)

  • Aaron Broussard
  • Tim Whitmer
  • Tom Wilkinson
  • Karen Parker (Broussard)
  • Tim Coulon

And if he didn’t get one today it will arrive shortly.

  • Lawrence Chehardy

Plus the Wino indicated there were “a number of others”.

We’ll have more on this as we get it.


BREAKING: John Young is fixing to bust Karen Parker’s balls. A Jefferson Parish Political Corruption update.

Does this mean Ken Trahan’s balls are on the line too? Could be as Rich Rainey has this breaking story for the Times Picayune.  If I were Mr. Young I’d also be looking closely at the supervisor who signed off on all these fictitious paralegals too.

In other news Patrick Quinn wants Judge Ray Steib booted from his divorce case .  He is accusing Steib, “of bias in favor of his ex-wife and her attorney, Wiley Beevers of Gretna.”

The fact that Quinn, a millionaire is going to court pro se, which is the latin term for “already defeated”, is an important clue that Mr. Quinn could well be back on the sauce. That said it appears Judge Steib is getting comps from lawyers that practice before him and that is cause for concern but Beevers is from Grenta and per the Porteous impeachment that is the way things are done there thus the legal term “Gretna Mentality”.  Paul Purpura has the skinny in a new episode of Leave it to Beevers over at the Times Picayune.

We now return you to our regular programming.


Slabbed issues an AMBER ALERT for Buddy Caldwell of Baton Rouge

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell

This missing person was last seen giving Steve Theriot and his daughter a 6 figure consulting contract on the oil spill trough. Anyone with information should immediately call the Slabbed missing person hotline at (800) JP  Fraud.

Hat tip BayouD in comments.