Let’s recap a thing or two and tie a few loose ends together on the criminal demise of Aaron Broussard

And the discussion has to start here with this post and more specifically this reader comment. It took a few months plus a year’s worth of gumshoe journalism to snag an unredacted example of the document I posted way back in April 2011 that unequivocally demonstrated Broussard’s intimate involvement with business ventures partially owned and managed by Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Danny Abel.  All three of those guys are currently involved in litigation with me over my documenting their close connection Broussard and what federal prosecutors would later term evidence of other crimes in the Broussard prosecution. Back to that reader comment I linked above, it is the first of several made by V on that post that are topical to this day. I personally hope Broussard gets his prison reprieve so he too can share the joy of the recap along with the rest of us.

I mention this because V’s first comment on that post also hits on a story out of Plaquemines Parish before it was a story.   Here is the salient part:

Now there is an a lot of Nova Scotia reference on the LA SOS and NS Province corporate database, there is:


NOVA SCOTIA ENTERPRISES, L.L.C. – Broussard’s work address

NOVA SCOTIA, L.L.C. – oddly enough this involves a guy who sold a ton of land to LIFT the movie company that got busted for the LA film credit scandal, but none of the folks mentioned here

TRIDENT HOLDINGS INC. OF NOVA SCOTIA – who knows what this is, again none of the folks mentioned here




Trident Holdings of Nova Scotia? I can report it is owned by politically connected Canadians but where else does it show up?

Plaquemines contractor benefits from deal he helped negotiate ~ Mike Perlstein

A company from a foreign country with very limited inland port experience all cuddled up with Nunny? I wonder what has happened with Trident and Plaquemines Parish since Perlstein filed that story back in late September 2011?

V aka Telemachus was one of the Slabbed commenters deprived of due process by Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge in Canada when he swore false affidavits before Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Leon “Pierre” Muise in late April 2011 in their SLAPP suit against Louisiana Media Company aka Fox 8.

Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 3

Part 2 of this series ended with the allegations contained in the Concrete Busters lawsuit that Fred Heebe, along with several co-conspirators has been waging a coordinated campaign to unmask and otherwise harass internet commenters sharing information on the political scandal in Jefferson Parish.  I’ve always pointed to the first post I did on Aaron Broussard’s curious connections to an Eco lodge in Nova Scotia Canada in January 2010 as the beginning of this saga but it really isn’t as the retaliation didn’t begin in earnest until May, 2010 as the following blast from the past should jog everyone’s memory:

Jefferson Parish president sues his online critics ~ Richard Rainey, The Times Picayune

Interim Jefferson Parish President Steve Theriot Citing defamation and “suffered embarrassment” allegedly caused by online comments posted at www.NOLA.com, Jefferson Parish interim President Steve Theriot has filed a lawsuit requesting the identities behind 11 user accounts on the website.

and this.

The suit was filed by attorneys Nan Alessandra and David Korn of the Phelps Dunbar law firm.

The lawsuit also references messages posted on a local web log called slabbed.wordpress.com, but doesn’t specifically identify any comments, screen names or accounts used there.

“We haven’t actually been contacted by Jefferson Parish at all, as far as official channels,” said Doug Handshoe, who co-founded that site in Mississippi. After reading the lawsuit, he said: “I think it’s certainly designed to intimidate and silence online commenters.

“We don’t intend to alter what we’re doing at all,” he said.

Let’s leave aside for the moment that only the Parish Council has the legal authority to sue on behalf of the Parish or that the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish picked up the tab for TheRiot’s jackassery but it is what it is. Later the same day I would appear on Fox 8 in a Val Bracy report which aired on the 9PM news:

Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary of Trout Point Lodge

By May 2010 everyone that was anyone in the Landfill saga knew who I was including Aaron Broussard and his band of Goatherders. Slabbed continued undaunted and in my opinion February 2011 was our finest month to date as myself and my former blog partner were in rare form and we covered it all from the Rigsby Qui Tam suit to Ex Rel Branch, the Search and seizure fight involving River Birch and then on February 25 the indictment of Henry Mouton.

March, 2011 continued the pace with those and related topics but it was this post on March 31, 2011 that proved to be the last straw for the Goatherders. The bogus DMCA takedown notices began to flow right around the time I tried the first time to make the jump to the self hosted site Slabbed.org.  Also in April, 2011 I announced the formation of Slabbed New Media LLC as the new owner of the blog. April, 2011 is important to this story for another reason: Continue reading “Slabbed examines the harassment of private citizens expressing their opinion on Jefferson Parish Corruption: Part 3”

Let’s talk a bit more about Aaron Broussard’s “evidence of other crimes” involving the resort at Trout Point Nova Scotia and the use of SLAPP suits by his business associates in Canada.

Vaughn Perret, Daniel G. “Danny” Abel and Charles Leary posing for the business media in Nova Scotia at Trout Point Lodge

After reading Drew Broach’s piece and the latest filing by the federal prosecutors in the bribery case involving disgraced former Parish President Aaron Broussard I came away with the distinct feeling I had seen the name of his original Louisiana based LLC set up to accept bribes from Parish contractors that went to buy real estate at the Trout Point resort, Nova Scotia Enterprises, LLC.  The connection is Broussard’s long time associate and part owner of the Lodge at Trout Point, Danny Abel but Abel’s name does not show up in the Team USA legal filing, rather we have a redacted list of the original investors.  There is some interesting things in the redacted ownership document that was presented to the court however and I bet Slabbed can shed some light on the names which were redacted from the court filing.

To set things up though I feel compelled to point out the Times Picayune trail blazed this topic, was SLAPP sued in Nova Scotia by Broussard’s property managers Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret who are Abel’s business partners that are based at the Lodge.  Val Bracy at Fox 8 also had a great report on the topic which was retracted earlier this year as part of the SLAPP suit settlement in Nova Scotia filed by Leary and Perret.  Through time I have also learned this same bunch has availed themselves of Canada’s defamation laws against several Canadian media outlets such as the Rural Delivery, which did an excellent expose on Leary, Abel and Perret’s attempted fleecing of the Atlantic Canada  Opportunities Agency among others.

I have also been SLAPP sued by this same bunch in Canada but continued to investigate the topic of Broussard’s use of a real estate development in Canada to launder the alleged bribes that were paid to him.  This litigation is currently awaiting a ruling by US District Court Judge Louis Guriola. They have also repeatedly threatened a new media journalist in the Town of Shelburne Nova Scotia for reporting on the court case they filed against me among other things for they simply do not want this topic discussed.  With the latest Federal Court filing in the case against Aaron Broussard I think everyone now understands why Charles Leary lied to the Times Picayune in January 2010 regarding their involvement with Aaron Broussard and why their story continually changes with each revelation.  More on that in a bit.

Let’s begin with a few pages of documents from that Team USA Court filing, specifically the exhibits as here are the initial owners of Nova Scotia Enterprises LLC, which according to Team Fed was a conduit to pay bribes to Aaron Broussard: Continue reading “Let’s talk a bit more about Aaron Broussard’s “evidence of other crimes” involving the resort at Trout Point Nova Scotia and the use of SLAPP suits by his business associates in Canada.”

Aaron Broussard’s connection to the resort at Trout Point, Nova Scotia Canada revealed by Federal Prosecutors

And yes folks there is more to come because I won’t stop until every bit of the evidence behind the allegations involving Broussard’s business interests in Nova Scotia sees the light of day.  Meantime back on August 31 Team Letten laid down this bombshell in a filing in USA v Broussard:

I seem to remember the late Roy D’Aquilla, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret yammering about those lot assessments at Trout Point on May 24, 2010 in a document I obtained from Leary and Perret’s SLAPP suit against Fox 8 in Nova Scotia Canada. These SLAPP happy nut jobs were so brazen they laid themselves bare in that case in Canada, never thinking anyone would make the connection to what they were doing in Louisiana. Clearly they have underestimated the new media as there has been one media outlet in New Orleans with the cojones to tell this part of the Jefferson Parish corruption saga, Slabbed New Media. Continue reading “Aaron Broussard’s connection to the resort at Trout Point, Nova Scotia Canada revealed by Federal Prosecutors”

South Coast Today Nova Scotia on the Broussard Arraignment: Trout Point figure pleads not guilty in New Orleans fraud scandal

Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services Registered Agent Martin Pink

Let’s circle the following Canadian Barrister’s name folks: Martin Pink. Southern Nova Scotia is a tiny place from a population standpoint so it in inevitable certain names from the libel tourism cesspool begin to repeat themselves. With that said Timothy Gillespie has a must read up on the South Coast Today about Aaron Broussard, the Fox 8 case and Martin Pink, for whom Justice Pierre Muise once worked and who also has represented the Goatherders in the past.

Pink is also the registered agent for Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services, one of Broussard’s Canadian companies connected to the corruption scandal in Jefferson Parish. IMHO the SCT is small town journalism at its finest, especially given the archaic system of defamation laws under which the media in Canada must navigate.



The South Coast Today reports on the Fox 8 settlement with the Goatherders wing of Team Abel

In other words folks, Trout Point Lodge, Leary and Perret got not one penny from Fox 8 and only a limited retraction that did not include the Aaron Broussard interview where he openly talked about his various holdings at the Trout Point Development, which rentals were managed by Leary, Perret and the Lodge.

That said the story by Timopthy Gillespie at the South Coast Today is well worth reading as the Goatherders try to lump Slabbed in with the T-P and Fox 8’s mildly erroneous reporting that Aaron Broussard owned the Lodge itself, an assertion that we never repeated here on Slabbed. That said, we did explore in-depth how Charles Leary initially lied about the extent of the Lodge’s business relationship with Broussard and the Goatherders did not like that fact SLAPPing me in the libel tourism paradise known as Nova Scotia.

This is interesting because Leary and Perret had lots to say about this subject matter starting back on January 16, 2012 in posts to the Lodge’s wordpress blog that are no longer visible to the public. Luckily for everyone these posts do exist in the Google Cache as their January 16, 2012 magnum opus on being subjected to “2 years of defamation, damage to business reputation, & harassment…..” is still out there for viewing along with a February 1, 2012 post on their home cooking of yours truly in that libel tourism paradise known as Nova Scotia. This does not count their reblog of their January 16, 2012 post on January 27, 2012.

I was happy to see Leary and Perret commit to defending themselves because their story morphed from their January 2010 position circa the Times Picayune that Broussard was just some guy down the road to this: Continue reading “The South Coast Today reports on the Fox 8 settlement with the Goatherders wing of Team Abel”