Debbie does Newhouse: A Correction

A few days back I left a comment which implicated Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts as the source of the press leak regarding the amount of the Parish’s settlement with Anne Marie Vandenweghe, the terms of which I understand were confidential. My assertion regarding Roberts being the source of the leak was incorrect.

In any event I have embedded a pic of the leaker below the jump. Enjoy. Continue reading “Debbie does Newhouse: A Correction”

Scott Schlegel wins the Division D race (Revised)

FUD: Fear Uncertainty Doubt and executing it is the goal of every basher. Speaking of that term at this point I’ll remind everyone before Slabbed there was finance as in the financial boards on various investor forums where I learned the art of this internet thing.  In that universe there are only two disciplines of internet persona in the Pumper and Basher. Wins and losses are measured in dollars and cents so the lessons learned are quantifiable.  My experience has been what I learned back then also applies in large degree to political communications and the intersection of the internet and the politics is the domain of the astroturfers.

There is no need to recap the now concluded political campaign. Slabbed predicted after the primary the race was going into the sewer and that is where it went. Hilary Landry, despite spending lots of money in the primary, came in second to a low budget grassroots candidate. Going negative can quickly close a gap in a political race but this was not just any political race in a 78 precinct special election guaranteed to have a small turnout.  Yes, people who the political operatives term “chronic voters” will vote but these judicial races really bring out the legal community.  Everyone mostly knows everyone in the metro NOLA legal community so the negative campaign ads, especially the over the top ones with Cathy Jacobs, were guaranteed to turn folks off and not against the target Scott Schlegel.  This is a sample of the type of email that was flying around through cyberspace late last week:

A month ago I asked you to support Hilary Landry and I was proud to do so, but after her campaign went so negative against her opponent with some half truths I can no longer support her for judge. As most of you know I have been active in politics in Jefferson Parish for the past 20 years and I find that this type of campaining what is wrong with politics.

I am voting for Scott Schlegel tomorrow and ask you to do the same and also please vote NO for the tolls on the bridge.

Like I said FUD has it limitations and it seemed like the Landry campaign did not begin to roll out a better playing message until it was too late to salvage the race. In other news Judge Schlegel had his low budget victory party last night over at Buffalo Wild Wings on Vets in Metry and one of the former candidates for Division D Judge attended and quite frankly nothing causes tongues to wag in Jefferson Parish political circles like Parish Prez John Young and his on again off again relationship with former State Senator Julie Quinn. Luckily for everyone special Slabbed correspondent Cousin Luke was there and snapped a pic of John and Julie, close but not quite cuddled up. Continue reading “Scott Schlegel wins the Division D race (Revised)”

Early voting has begun for the Division D Judicial race in the 24th JDC

And the local CFGG has sent out an email blast urging people to go vote which is good advice.  This race has 4 candidates though editorially Slabbed has eliminated John Sudderth from consideration leaving 3 qualified candidates for the voters to choose from.

That said the post I did on Sudderth’s connection to the Judge Green prosecution had a good bit of banter about candidate Hillary Landry, who was endorsed by the local Alliance for Good Government.  As a group the Slabbed Nation is not much on establishment endorsements but I will add that my lawyer Bobby Truitt has laid money down in support of Hillary Landry and that is meaningful to me.

With that set up I need to correct the record because there was a good bit of talk about Landry’s sister being married to Chris Coulon in that prior post, such information not being up to date as “marriage” is past tense in this case. To that extent Sis is a private citizen whose private life is not salient to this race. I’d also like to point out that Mrs Landry’s hubby is a very successful trial lawyer in his own right as both Mickey and Hillary have made their own way on the local bar. That is not an endorsement but I do think a fair portrayal of the situation at Team Landry.

What does interest me is it appears only two of the candidates, Sudderth and Landry have money for TeeVee.  I liked the second Landry commercial better than the first.  If I’ve missed any political advertisements for Lorraine Perkins McInnis and Scott Schlegel help me fill in the blanks in comments.

Now back to that TeeVee thing as I sense there is a Connick in the woodpile.  Remember this race once included Julie Quinn and her ghost may be playing a role in the campaign. If I divine any juicy muck I’ll pass it along.

Post holiday news miscellany

I guess it is time to crank things back up after Thanksgiving. I had the dessert cart this year and kept things kid friendly making Lemon squares, Blonde brownies along with the traditional pumpkin pie.  Since Pizza buns were a hit with the kid set last year we tried Stuffed pizza this year and it is a keeper.  While everyone works off all the good eats here are several links of interest:

Wanna work people up and get them good and mad?  Kill and mutilate a few dolphins as the Sun Herald editorial board explains.  The panel of marine experts in the Slabbed nation seem to think a local shrimper has gone postal.

Next up is another editorial from the Sun Herald that is extraordinary in respects on the taxpayer funded land graft at the DMR where they joined Slabbed in calling for a federal investigation.  Judging from the murmurs coming from the peanut gallery we’re both a bit late to that party and that is not a bad thing per se.  The DMR withholding public documents from reporter Karen Nelson is beyond disgraceful but about par for the course. That said where there is a will there is a way as the information is out there.

Next up we go way back to early November for the fake cover of Paula Broadwell’s book on former CIA director Petraeus as reported by ABC affiliate in Denver.  The Youtube embed below is thus worth the watch.

Next up is Hurricane Sandy as people are still yammering about it in the news and social media.  Slabbed is feeling the love too as google is leading people who are now being shafted by their insurance companies to our exhaustive Katrina wind water legal dispute archives. That topic after all, is where the Slabbed’s moniker originates so the extra traffic fits. But alas these days hazard mitigation is on my mind and the post Sandy media landscape is having that discussion as well so along those lines I chuckled when a reader emailed this New York Times story on Sandy featuring Dauphin Island Alabama, the undisputed repetitive loss champion of the US.  The piece featured all the usual suspects and special interests that Slabbed has skewered from time to time along with former skeweree turned friend to the Slabbed Nation Western Carolina U professor Rob Young.  This snippet from the story sums things up on the topic: Continue reading “Post holiday news miscellany”

BREAKING: I knew it! Someone sang The Morning After backwards in front of Julie Quinn.

As I predicted folks Julie Quinn and John Young are on the outs (again) but unlike the South Park Episode, “The Succubus”, Julie did not return to the underworld no siree.  You see folks in Louisiana such creatures run for office instead.

Just in case can one of y’all remix this in reverse? Thanks.

Jefferson Parish open thread: We have lots to discuss.

A few examples of items needing a full fleshing out is the District D 24th JDC race involving Julie Quinn as she has an opponent. I’ll note Slabbed swam against the media current well over a year ago in maintaining Quinn had her sights set on the 24th JDC, not the State 5th Circuit Court of Appeals as was reported elsewhere.  Quinn is being endorsed by all the usual suspects including Sheriff Noodles and the MIA DA Paul Connick.  Unfortunately for Ms. Quinn, she is not Slabbed approved and depending on the quality of her opposition, Slabbed may well have lots to say about this particular race.

Not mentioned in the preceding paragraph is Ms Quinn’s fiance, Parish Prez John Young.  By all accounts John is crazy about Julie and we’re completely down with the marital bliss thing here at Slabbed New Media. That said there are political observers in Jefferson Parish that are concerned we are seeing a repeat of South Park Season 3, Episode 3. If this is indeed the case I know of only one way to rectify the issue and even then such is a dicey proposition as there could well be collateral casualties. Lest I digress but back to Mr Parish Prez….

This whole charter change deal has caused open warfare between Parish Prez Young and the Parish Council. Now close your eyes and imagine what the local TeeVee media reaction would be if Diana Bajoie called Stacey Head a “hypocrite” or if Head said Mayor Half Moon’s ego has gotten too large. People would have died from being run over by every TeeVee truck in town headed for City Hall to cover the conflict. After reading Drew Broach’s account of the controversy what we got instead was one big yawn from the video set. Councilman LaGasse must not be photogenic enough for the camera is all I can figure. If I missed where the local TeeVee news covered this please feel free to correct me in comments.

Finally I’d like to give a shout out to all the nice peeps at the Yenni Building, where Slabbed New Media now has a field office. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish open thread: We have lots to discuss.”

“Fool on parade” reveals a lack of judicial temperament

It sure does folks as my colleague Jason Berry at American Zombie posted a series of Youtube videos showing various Louisiana state legislators making fools of themselves while trying to push their religious beliefs down the throats of public school kids in a post he called Fools on parade. I shan’t argue with his well-chosen post title.

However what struck legal observers that saw the video is the complete lack of “judicial temperament” displayed by rumored 24th JDC Judicial candidate Julie Quinn, who double dealt seemingly every chance she received while serving in the legislature.  Her colleagues in the legislature clearly wanted her gone and she was redistricted into oblivion thus the reason for eyeing Bob Murphy’s seat. Watch the Quinn portion embedded below and see if you don’t agree this would not be the type of personality that makes a good judge.

There has been a fair amount of street talk about Quinn’s rumored 24th JDC candidacy and we’ll be examining that soon.


Folks we’ve occasionally covered the ongoing boondoggle involving the FEMA funded Louisiana Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and the money involved has caused people to do some batshit crazy stuff to satisfy their greed.  The program itself is fatally flawed in its design but I’ll save that part for another post. In this post we’ll feature a saleman from Orleans Shoring doing some very sleazing things and it is only right it sees the light of day as Orleans used an undercover employee to document many of the same abuses last fall and it created enough of a stir to merit federal grand jury attention.  It is my hope that despite the fact former State Senator/rumored judicial candidate Julie Quinn is heavily involved with Orleans Shoring as a paid shill all the abuses, including those involving Orleans Shoring, are fully vetted by the same investigative bodies and any criminal wrongdoing identified be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The Orleans video itself is in 3 parts embedded below the fold: Continue reading “”