Chronic Coulorphobia: It’s Getting Real Scary. A Lockemuptight guest post

George "Backroom Deal" Peterson

Everyone foolishly thought landfill activist and District 3 candidate, George Peterson, was going to let his previous clownish attack on the Citizens for Good Government, for their mentioning excessive Council campaign contributions, simmadownnow. Who would have thought the landfill activist would turn his criticism and insults up several notches and accuse the CCFG of being “ladies lacking common sense” to their faces.

Well, it wasn’t the ladies’ angelic faces which changed after Mr.Peterson’s tirade. Mr.Peterson’s earlier clownish appearance, which grew scary at the previous Council meeting, began to take on a much more sinister look as audience members again began to have coulorphobic anxiety. Councilman at Large (pun intended) Chrissy Roberts seemed to enjoy seeing the CCFG get roasted over and over as Peterson repeated his “ladies lacking common sense” insult again and again. BOYS AND GIRLS IT WAS PREMEDITATED, PREMATURE TRICK OR TREAT ON THE CCFG. The CFGG’s main Inspector General proponent, President Young,who had left the building earlier to catch a flight to D.C. must have experienced burning ears himself in route, as the Council of Clowns had also sprung an earlier Pearl Harbor attack on MIA Young and his entire administration fleet. Continue reading “Chronic Coulorphobia: It’s Getting Real Scary. A Lockemuptight guest post”

Acute Council Coulrophia Epidemic, Epicenter District 3: A Lockemuptight guest post.

For the lucky citizens who were not in attendance at the August 31, 2011 Jefferson Parish Council meeting you should be counting your lucky stars. Many attendees got acutely ill as it seems longtime Waggaman civic activist, George Peterson, is himself  possibly showing signs of becoming another scary Council Clown.

For those unfamiliar with George Peterson a short review is in order. George has been the ever so valiant Waggaman citizen who for years  at Council meetings had criticized District 3 Councilman Byron Lee for not spending the majority of River Birch’s $700,000 landfill mitigation fund on the citizens of Waggaman. Especially those citizens and respiratory sufferers living in close proximity to the onerous, odorous River Birch landfill.

 However, a few weeks ago Mr.Peterson himself became a candidate for Council District 3. Shortly thereafter, during a Council ‘s heated debate with members of the CFFG,  involving the new contract to operate the JP landfill expansion,, Mr. Peterson started to show signs of  clownishness. Mr. Peterson ranted  on how the JP landfill was mismanaged by CDM contractors,  who oversee the operators by treating the foul odors and scaring the birds away, and endorsed IESI to manage the new expansion. He also stated how all the foul odor was solely coming from the JP landfill and definitely not from the the River Birch dump. So Mr.Peterson, if what you say is true what was the intention and purpose of River Birch’s $700,000 mitigation fund? Continue reading “Acute Council Coulrophia Epidemic, Epicenter District 3: A Lockemuptight guest post.”

Here is a hint…..

This past Wednesday when I revealed that I had again visited the Lafayette Square Wino I ended the post with a question the Wino insisted I ask the Slabbed Nation:

If the Kelvin Landfill (JPL) closes as part of a deal with River Birch, where will Team River Birch get the land to expand their landfill down the line? (Hint. Industrial zoned land sports the highest valuations.)

Here is a great hint courtesy of Steve.

Remember folks, the people pulling the strings of crooked pols like Chris Roberts think way far out in the future.