Comment bumps: Joseph West arrest links.

It’s hard to believe this IDIOT can still get away with this kind of stunt. He has been trying since he was 16. He grew up in my old neighborhood and everybody avoided him. I think he tried to run for N.O. city council when he was 16. That may have been a good thing.

Question: In the bare knuckles political world of metro New Orleans what is the value of a virus like Joseph West aka Joe Berry?

New Orleans political consultant booked with scamming former Jefferson Parish judicial candidate ~ Paul Purpura

As an expert on political chicanery once remarked:

If there is an accident in politics, you can bet it was planned that way.

Man accused of scamming JP judge candidate ~ Fox 8

Kenner Police Chief Steve Caraway is urging anyone with information concerning this incident or has knowledge of similar scams to call the Kenner Police Detective Jeff Adams at (504) 712-2310.

Stay tuned.

BREAKING: We have an arrest, I repeat we have an arrest

Joseph C. West aka Joe Berry / Baldwin County Alabama
Joseph C. West aka Joe Berry / Baldwin County Alabama

Joe Berry aka Joseph West has been arrested by Kenner Police in conjunction with the US Marshals service.  Vital background here and here.

I continue to hear there is mucho back story potential to this arrest. Stay tuned.