Monday Open: Advocate Series on Corporate Welfare rolls out

This is a topic whose time for exploration across the South is really past due. That said Gordon Russell and the gang at the Advocate put out a whopper of a first installment on Louisiana’s corporate welfare programs, which are being funded off the backs of its colleges and universities:

Special Report: Giving away Louisiana ~ The Advocate

Locally the pension disaster at the Singing River Hospital system continues to pop up in the news. A second bite at the subject here on Slabbed is past due.

In any event here are a couple more links starting with the MDOC scandal:

Benjamin Story Raises More Questions ~ Jackson Jambalaya

Conservative Activists Hint at Undercover Stunt Targeting Mary Landrieu ~ Elizabeth Crisp

Finally the local GOP is formally disavowing Louisiana PSC candidate Forest Wright, whose RINO baggage was first rolled out here on Slabbed back in September in response to party faithful contacting me. With PSC Candidate Eric Skrmetta being endorsed in commercials by folks like Steve Scalise, Forest Wright is now on the defensive with ads like the following hitting the airways:

In response to Wright’s ads alleging Skrmetta is corrupt, Team Skrmetta went into the CDC and got themselves a temporary restraining order on some of the more over the top Wright ads: Continue reading “Monday Open: Advocate Series on Corporate Welfare rolls out”

Analysis: Site traffic on Slabbed spells trouble for PSC incumbent Skrmetta

Slabbed third most popular hyperlink as I write this (h/t to Google) is actually a post tag:

Tag Archives: Forest Bradley Wright

That tag leads here:

RINOS run amuk these days in Jefferson Parish (Updated)

And the results:

Eric Skrmetta, Forest Wright headed to runoff in Public Service Commission race ~ Jennifer Larino

In the end the RINO tag meant less in this race than the barrage of bad publicity received by Skrmetta. The Google searches for Wright, far and away Slabbed most searched name these past two weeks, can’t be good news for Skrmetta, who came in a close second in yesterday’s runoff.

Speaking of the RINOs mentioned in that old post, Monique Lafontaine came in a close third in the First Parish Court race, which is going to a runoff between the highly politically connected Johnny Lee and Pat Rooney. With the vote split so many ways, the runoff between Lee and Rooney has potential with Lafontaine and fourth place finisher Troy Broussard being in the position of king makers with their endorsements on the line.

A sign of the electoral times

Lee signSomewhere in Johnny Lee’s candidacy for First Parish Court Judge and the support he is getting from local GOP power players illustrates why party affiliation is actually meaningless down South where everyone running either belongs to or switches just in advance of running to one political party.

RINOS run amuk these days in Jefferson Parish (Updated)

It’s no secret that I am an independent voter blogging in the reddest of this Union’s Red States, a phenomenon we have in common a hop, skip and jump away over the state line in St. TammanyHall, St Bernard and Jefferson Parishes.  Its election season and  there are some conservatives that are upset with some of the political leaders and consultants pushing RINO candidates.  The power brokers must think the Jefferson Parish Republican voters are particularly dimwitted and they can honestly point to luminaries like John Alario as proof.

It is also no secret that large parts of the libertarian viewpoint on display here resonates with the local TEA Parties both in Jefferson and Hancock Parishes.  Yesterday I spoke with concerned Citizens with TEA Party leanings who are also highly placed in Jefferson Parish governmental circles. They are concerned that no less than three people who are running for office in November have switched parties to Republican in the weeks before election qualifying in August.

Since Jefferson Parish largely votes Republican, I can’t imagine that the powers/machines directing these party switchers would be bold enough to try this without benefit of incumbancy but we’ve covered enough JP elections to know these affairs are bare knuckled, wild and wacky (though #MSSEN compares very favorably that way). The candidates certain believe that the political machines that are supporting some of them can carry them to victory despite the RINO label. With the Republican party endorsement meetings set for tonight the dirt and muck is flying as the conservative JP wing of the Slabbed Nation has been checking Registrar of Voters records along with other public record websites digging dirt since qualifying closed.  Here is a sampler.

In the race for the Public Service Commission, a candidate named Forest Bradley Wright is running against two other Republicans. Wright is puzzling. I read a post by fellow blogger Scott McKay during the week of qualifying outlining the fact that Wright, who lives in another Public Service District in New Orleans previously ran for the Louisiana PSC a few years ago as a Democrat. The guy must be a devotee of St. Jude (The patron of lost causes) as this is the second time he’s run for this commission and ostensibly the second time he won’t be able to even cast a vote for himself. Continue reading “RINOS run amuk these days in Jefferson Parish (Updated)”