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Capella plays “hat trick” on Grand Jury!

Capella, the council chairman, declined to discuss specifics of his nearly two hours on the witness stand. “I want to honor the secrecy of the grand jury proceedings,” he said.  “But I will say that I answered every question they had about the previous administration for me as a witness.”

“Ohhhh. Ayeeye”Sop put the black hat on the spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sopranos – but let’s not forget that it was Council President Tom Capella who stood on his hat box and played a hat trick on the Grand Jury.  Sure thing, Tom, anyone can see there is no relationship between the members of the current Parish Council and those of the “previous administration”!  Not even the revirginating John Young could sell that!

CLUE – the Grand Jury version

According to the Times Picayune, the invitations sent  “while I was out” were “another sign that the federal investigation into Jefferson Parish government corruption is heating up”.

SLABBED kicks off the week of this “grand” event with CLUE® – the Grand Jury version.  Unlike the River Birch version, this game is all questions.

It is not altogether uncommon for subjects or targets of the grand jury’s investigation, particularly in white-collar cases, to request or demand the opportunity to tell the grand jury their side of the story.

The Times Picayune confirmed the following invited guests would be attending – Jefferson Parish Council members John Young, Chris Roberts, Elton Lagasse, Cynthia Lee-Sheng, and Tom Capella. Council members Louis Congemi and Byron Lee had not responded when the story published.

If you’d like to play, the rules are simple. Players guess questions the Grand Jury will need answered in order to have a CLUE about the role one or more of the “present” Parish leaders played in questionable events related to the Broussard administration.

Questions may address any aspect of the Broussard administration and are not limited to a Council member’s role relative to that of Broussard, his former assistant Tim Whitmer, former Parish attorney Tom Wilkinson, or Broussard’s ex-wife Karen.

Ready? The dice are rolled and the first player to ask a CLUE question will be….

Watch it or John Young will steal your thunder – “add insult to injury”!

I was ready for a good Friday story and thanks to a reader, I’ve got a good one featuring none other than Jefferson Parish’s very transparent John Young:

More than a month after prosecutors dropped charges that he stole copper from a Jefferson Parish construction site, Russell Hartline was finally being released from jail Thursday when he was startled to see his mugshot on TV news reports.

Parish President John Young had held a news conference touting the arrests of Hartline and four others accused of stealing from the parish as examples of his administration’s crackdown on illegal and unethical activity.

But the theft charges from Hartline’s Oct. 21 arrest were dropped Dec. 9, though he remained in jail until Thursday because of a paperwork error.

“It was like adding insult to injury,” Hartline said Friday. “Just as I was finally getting out of jail on charges that were dropped a month and a half ago, I saw my face plastered all over the TV news.”

Young’s office had not responded late Friday afternoon to an e-mailed question about why Hartline’s case was highlighted after the charges had been dropped.

Young’s “crackdown” cracked up! But that’s what happens when you try to steal thunder. Meanwhile Mr. Hartline is not amused: Continue reading

Of opinions and wet kisses: Everyone has one and everyone gets ’em. The Times Picayune calls for an expanded looksie at the River Birch landfill. A Jefferson Parish Corruption Scandal Update.

Over the past couple of days I’ve saved links to several stories pieces from the Times Picayune, two from the opinion page and one from the news department. Our readers will recall last week we had a bit of fun with T-P columnist Stephanie Grace, who evidently has never met a politician, crooked or otherwise she failed to like so I guess it was natural I was tickled when T-P columnist/editor Drew Broach entered the fray from the perspective of the school board races in a column that is well worth featuring here on Slabbed.  Here is a snippet:

Don’t tell me that Jefferson Parish is fed up with its School Board. Not when four of every five voters skipped the election. If anything, turnout would suggest that Jefferson Parish doesn’t much care about the governance of public education.

But, yes, the few who did vote Oct. 2 demonstrated they are indeed fed up and aren’t going to take it anymore. “That” being a school system ranked one of the worst in Louisiana.

Yep, and I bet just like the schools in Orleans Parish back in the day, the system in Jefferson Parish is being systematically looted by the folks charged with running it. Once back in the day when I audited public school systems, I compared the per pupil expenditures of a district I was auditing in Mississippi to the one in Cleveland Ohio. There were no similarities as the racially mixed district I was auditing scored around the national average in standardized test scores while the Cleveland Ohio system was in the bottom quartile despite spending over $12,000 more per pupil. Like Orleans Parish, meaningful change will not come to the Jefferson system IMHO until someone from the outside such as the state takes it over and cleans house. Continue reading

Informed Sources: Another high profile resignation forthcoming in Jefferson Parish. Let’s revisit those pesky internal auditors and lay bare the BS

The banter on the predicted resignation is toward the end of the show. Glynn Boyd of WGNO-TV makes the prediction. I have uploaded the picture of who I think is the next rat to jump ship along with two links that partially explains why below the fold. I also revisit the firing of the internal audit staff one month before Tim Whitmer formed Lagnaippe Industries. Continue reading

Is there an auditor in the house? “There is nothing new under the sun but there are lots of old things we don’t know.” A Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal update.

Actually there is an auditor in the house and we have a report that illustrates why governments should have strong internal and external audit functions. Lets start with Jefferson Parish’s unfolding political corruption scandal as the Times Picayune’s Mark Walter reveals that Aaron Broussard showed the parish’s internal audit staff the door not long after he took office:

A month after former chief administrator Tim Whitmer created the insurance agency that would later torpedo his career in parish government along with that of former Parish President Aaron Broussard, the parish in November 2005 eliminated the position of internal auditor, an official whose duties include monitoring the parish’s financial workings and contracting practices.

Interim Parish President Steve Theriot revealed this week that he learned the Broussard administration had abandoned the job. The revelation surprised some members of the Jefferson Parish Council, although Council Chairman John Young said he remembers the move as a cost-saving measure in the uncertain days after Hurricane Katrina.

Is this Young guy a clown or what in his day job? At best this was an ignorant, penny wise pound foolish mistake but we’ll let the self serving jackasses that make up the Parish Council serve up a couple more whoppers hoping that a gullible public buys into BS in order to drive home the point. Continue reading