Jamie Miller leaves DMR to head to the MDA, Replaced by Joe Spraggins

Makes you wonder whether any of Miller’s fabled staff such as the Cake Eater and Doughnut Girl will be joining Miller in Jackson or if his replacement Joe Spraggins is still moonlighting with Ted Cain’s management company.

Miller leaving DMR ~ Jackson Jambalaya

Looking forward I’m wondering if Spraggins inherits Miller’s brand new tricked out SUV and his slightly used Contender Fishing Boat?


Jefferson Parish Council charts tense, uncertain path in hospital lease deal ~ Ben Myers


DMR gets new executives as investigation continues ~ AP via the Mississippi Business Journal

Joe Spraggins was the early inside choice to run against Brent Warr for Gulfport Mayor before Warr landed in trouble with the US Attorney’s Office. He surfaced after Katrina in the Harrison County EOC and did a good job running things early on after the storm hit. Somewhere in the last 8 years Spraggins associated with a home builder in Diamondhead that is no longer with us. Today he is Jamie Miller’s right hand man tasked with whipping the remaining DMR employees back into shape.