He’s backkkkkkk………………….

Jefferson Parish Housing Authority appointment has history of consulting with authority’s contractors ~ Ben Myers

There is actually much that I could add but I won’t because once you say it all there is no sense rehashing things.

Meantime despite the lack of new content things have been busy:

For my part in the cultural exchange, I learned that good print journalists have the same jaded and cynical streak in Romania as here in the US.

After, I met with a couple of sources familiar with the Jefferson Parish political scene. Continue reading “He’s backkkkkkk………………….”

As soon as the story went online……

I received emails of the following two flavors:

1. You’re not done digging on Broussard cronies Bucky Lanning and Tim Rada, keep digging!

2. Don’t bust his chops – there is a Theriot in the woodpile!

Of course the story was Rich Rainey’s, Jefferson Parish Finance Authority welcomed new members in January, released on the heels of the reporting on the Kenner Convention and Visitor’s Bureau yesterday. And the chops I was cautioned to not bust was Jimmy Lawson of CDM dumpster diving infamy.

So I’ll play this straight and not bust anyone’s chops provided we can gain a deeper understanding of why Lawson was placed on JPFA.  There is no love lost between Lawson and Theriot so this has potential, especially since Slabbed is on Theriot’s shit list. But then again I do not think Lawson’s former legal adversary in lawyer/Goatherder Danny Abel likes us much either so this whole deal is ripe with backstabbing potential.


Broussard Indictment Links: “This is the end of the beginning” as Val Bracy shines on….

One of yesterday’s top search strings to Slabbed  yesterday was “Val Bracy fired”.  I was curious about the source of the googles and found it on Fox 8’s own website as they ran large segments of the Aaron Broussard extended interview, parts of which are subject to a libel suit against Fox 8 filed by Trout Point Lodge  and its owners Broussard legal associate Danny Abel, Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret as they evidently did not like the end result of what Broussard had to say on his ownership of a vacation lodge in Nova Scotia run by (and since sold to) Trout Point Lodge.  Unfortunately Fox 8 updated their video archives for the late newscast reports but the newer story still has excerpts of Val’s Broussard interview sans the credit. Speaking of Fox 8, their segment with Margie Seemann can be found here.

Channel 4 has 2 stories up on their website.  They garnered reaction from Aaron Broussard’s criminal lawyer Robert Jenkins, who does not get high marks from Slabbeds legal team. The Gambitman also chimed essentially saying Aaron, Tom and Karen, you guys are so fucked. Folks if you think Aaron Broussard crying on NBC after Katrina was bad wait until he reports to the federal pen.  BoP may need to start a tissue drive now to stock up.

Channels 6 (NBC) and 26 (ABC) also had coverage.

Over at the Times Picayune the editorial board tackles the newest legal strategy used by the Parish to void the shithouse deal Broussard cut with the River Birch Landfill.  They also covered yesterday’s recusal from the case of every federal judge in the LAED. I pair these two stories as a commenter to each exposes the logical flaws in both.  That recusal in particular stinks in that if these judges can’t deal fairly with the brother of a Magistrate, WTF is Ginger Berrigan doing presiding over the related case involving the son of a senior federal judge Fred JR Heebe, a jurist she once clerked for that also presided over a curious case involving Carlos Marcello back in the day? This makes absolutely no sense given Judge Vance’s started reasons for the enbanc recusal.

The T-P also filed stories on Broussard’s marriage to his former council aid that ended in both divorce and indictment. Curiously absent from Rainey’s coverage is former journalist Ken Trahan who was being paid by the Parish while he worked at the Saints Museum or drunken Constable Antoine “Tony” Thomassie who likely drank to his paycheck.  The T-P’s coverage of the indictment can be found here.


The Jefferson Report solves an internal Slabbed mystery, provides the Aaron Broussard to Chris Roberts connection.

And the answer Alex is the West Bank Beacon, which appears to have been set up by straw men so that Roberts could come take control after the fact (and secretary of state filings which list the ownership). The problem for “Sissy” Roberts is that he could not delay filing his 2009 ethics report statement any longer and the good folks at The Jefferson Report were dogged in its pursuit. It is a good thing too because now people can sit on the terlit at 5 in the morning and read all about Chris Roberts’ finances and the stench which emanates from same.

It was our commenter Patricia that first put the West Bank Beacon on our radar screens a few months back and we soon dismissed it as a fluffer publication staffed by political hacks that dedicated itself to reporting only good news as Gambit explains:

There’s a new publication for West Bank readers who tire of “negative” news — the West Bank Beacon. Troy Aaron Broussard, son of parish president Aaron Broussard, is the publisher of the Gretna-based monthly community newspaper, which debuted in June.

Despite our subject matter covering politics is not our goal here at Slabbed but it does pay to have a good understanding of the underlying lay of the land and network of candidate support to help properly put events in a better context.  With the qualifying period for the upcoming special elections in Jefferson Parish now over I’ll disclose I got lots of emails beginning with advance heads up on the 2 qualifiers besides Roberts in Tim Baudier and Jimmy Lawson of Slabbed Dumpster Diving Infamy.  Since we have a variety of sources I ran both Baudier and Lawson up the flagpole along with the fact that soon to be indicted Aaron Broussard is working hard in the Robert’s campaign ground game which a few of our sources thought very strange given the circumstances. Continue reading “The Jefferson Report solves an internal Slabbed mystery, provides the Aaron Broussard to Chris Roberts connection.”

Jefferson Parish Corruption the way Daddy still does it. Dumpster dived Jimmy Lawson and the ‘Heebe’-Jeebies. A look back at Steimle & Associates v Camp Dresser McKee.

Anyone keeping up with the recent commentary on the unfolding Jeferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal understands exactly how far reaching the systemic corruption extends. We’re holding lots of information for publication including some very early information we received from a concerned citizen on the way things were done in Jefferson Parish circa the late 1980’s and it is there we begin with the case of Steimle & Associates v Camp Dresser, a racketeering suit so old it does not appear on PACER. The case involved allegations of corruption involving then Jefferson Parish council member Jimmy Lawson. This bit of background comes courtesy of West Law which does have the related cases in their database. This is from US District Court Judge Patrick Carr’s opinion dated October 6, 1996 as the case was dismissed on a technicality:

Because the issue is when plaintiff knew certain facts, the background of this matter is set out in some detail. Plaintiff and defendant are both environmental engineering concerns involved in local government construction contracts regarding waste disposal. Prior to the late 1980s, plaintiff was a subcontractor for defendant on several jobs. The relationship between the parties deteriorated and they became rivals. Plaintiff hired an investigatory firm which went through the trash of defendant, gleaning defendant’s internal documents. A local newspaper published stories about defendant and its methods of obtaining contracts, apparently based on those documents.

It seems as though Steve Steimle had a PI digging dirt on the competition and he hit gold rummaging via ye old dumpster dive. Implicated for receiving gifts was Jimmy Lawson. As Judge Carr pointed out all this hit the media as we continue:  Continue reading “Jefferson Parish Corruption the way Daddy still does it. Dumpster dived Jimmy Lawson and the ‘Heebe’-Jeebies. A look back at Steimle & Associates v Camp Dresser McKee.”