Slabbed Exclusive: Self Admitted Felon Tim Whitmer goes for a Felony exemption to maintain insurance license

And with a clown from the Jefferson Parish Political Cesspool impersonating a state insurance commissioner it may just happen folks. Click the pic to get the entire 24 page PDF Slabbed obtained via PRR.

Thursday Morning Tweets

Shudda lived in Grand Isle….

Jimbo the Clown strikes again! Continue reading “Thursday Morning Tweets”

Louisiana Citizens trys another PR offensive over their post Katrina bad faith claims handling.

Folks, who wudda thunk that a blog that cut its teeth bashing all things State Farm would make friends in the enemy camp so I have a secret to share: I’ve occasionally collaborated with Deb over at Dimechimes Claims Adjuster Information beginning with the Gulf oil spill, which impacted her home State of Florida.  The association has added a some color to my perceptions of the operation of GCCF, which I hope to share soon here on Slabbed.

Along those lines I’ll add that there is a newish local WordPress blog that I subscribe to and that is the one belonging to Ignatius Jeff Riley. I warned Ignatius that me mentioning his blog on Slabbed could well put a target on his back but he continues undaunted.

Seemingly completely unrelated is a story Anita Lee recently wrote an article for the Sun Herald on an insurance industry trade group bemoaning the fact Mississippi does not have a state-wide building code.  Yes, we are wire tight down here in South Mississippi on that issue but the fact the rest of the state doesn’t have a uniform building code supposedly causes high insurance rates according to experts like Jimbo the Clown, from whom Anita Continue reading “Louisiana Citizens trys another PR offensive over their post Katrina bad faith claims handling.”

BREAKING: The Idiots at Louisiana Citziens to squander $500,000 in scarce reserves to appeal judgment to the US Supreme Court (Updated)

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim Donelon

How sad that an insurer set up via taxpayer fiat is so against the policyholders it was created to serve.  I’ll add that based upon the last legislative auditor report such a move tells me the Citizens is insolvent. I wonder if they are still running quickbooks? What a joke they are!

And to think just 3 years ago the lit and hallucinating buffoons on the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board were praising Jimbo the Clown and Louisiana Citizens Insurance.

File this one under sold out.


It did not take the Supreme Court long to bitchslap Jimbo down and make no mistake folks this is all Jimbo the Clown. Even worse, he claims to have more ideas to make this mess worse.  Whadda Clown!


BREAKING: Jimbo the Clown’s legacy to Louisiana policyholder revealed. Louisiana Citizens Insurance has assets seized to satisfy court judgment

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim Donelon

And folks this is what happens when a clown is elected as Insurance Commish. Heckuva job Jimbo!