I have sources that are insisting Fred Heebe will never go to jail

Did anyone notice Big Fred’s 60th birthday party at his palace on St. Charles last Friday? I bet it cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars to throw. A drop in the bucket when you have River Birch. That public display of extravagance was a direct middle finger to the US Attorney’s Office and an indirect middle finger to the people of Waggaman who are dying and to the tax payers of Jeff Parish.

Reader comment on the first installment of the excellent 6 part NOLA.com expose on the River Birch Landfill.

Luckily for the Slabbed Nation a reader happened by Fred’s mansion late last week when the party was setting up and he sent me a few pictures. First the portable power plant to power the party tent:

Setting up for the Heebe birthday party last week at the mansion on St Chas / Photo Courtesy of a reader

And the party tent itself:

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Lets chat a bit more about them Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics charges

Last week I laid down the Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics charge challenge and no one was brave enough to venture a guess despite the hint I left so here is another clue. Suppose there were changes in zoning and or zoning enforcement regarding certain properties that in turn caused garbage that was previously going to the Parish Landfill to end up at River Birch. Further suppose Ms Sneed Heebe voted on such measure.

I mention all this because we have a new agenda out from the good folks at the Louisiana Board of Ethics and Mrs Sneed Heebe is front and center. By now you folks know the drill, click it quick for it will soon be gone with the cyber winds. But for kicks I created a picture linked to the full 11 page pdf for posterity sake below the fold. ~ sop Continue reading “Lets chat a bit more about them Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics charges”

Everyone remember the Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics case????

By George if a reader did not help me come up with a very plausible explanation for the basis of the charges against the former Jefferson Parish council woman a couple of weeks ago. That said I am busy as all get out so I do not have time to post it but I’m hoping someone will post all the skinny in comments. Here is a hint: Continue reading “Everyone remember the Jennifer Sneed Heebe ethics case????”

The Louisiana Ethics Administration starts off the New Year with a bang

By now folks you know the drill as the Louisiana Division of Administrative Law Docket will soon be gone with the cyber winds. On tap this week is Aaron Broussard, Jennifer Sneed Heebe and serial NOLA election candidate James Perry plus a host of other current/former public officials that are in trouble.

For those of you that checked this post out too late, I created a PDF of the webpage for posterity sake here.


How about a nightcap: Who wants to talk about Jennifer Sneed’s ethics case?

But alas all evidence of the phone conference scheduled on the case just this morning has disappeared from the docket though it will briefly live on in the google cache.


Its so on: Fred Heebe lawyers up with some of DC's finest criminal defense lawyers

All three new lawyers added to Team Heebe come from the Washington DC based firm of Williams and Connolly. The recently issued order admitting Tobin Romero Pro Hac Vice is identical to the ones admitting Brendan Sullivan and Robert Cary. Whadda you folks reckon the combined hourly rate of these 3 gents adds to?  I’m thinking somewhere close to $2,000/hour.

This is getting good.


Capella plays “hat trick” on Grand Jury!

Capella, the council chairman, declined to discuss specifics of his nearly two hours on the witness stand. “I want to honor the secrecy of the grand jury proceedings,” he said.  “But I will say that I answered every question they had about the previous administration for me as a witness.”

“Ohhhh. Ayeeye”Sop put the black hat on the spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sopranos – but let’s not forget that it was Council President Tom Capella who stood on his hat box and played a hat trick on the Grand Jury.  Sure thing, Tom, anyone can see there is no relationship between the members of the current Parish Council and those of the “previous administration”!  Not even the revirginating John Young could sell that!

Been there and done that: Michael Lewis explores the connection between Freddie Heebe’s Monroe Mansion and the subprime bust.

This link was posted in comments here too long ago to remember but financial writer extraordinaire Michael Lewis rented the Monroe Mansion pre-Freddie Heebe and thought enough of the experience to write a lengthy article on the experience of living there. Since I feel as though I practically know the Heebes on a first name basis I’ll add they most certainly should have stayed with that “shinyViking range” instead of that nasty ol’ Electrolux they replaced it with during renovations. (H/T Mr CLS for the memory jog).


James Gill visits Fred and Jennifer Heebe’s secret garden and finds an economist in the woodpile…

What can I say folks except I think no one takes River Birch’s Loren Scott seriously. They take us seriously by golly and as proof I offer today’s column by James Gill at the Times Picayune. Now if they had only managed to snag a picture of Jennifer Sneed-Heebe in her million dollar Mardi Gras ball gown…..


Stuck on Cyber-Stupid: May I be so bold as to offer some free advice to the folks at the Times Picayune.

I personally recommend the lightest of touch on the delete button, especially when the topic is controversial like yesterday’s Times Picayune society pump of Fred and Jennifer Heebe of River Birch trash fame. You see, while staying with the Pollyanna in comments may make Freddie and the gang over at the mansion happy but it also makes it look as if the Times Picayune is covering for a crook:

The TP ran this story in spite of the Federal investigation concerning the Heebes, which would indicate that this mansion was bought with dirty money from dirty Jefferson Parish business deals. Each and every comment alluding to this was pulled down yesterday. Let’s see how early the “comment yanker” wakes up on Sundays. As you delete this comment, please feel the shame of glorifying people who are crooks and who, in due time, will be in the Federal penitentiary . . . at least one of them anyway.

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