Jefferson Parish DA, Sheriff covering for a former elected official alleged to have assisted auto theft ring

The lesson here folks is that is if you are young and black do not expect any mercy from the authorities for the slightest of crimes let alone participating in a major auto theft ring. If you’re one of the boys however, you need not worry about being named let alone charged. Here are a few links straight from one of the most crooked courthouses in all the land:

Prosecutors: Jefferson Parish car theft ring, aided by ex-politician, responsible for $2.5M in damages ~ Matt Sledge

Former politician conspired with major auto theft ring to target Jefferson Parish ~ Michelle Hunter

And of course when the media starts asking too many questions you send out the muscle:

Jefferson Parish sheriff offers new details on car theft ring, won’t name ex-politician allegedly involved ~ The New Orleans Advocate

Something tells me we’ll figure this mystery out. Let the speculation begin. Stay tuned.

A note to the Candidates and Political Operatives Stealing Intellectual Property from Slabbed New Media

Back during the Mississippi primary campaign I was aware that intellectual property from this website was used in certain campaign advertisements. I gave use permission to everyone that had the courtesy to ask on the caveat that Slabbed New Media, LLC being attributed as the source.

I have become aware that certain campaigns and candidates for political office in Louisiana have taken intellectual material from this interactive website for use in their campaign ads and solicitations without attribution nor the consent of Slabbed New Media, LLC.

Please consider this a polite cease and desist. Slabbed New Media will seek legal remedies to those candidates or public relation firms that disregard this post.

Ding, Ding, Ding the Firechief files suit! – Smith v Jefferson Parish, John Young, et al

Sop has background posts here and here. The Complaint was filed yesterday in Eastern District Louisiana, Federal Court.

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Watch it or John Young will steal your thunder – “add insult to injury”!

I was ready for a good Friday story and thanks to a reader, I’ve got a good one featuring none other than Jefferson Parish’s very transparent John Young:

More than a month after prosecutors dropped charges that he stole copper from a Jefferson Parish construction site, Russell Hartline was finally being released from jail Thursday when he was startled to see his mugshot on TV news reports.

Parish President John Young had held a news conference touting the arrests of Hartline and four others accused of stealing from the parish as examples of his administration’s crackdown on illegal and unethical activity.

But the theft charges from Hartline’s Oct. 21 arrest were dropped Dec. 9, though he remained in jail until Thursday because of a paperwork error.

“It was like adding insult to injury,” Hartline said Friday. “Just as I was finally getting out of jail on charges that were dropped a month and a half ago, I saw my face plastered all over the TV news.”

Young’s office had not responded late Friday afternoon to an e-mailed question about why Hartline’s case was highlighted after the charges had been dropped.

Young’s “crackdown” cracked up! But that’s what happens when you try to steal thunder. Meanwhile Mr. Hartline is not amused: Continue reading “Watch it or John Young will steal your thunder – “add insult to injury”!”

Highly qualified Parish Attorney provides opportunity for John Young to “walk the talk” of good government

Maybe, just maybe, Phelps-Dunbar thought the firm could make another trip to the well in Jefferson Parish unnoticed.  After all, “times are hard all over” – and, in Jefferson Parish, they’re needlessly hard for want of a highly qualified Parish Attorney independent of any interest other than the best interest of Parish taxpayers.

Hopefully, the newly elected Parish President, John Young, has noticed how easily one can connect the dots from legal gymnastics like Phelps Dunbar’s outrageous motion to USA Lenten’s formal request for the retention and preservation of Parish documents.

If Young intends to deliver the “good government” he promised Jefferson Parish voters, he’ll connect the dot from Lenten’s letter to the imperative of retaining the most qualified candidate for the position of Parish Attorney:

"Broach"ing the subject – with TheRiot it's all a matter of priorities

We all have priorities. Right? Consequently, we all know how frustrating it is to have something more urgent pop-up and move to the top of the list. Right.  Instead of boring you with a whine about what popped-up that caused me to miss this column at the first of the week, I’ll adjust my priorities and move straight to Steve Theriot’s lawsuit? LOL: Drew Broach:

Steve Theriot, IMHO, must be the ultimate multi-tasker.

Four months into his interim stint as Jefferson Parish president, he’s sweeping out the corruption of the Aaron Broussard regime, averting a fiscal crisis, lobbying the Legislature and pushing back an oil leak that threatens the West Bank.

Now he’s suing his critics, too.

Does the man ever let up? Continue reading “"Broach"ing the subject – with TheRiot it's all a matter of priorities”

Old mother Hubbard in a new dress? Parishes questioning ties of RAMJ Construction

Val Bracy on top of another story reports, “Jefferson and St. John are questioning a company that wants to do drainage work for the parishes”.

…On Wednesday, the Jefferson Parish council is scheduled to vote on a contract with RAMJ Construction. RAMJ was the lowest bidder on a $4.6 million drainage maintenance contract.

“We need to get to the bottom of who actually owns the company,” said Councilman Chris Roberts.
Perhaps, Mr. Roberts hasn’t mastered the search function on the Secretary of State’s website.

According to Secretary of State records, Roy Madere, Jr. is a registered officer for the newly created construction company. He’s also an officer of Hubbard Enterprises along with the wife of convicted St. John parish president Bill Hubbard. According to an email sent to Jefferson Parish council members from the public works director, RAMJ is also owned by Mike Knox, another former Hubbard Enterprises employee.

The drainage contract RAMJ bid on is the same one the council canceled with Hubbard Enterprises after Hubbard pled guilty to federal bribery charges last year…The email from the Jefferson Parish Public Works director says that parish attorneys advised awarding the contract to RAMJ, but Roberts says there’s still more research to be done. Continue reading “Old mother Hubbard in a new dress? Parishes questioning ties of RAMJ Construction”

Louisiana Citizens CEO John Wortman has “no class”

Do you suppose that before Citizens CEO John Wortman went whining to the Legislature he gave so much as a thought to solving his problem by paying claims with the time period required by state law?  The Shreveport Times has the story under the misleading headline, Citizens wants to discourage class actions.

Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corp. will push for a new law protecting it from being penalized for paying claims too slowly.

Now, headline aside, that’s the story.  However, you can’t blame the misleading headline on the reporter when Citizens general counsel, Suzanne Dondeville, intentionally provided the misleading spin.

Such a law could remove a major incentive for class-action lawsuits, such as the ones that were filed against the property insurer of last resort following hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Last year, a state district judge in Gretna ordered Citizens to pay $92.8 million to 15,573 policyholders whose Katrina claims were not adjusted within the time period required by state law.

The current law calls for a penalty of $5,000 per claim. Citizens general counsel, Suzanne Dondeville, told the insurer’s governing board Thursday that eliminating the penalty would mean lower fees for plaintiff attorneys, giving them less reason to file class actions.

No, no, no Ms. Dondeville, if you want to “lower fees for plaintiff attorneys”, just follow the law.  Works every time. Continue reading “Louisiana Citizens CEO John Wortman has “no class””

“It’s the same old song But with a different meaning” – electronically stored information: Branch qui tam

Nowadays, all roads seem to lead to Jefferson Parish.  Why I was surprised to find a road connecting Jefferson Parish to the Branch qui tam case is beyond me.  Mind you, it’s not a main road; but, before we can go there, a little background is in order and, for that, we make a u-turn and a quick stop at Shall we dance – the SLABBED post on Magistrate Shushan’s Order granting in part the Branch motion to file a second amended complaint.

Data extracted from 2006 Market Conduct Exam of Defendant Standard Fire calculated to show percentage claims and payments from Orleans and Jefferson Parish were of Total number and amount paid by the Company following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

In her Order, Magistrate Shushan declared, “The loss-shifting and inflated-revenue motives create two entirely different schemes”.  I contend otherwise…Not only is “inflated revenue” an essential element of loss-shifting, the Magistrate had no data to support her decision…

Back on the road but a detour ahead that takes us by the Louisiana Department of Insurance where we pick up the data-heavy Market Conduct Exam of Branch Defendant Standard Fire’s claims handling following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and straight to Jefferson Parish.

Data are an essential element of the decision-making process; however, data derive meaning in the context of other data.  For example, if claims data from all insurers covering property in Jefferson Parish were analyzed in the context of other data, it could be possible to determine the extent of damage resulting from the disabled pumping system and, in turn, indicate the associated cost of contracts for the required repair and rebuilding and concomitant loss from corruption of the contracting process – The rising tide that’s sinking all ships

However, in this post, these data are an indicator of the critical need for a broad discovery process to informed decision-making about Continue reading ““It’s the same old song But with a different meaning” – electronically stored information: Branch qui tam”