I understand the Vandenweghe settlement has been signed, sealed and delivered

And history will note the saga of the workplace retaliation taken against whistleblower Anne Marie Vandenweghe is Slabbed’s second real time account of such events lest we forget Cori and Kerri Rigsby.  I know it certainly would not appear this way to Team Vandenweghe, but against State Farm the thugs in Jefferson Parish Government are mere pikers. Nonetheless, I’d like to congratulate the Young Administration and Team AMV for resolving this matter in the best interest of the local taxpayers.

Details of the deal are confidential and it is a safe assumption that there is a golden handcuff component because I did not hear about the finalization of the settlement, first reported on Slabbed, from anyone connected to Team Vandenweghe. Then again my sources in Jefferson Parish are second to none despite the fact I generally do not play with politicians as a general rule.

I mention all this because I intend to tell the story from my perspective of a journalist that witnessed many of the events from my perch at Slabbed real time over the past 3 plus years including the events that I think led to what became the prosecutions of Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson, Tim Whitmer and Karen Parker.  I hope Nassim Taleb approves because it is truly a tale of chance mixed with epic douchebaggery that resulted in multiple felony convictions against multiple parties.

But before that happens I have one small matter in the NOLA CDC that will need to be tended to as Aaron Broussard’s former partner in the legal department of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway, Danny Abel has filed another defamation suit against me, Vandenweghe as well as every one of my Louisiana based attorneys in Bobby Truitt, Scott Sternberg, Brodie Glenn and Baldwin Haspel managing partner Paul Vance as well as the law firm itself via a screed that is essentially a recycled version of the defamation suit Abel walked away from in the LAED back in May of this year on the eve of my special motion to strike his complaint under Louisiana’s Anti SLAPP Statute. Judge Piper Griffin has been assigned the case.

Batter up! Broussard document dump Part Deux

July 25, 2012 was the day I made my first official visit to the Yenni Building and the assistant Parish Attorney that was initially assigned to handle public records for Team Young/Foshee was singing her swan song as she had to leave due to the no longer meeting the residency requirements in the Parish Charter resulting from nuptials and relocation to another Parish in the area.

We got on quite well though initially I was very aware that Slabbed and the guy behind it was a huge curiosity inside the Yenni Building.  Eventually we ended up chatting about AROD among other subjects while I selected and scanned records from Box 3.  Time literally flew by.

In any event here are the files from that day from the early post Aaron Broussard days in the Spring of 2010 when Steve Theriot was Goatherder in Chief, some published on Slabbed, others not until now. Enjoy.

Aaron goes on Toolman

Bob Evans


Drew Broach meet with Theriot

Fed investigation and PRR

Fontenot Meeting with TheRiot Continue reading “Batter up! Broussard document dump Part Deux”

And the travesty of justice is complete: Tim Whitmer gets probation

It was Whitmer and Wilkinson, along with Dominick Fazzio that hammered out the parish contract with the River Birch Landfill.

Tim Whitmer gets 3 years probation for covering up crimes in Broussard administration ~ Drew Broach

Under Broussard, who was largely a hands-off executive, Whitmer ran the 3,100-employee, $500 million administration. He possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of projects and programs and was renowned for answering emails deep into the night, after ramrodding meetings and extinguishing political fires all day.

This is absolutely true. Broussard was always off running scams for his own self enrichment while Tim Whitmer was the defacto Parish Prez under two administrations. To the underlings at Yenni, Whitmer was seen as a ruthless snake in the grass that terrorized the minion. In certain circles he is as hated as Tom Wilkinson as both used blunt force trauma as their preferred management style. Unlike Wilkinson, who is crass and vulgar, Whitmer had the Cleaver family playground spiel perfected.  Both are now convicted felons.

In other news my Truitt Law Firm Mug arrived in the mail today and it is a keeper! Thanks Bobby.

BREAKING: AMV’s suit against Jefferson Parish has settled

And the whistleblower suit is over! Congratulations to AMV, Parish Prez John Young, Deb Foshee and Bobby Truitt. As a sage litigator of national renoun once told me, settling means taking less than what you want it is also true there are situations where everyone comes out on the other side satisfied with the result. I think that is the case here.

I have no details thought I suspect there is a golden handcuff in play which means there will never be any details released. Time will tell.

This comports with my understanding

Yep, sure does.

Justice Department declines to make public its investigation of U.S. attorney’s office, for now ~ Gordon Russell

I’d personally love to see a full report and perhaps some day we will.

South Coast Today updates Slabbed’s SPEECH Act case

For true they did as Judge Guirola ruled yesterday on the appeal bond. As for any perceived frivolousness of the Goatherder’s appeal following is their brief and the readers can decide that for themselves. Just over a week from today will mark one year this issue has been litigating in federal court. (Click the pic to nab the 44 page pdf)


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