Lets discover something about Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish and TheRiot

Rut roh! (And TheRiot is toast)

Definitions and Instructions

a. Neither the word “or” nor the word “and” should be interpreted so as to eliminate any part of any response to any of these Requests.
b. “You” means Defendants, the Parish of Jefferson and Steve J. Theriot, and any of their agents or employees acting within the scope of their agency or employment.
c. “Documents” means anything within the scope of Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 34.

Please identify all at-will Parish employees terminated by the Parish after John Young became Parish President; identify all such employees who refused to submit a resignation letter as a condition of employment.

Please explain, in detail, why the Plaintiff’s employment with the Parish of Jefferson was terminated. Was Plaintiff’s refusal to submit a letter of resignation the sole reason for her termination? If not, please identify any other reasons.

Does the Parish currently require employees to submit letter of resignation as a condition of continued employment? If not, advise why this policy was changed and when.

Do the defendants acknowledge that the Plaintiff was cooperating with Federal authorities in corruption investigations? If so, please identify all persons with knowledge of Plaintiff’s cooperation, the dates that they became aware, and any adverse action, response, emails, memoranda or correspondence generated in response to Plaintiff’s cooperation. Continue reading “Lets discover something about Vandenweghe v Jefferson Parish and TheRiot”

Meet the thugs that once ruled Jefferson Parish as Slabbed presents TheRiot and the noise makers (Updated)

Very soon I’ll be rolling out a post which will unify former Parish Prez Steve Theriot’s suit against the blogosphere to later Goatherder legal jackassery but before I can do that we must hop in the way back machine to that magical day in February, 2010 when TheRiot sent Anne Marie Vandenweghe home claiming she was playing on the internet during office hours. Slabbed was there real time for all the events since and Theriot’s bald faced public lies concerning same even turned up in my examination of official correspondence from the Broussard Adminsitration.

I mention all this because earlier today I promised the Slabbed Nation deposition transcripts from the case and while we wait on those how about a transcript of the meeting where Theriot, Clem Donelon, Deano Bonano and the rest of Theriot’s band of thugs sent Anne Marie home back in February, 2010. After reading it I think everyone will come to the same conclusion that AMV had by far the biggest sack in the entire room. Click the pic to get the 9 page pdf.


I have been sent the audio file of the entire sad episode and have converted it to a format suitable with Youtube. It is a must hear and is embedded below the jump. Continue reading “Meet the thugs that once ruled Jefferson Parish as Slabbed presents TheRiot and the noise makers (Updated)

The Jefferson Parish Personnel Board bitch slaps the Young Administration

Based on what I’ve seen dating back to 2010 I personally think Jefferson Parish Personnel Board Chairman John Combe must be smoking some good stuff to write a letter to all classified Parish employees asserting the Personnel Board is independent of Parish Government. This letter has its roots in the termination of Heather Hilliard last week IMHO. Rich Rainey had a short story in yesterday’s T-P on this topic as well.

Heated meeting of Jefferson Parish Personnel Board with Parish Attorney has “Aha Moment”

Well, it’s about time someone in Parish government had an “Aha Moment”.  Fortunately, Val Bracy of Fox8 was there to capture the moment and the heated debate:

Link to Fox 8 and hear the "heated debate"

The Jefferson Parish Personnel Board is widening its investigation into potentially unethical activity by employees. The board revealed at Wednesday’s meeting that some parish attorney’s are now under investigation.

The board’s investigation of employees began last month. The board is looking into whether former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson and former Code Enforcement Director Debbie Villio participated in prohibited political activity.

The board is also investigating Aaron Broussard’s ex-wife Karen Parker, who was paid as a Paralegal Supervisor although she actually worked as a clerk in another department.

The Parish Attorney’s Office says the board does not have jurisdiction to investigate unclassified employees. Continue reading “Heated meeting of Jefferson Parish Personnel Board with Parish Attorney has “Aha Moment””

Let’s tie a few Jefferson Parish odds and ends together as Slabbed welcomes Chris Roberts and Dutchie Connick to the party

Folks the political class in Jefferson Parish takes the word “brazen” to another level. Our long time readers know that I am a fan of the old TLC series Connections so let’s make a few and begin with the agenda for tomorrow’s Parish Council meeting which I’ve embedded courtesy of Scribd:

[scribd id=27747128 key=key-299lbj8xijdr2olyhcl8 mode=list]

I invite the Slabbed Nation to scroll down to item 84 which I quote:

Resolution – requesting the Parish President to investigate the feasibility and to provide a cost-benefit analysis for the expansion of the Parish Attorney’s Office to allow said office to provide legal services in-house which are currently being provided by outside contracted law firms. (Mr. Roberts)

This agenda item is related to the post we did last week on the Tuesday Night Massacre where assistant Parish Attorney Louis Gruntz refered to former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson as “his client” despite the fact he represented the Parish. Now Councilman Chris Roberts is doing an end run a round the Parish Charter to allow the in-house lawyers to double deal and represent Parish employees that get in trouble due to their double-dealing. In essence this resolution allows Louis Gruntz to aid the disgraced Tom Wilkinson. So the question is why would Chris Roberts carry water for these disgraced civil servants? Continue reading “Let’s tie a few Jefferson Parish odds and ends together as Slabbed welcomes Chris Roberts and Dutchie Connick to the party”