James Varney at NOLA takes Jefferson Parish Councilmen Roberts and Lagasse to the woodshed. A Jefferson Parish (non)Performing Arts Center disaster update.

My point exactly James. It is a must read folks. ūüôā

For those of you that think a structure specifically designed as a theater has any real commercial value with the design flaws this place comes with better think again as there is a very limited market for such specialized structures, especially building with below grade infrastructure that will perpetually require expensive flood insurance coverage. And completing this project is only throwing more good money down the toilet considering Caldarera wants another $8.4 million to simply crank the project back up.

The prudent choice, as James points out, is to buy some dynamite.

Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Gill on Mann, nonPerforming Arts Center, Bickering School Board, Whitmer gets sentencing reprieve, Judge Ansardi has a stroke, Parish Council Meeting on Tap

Here you go folks, all the Jefferson Parish news you can stand courtesy of the NOLA Media Group:

Pundit (Sir) James Gill tackles the Fred Heebe v Jan Mann defamation suit in his periodic online column for the Times Picayune. Jack and Jesse are sure to be unhappy.

Drew Broach previews today’s Parish Council meeting and with JPAC on tap it is sure to be a good one.

Speaking of the (non)Performing Arts Center boondoggle, Drew checked in yesterday with a story about Councilman Chris Roberts saying state taxpayers should sink no more money into that money pit in favor of dumping the cost on the local taxpayers. ¬†The commenters to Drew’s story seem to universally favor setting some dynamite, blowing the partially completed building up thus cutting taxpayer losses, which will total several million dollars more to complete this boondoggle. ¬†To the extent Robert’s own council aid Deano Bonano played a large role in creating the JPAC disaster we should all view Roberts’¬†pronouncements¬†on the matter with great dubiety. ¬†I can say with certainty that I have lots of JPAC documents and the people associated with the Jefferson Performing Arts Society are first class pests that are also the bane of the taxpayers both locally and statewide.

From the what else is new front the Jefferson Parish School Board is bickering again though this time with an Alice in Wonderland like theme as board member Michael Delesdernier threatened to have board member Floyd investigated after he insulted the district’s CFO. Sarah Tan scored the following Delesdernier quote that I thought priceless as the man is a complete jackass:

“I’m really not interested in doing it as much as I’m interested in keeping him from attacking our people,” Delesdernier said. “Whatever works. I really feel my job is to protect the people in our system that are doing their jobs.”

No word yet on whether Delesdernier ever apologized to the parent he termed “an arrogant POS”. I must admit I love the playful side of Jefferson Parish voters that elect people filling the role of village idiot to office.

Drew Broach checked in with a short dispatch yesterday about Tim Whitmer’s sentencing being postponed so he can continue his squealathon with the Department of Justice as well as sell insurance. Evidently in Louisiana it is OK for convicted felons to sell insurance while they await their sentencing.

Finally Judge Glenn Ansardi has suffered a stroke according to this Paul Purpura report on the subject.

Clear as mud: JPAC gets line of credit, an affidavit and a PR push. Cap’n Jay gets a reprieve while Chief Euris DuBois’ neighbor gets shot and burned out (Updated)

I’d happily report that my absence meant I’ve been up to something but such is not the case over the last few days as I took a break. ¬†This does not mean I don’t have some dynamite things in store for the Slabbed Nation this week but today we do a bit of catching up.

First up is the taxpayer funded money pit also known as the Performing Arts Center. ¬†Yesterday the T-P editorial board opined the project should be completed ASAP now that the state’s taxpayers are on the hook for another $9.9MM as the project’s costs has almost doubled since ground broke on the project years ago. Adding to the confusion is yesterday afternoon Bob Ross filed a post titled Affidavit clears up confusion on change order for Performing Arts Center in Metairie¬†that frankly added to my confusion about change order #5 to the point where I gotta call bullshit. ¬†A close read of said Legislative auditor’s report on the change order clearly indicates there was a management override involved in that particular change order, management being for CAO¬†Tim Whitmer¬†and current councilman at large Elton LaGasse.

To the extent Whitmer¬†has copped¬†a plea in the wide ranging¬†JP¬†Corruption¬†investigation¬†and reportedly knows where all the “bones are buried”, one would naturally assume he has been questioned closely about his knowledge about whether Councilman LaGasse¬†took a kickback to ram rod that particular change order through, reportedly with no¬†documentation,¬†that included a massive delay claim. ¬†I want to make clear this is only an allegation but given what has surfaced about Jiff¬†Hingle¬†and the new Plaquemines Parish Jail such is a fair question, especially as the taxpaying public tries to figure out how a $28MM project has morphed into a $52MM boondoggle. ¬†I’ll have more on change order 5 ASAP because it is clear Mr Ross has lots of catching up to do.

Next up is the child molestation case and alleged official¬†cover up¬†involving Jerry “Cap’n Jay” Dantin¬†as Paul Purpura filed a comprehensive update yesterday¬†as justice for the little boy Dantin¬†victimized has again been delayed, this time by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. ¬†Dantin’s¬†long time friend, Grand Isle Police Chief Euris¬†Dubois is alleged to have intentionally botched the investigation which only adds to the cesspool that is this saga as Mayor David Carmadelle is also heavily involved. Continue reading “Clear as mud: JPAC gets line of credit, an affidavit and a PR push. Cap’n Jay gets a reprieve while Chief Euris DuBois’ neighbor gets shot and burned out (Updated)”

Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Trouble in paradise, Judge Head tells Broussard no extension while Mark Titus grasps at straws

Let’s take these news stories from the PACER beat in reverse order.¬† First up is Gordon Russell’s story¬†about the latest defense filing in USA v Titus, which included remarks from Slabbed¬†favorite Dane Ciolino of the Loyola Law School.¬† Essentially Titus is claiming there was a verbal sidecar¬†to his plea deal with regards to the forfeiture provisions among other things.¬† Having watched the crushing of Jamie Perdigao a few years back I don’t think this latest motion from Team Titus is going very far.

Moving right along Judge Head took little time in denying Broussard’s motion to postpone his trial per this story¬†from the PACER beat filed by Drew Broach.¬† Judge Head, like the rest of us watched the latest installment of the Aaron Broussard¬†cancer special on the TeeVee and found the assertions in Team Broussard’s¬†delay motion filed by attorney Robert Jenkins to be a bit lacking on the fact side since no affidavits were submitted by either Broussard¬†or more important his doctors. Even worse is the¬†persistent street talk that crushing Broussard¬†and Wilkinson¬†is simply a prelude to rolling up Jim Ward and Fred Heebe¬†so Aaron isn’t even star of the show which is potentially worse news for¬†the unrepentant drama queens that are the Goatherders.

That said I’ll put on my Carnac hat and predict Eric Paulsen at WWL¬†TeeVee will try one more time to prettify¬†his friend with another prostate cancer special on the Toolman¬†show like the one he treated us to earlier this year.¬† For added dramatic¬†effect perhaps Broussard¬†will break down and cry like a¬†crocodile such as he did in September 2005 on the national TeeVee between telling whoppers on Meet the Press.

Finally I watched the last Parish Council meeting and was happy to see the Times Picayune’s Bob Ross picked up the $325,000 taxpayer¬†funded¬†donation to JPAS, which can no long collect the tax that was previously dedicated to the organization, locally famous as a cesspool of nepotism.¬† Left to their own devices the folks at JPAS¬†would singlehandedly bankrupt Jefferson Parish with the boondoggle Performing Arts Center leading the way.¬† Times are tough in Jefferson Parish as teachers are losing their jobs so my feeling is if JPAS can’t fund themselves then they need to close the doors and I say that as a patron of the arts here in Mississippi.

That said the T-P beat Krewe missed something important at the last meeting and it is my pleasure to roll it out here as there was a very curious motion from the floor by Councilman Chris “Mini Me” Roberts that merits special attention because there is evidently trouble in paradise and for that we need to visit with Ross’ last story on the Charter Change Committee¬†to set this up: Continue reading “Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Trouble in paradise, Judge Head tells Broussard no extension while Mark Titus grasps at straws”

Coming soon in Jefferson Parish: JPAS presents The Light in the Piazza starring John Young.

I personally think Patricia doing tricks with Ashton’s french bayonet would be a bigger draw but what do I know.

In any event meet the cast of the soon to open JPAS production The Light in the Piazza starring John Young.