Runoff elections are the very best elections……

Welp folks, Ms. Zoe Olivia (Wong) (Smith) Fleming is defending her honor in comments to the following:

Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court race heats up with anti-Semitism claim ~ Paul Purpura

“Ms. Fleming has issues which clearly have not been resolved, and I wish her luck in getting the help she needs,” Burmaster said. “Perhaps she would be better served by seeking more professional help and not the votes of Jefferson Parish citizens.”

We can only hope there are some TeeVee ads coming since the gloves were dropped on the first official day of the three week runoff. In certain circles elections are almost a blood sport so Ms Fleming’s early implosion has inspired a good bit of chatter.

Just think folks, we still have not gotten to that Joe Berry backstory yet.

Wild Wild West Part 1

In my considered opinion we have backstory potential. Vital background here.

Burmaster gets endorsement in runoff against Fleming for Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court ~ Paul Purpura

I understand there is a warrant for Joe Berry’s arrest related to Paul’s story above. Backstory? Here is a hint as we note twofer Tuesday. Continue reading “Wild Wild West Part 1”