Early indications……

Those that saw Mike Yenni’s commercial last night understands that taking the David Vitter way out will not work as calls for his resignation grow louder by the minute.

Keep an eye on former Parish President John Young and Current Jefferson Parish Councilwoman at large Cynthia Lee-Sheng as potential replacements for Yenni.

Friday Open: Where does the time go?

I’m fighting numerous deadlines thus the lack of new material. That does not means the news cycle is not happening though, especially the continuing dust-up involving Consultant Joshua Nemzoff’s airing of the sweetheart insider dirty laundry in a full page ad to the Times Picayune.  I personally don’t understand why Channel 8 doesn’t just lend Chris Roberts a camera man and microphone for the week while Lee Zurik explores anew why John Young likes a well compensated secretary.  Maybe Zurik should explore how Robert’s makes his money but we’d all die from asphyxiation holding our breath waiting for that.

About this Anatola Thompson resignation deal. We’re waiting…..

If I may be so bold as to disclose that my sources are teases besides being sources. But….

Jefferson Parish administration official abruptly resigns ~ Ben Myers

With that said while we wait for news:

Jefferson Parish Community Development Director Anatola Thompson resigns (UPDATED)

And folks my sources are telling me she is not leaving the Parish under blue sky conditions. In fact the betting money is on….

All eyes on officialdom next week.  I know more but that is all I can say about this topic for now. (h/t Anonymous)

Here are a few recent and not so recent links:

Free mortgage aid attracts hundreds to Jefferson Parish government office ~ Drew Broach

Jefferson Parish finalizes plan for $16.5 million federal disaster grant ~ Ben Myers

Jefferson Parish Community Development ~ Official Jefferson Parish website (Note the news on Ms Thompson’s departure is so fresh Ms Thompson is still listed as employed by the Parish.)

Update – September 28, 2013

The crickets are chirping folks as news has leaked out from the deepest recesses of Jefferson Parish Government so this morning I share more information that came to me via anonymous bat signal.

First thing all eyes need to be on the Legislative Auditor’s website because there is a report rumored to be released that is evidently damning towards Ms Thompson. In looking for clues as to what may be coming we need to check in with Hammerman: Continue reading “Jefferson Parish Community Development Director Anatola Thompson resigns (UPDATED)”

This is too rich……

I’ve had some interesting days in my 5 plus years doing this blog and today ranks right up there.

A few weeks ago I promised to publish the entire document dump from Slabbed’s Jefferson Parish Public Records Request project of 2012. Here is the first installment of docs obtained August 10, 2012, a day and week I’ll never forget as that week as I helped bury a close friend as well as box dived Aaron Broussard’s files sick as a dog with the shingles.

Here are the files from that day, some of which have been published, others not.

AMV PRR and Personnel Board Appeal

Broussard First Bank and Trust 1

Broussard First Bank and Trust 2

Broussard First Bank and Trust 3

Broussard First Bank and Trust

Chereen Gegemheimer PRR and Email Chain Continue reading “This is too rich……”

Louisiana briar patch: Changes at the Times Picayune adversely impacts coverage of Louisiana’s second most populous Parish

First was this stinker laid down yesterday by Rich Rainey sourced mainly by JP Council pay-to-play king Chris “Mini-me” Roberts.

Then John Young chipped in his two cents worth yesterday afternoon via this Bob Ross T-P story.

Then the reaction began pouring in from the citizenry after the second story ran from people that actually attend or watch the Parish Council meetings.  People that have pretty much been ignored by the T-P and even occasionally attacked by the T-P Yenni beat team in days of yore.  It is good the gang took a second shot at the apple but the second article missed too according to the JP peeps that speak with Slabbed.  The new NOLA.com JP political beat team is still a work in progress folks and it is showing.  Like Pres said yesterday in comments Rainey is already on the NOLA City beat and it appears Ross is filling in best he can but he has no institutional knowledge of the subject matter.

The good news is Ross contacted CFGG as they are folks that are urging all the procurement reforms recommended by BGR be enacted.  IMHO more talking needs to happen.  And maybe instead of genuflecting before area politicians perhaps Ricky Mathews should meet with the good government crowd in Louisiana’s second most populous Parish, the largest of the 7 Parish metro area.

Finally one way to force this issue on the Parish Council is via the Charter Change committee, which has been meeting for several months now.  I understand there is a meeting of that body this evening at 7 over at the Yenni Building.


And the legend of “Spike” was born: The Tarpon Rodeo, hot tuna and old school politics

Since the Times Picayune editorial board whipped out an old term we picked up from TheRiot in “deadhead” in pointing out the 7th floor of the Yenni Building was packed with political cronies of Tim Coulon and Aaron Broussard, it is only fair I point out the 10th Floor was where the Courtesans were assigned.

Since we’re renaissance people here at Slabbed, I find this topic wholly appropriate if not X-Rated and kinky. By now I’ve heard stories about oversized libetos in the upper management ranks at the Yenni going back literally decades but no one Courtesan fills the bill for examination better than “Spike”, an employee with talents that sound akin to “Red Snapper” of Hancock County infamy save for the fact Ms. Snapper did not occupy an official position in any political subdivision.

Slabbed has spoken to one of Spike’s former fans and I was told tales of politicos literally flipping coins to see who would gain Spike’s services for the evening and that was the tame stuff.  Spike was far from alone but these women were not “deadheads” on the payroll folks as quite the opposite is true. That said John Young must not have been impressed with the talent pool he inherited as all have since left the employ of the Parish.  In ways how that could happen all those years and never see the light of day is a worse story than what happened on the 7th floor IMHO.

Stay tuned for more tales from the 10th floor here on the Slabb.  😉


OK who squealed Part Deux: Channel 6 picks up coverage of the report on the turmoil in the senior ranks of the Young Administration

You guys may remember that Slabbed broke the story about former Jefferson Parish Deputy COO Richard Hart causing a ruckus  in the senior ranks of the Young Administration with his boorish behavior towards women.  Then we covered who squealed to the media in Councilman at large Chris Roberts, a man with a purported need to see himself on the TeeVee regularly. Finally we covered Hart’s weekend departure from Jefferson Parish Government which supposedly brought this saga to an end.

I mention all this because Tom tipped us in comments yesterday evening that Travers Mackel at Channel 6 ended up with a copy of the supposedly confidential report prepared by Parish consultants on Hart, albeit a redacted version, and yes Virginia, all the bad things that were said about Hart’s workplace treatment of women were evidently true. Let’s review:

The report found that “several employees interviewed described the organizational climate as very intimidating and (one of) low morale.” Individual names are redacted, and the parish administration considers the investigation a personnel matter. Parish officials said they would have no comment and declined to answer questions regarding the investigation and its findings.

The initial complaint, according to the report, came from a female manager who raised concerns that Hart had created a “rude, demeaning and hostile workplace environment.” Among the specific incidents that are cited: Continue reading “OK who squealed Part Deux: Channel 6 picks up coverage of the report on the turmoil in the senior ranks of the Young Administration”