Today is Grand Jury day for the Jefferson Parish Council…

Actually Grand Jury day 2. Rich Rainey filed a short report for the T-P where he includes a nuance previously missing from the earlier reporting concerning the exact type of subpoena that was issued as all subpoenas are evidently not created equal.


Team River Birch beclowns their clowns: A putting in the fix on the inside for River Birch update.

Paul Rioux at the Times Picayune checks in today with a report that is masterful in its nuance as Team River Birch has the full court PR press on and one again they manage to put egg on their own face as well as the Parish, specifically Public Records.  There is lots of fodder for discussion in Paul’s lengthy story but since I am time strapped I’m going to focus in on 2 items the first being that thanks to Steve Theriot and John Young it appears Jefferson Parish no longer has a cohesive, functioning public records department. Taken a step further I’ll add Paul conveys the obvious without saying it as it certainly appears the Parish Attorney’s office is simply an adjunct legal department for Freddie Heebe, Jim Ward and the River Birch Landfill. This snippet illustrates that point:

River Birch obtained the notes and other parish documents about the draft study Monday through a public records request and in turn provided them to The Times-Picayune. Parish attorneys denied a similar request by the newspaper for the preliminary study in December, citing an exemption in the state’s disclosure law for documents prepared “in anticipation of litigation or in preparation for trial.”

I will point out that normally newspapers are big on access to public records so the silence on the major problems with public records in Jefferson Parish, well reported here, means the T-P sucked on it in silence for at least the past 3 months.  I’ll add that while Jefferson Parish was stonewalling the Times Picayune while giving it all up for Freddie Heebie they also continue to retaliate against the whistleblowers and John Young is ass deep in it right along with his political blowbuddy Tom Capella and their puppets Peggy Barton and Louis Gruntz.  As long as the Parish Attorney’s office, at the behest of elected officials work for the River Birch Landfill instead of the taxpayers expect to see more such clusterfucks as the many Paul Rioux details today. Continue reading “Team River Birch beclowns their clowns: A putting in the fix on the inside for River Birch update.”

A “White Shoe” firm with smelly brown stuff on the soul: A Phelps Dumbar Conflict of Interest Update.

Short and sweet folks: Three cases and we’ve covered them all.

The suit the Parish filed against certain media outlets to clarify which grand jury documents the media would receive pursuant to media public records requests.  The decisions made with respect to the outcome of this litigation is a key precursor to Slabb O’Leaks where we periodically publish the emails of certain parish council members from around the general time frame when the insurance portion of the Jefferson Parish political corruption scandal broke. This suit deals with the public records law and the media outlets were defended by Phelps Dunbar.

The suit Anne Marie Vandenweghe filed against The Parish after the Parish denied her public records request for her email file folders. This suit is currently at the Louisiana 5th Circuit Court of Appeals after Judge Ross LaDart dispensed a bit of Gretna style justice in favor of  TheRiot and company. This suit deals with the public records law and the Parish is being defended by Phelps Dunbar.

Last but not least is TheRiot and the Parish suing the blogosphere last year, specifically mentioning yours truly in the suit. Leaving aside for the fact it is practically impossible to defame or liable a government under our system of law, the Parish was represented in this suit by Phelps Dunbar. Continue reading “A “White Shoe” firm with smelly brown stuff on the soul: A Phelps Dumbar Conflict of Interest Update.”

John Young you magnificently ignorant slut……..

Sure he’s not as bad as Broussard or TheRiot but Young comes with his own set of problems including a certain character flaw that not only unnecessarily complicates his life but will end up doing him in politically.  Bottom line is I’ve seen enough folks and its time to call this one the way I see it. ~ sop

Alliance for Good Government endorsed and Slabbed approved. Please support Al Leone for tax assessor and Tim Baudier for councilman at large

We’re hearing Al is putting the wood on Capella and his shithouse double dealing in the assessor race. Tim Baudier has better things to do at 5 AM than to sit on the terlit impersonating Chris Roberts and should be a far better representative of the people than “Mini-Me”.

The Times Picayune recently had a blurb on these Alliance for Good Government endorsements.  If you live in Jefferson Parish please support both of these men and their campaigns.  Low dollar contributions of as little as $25 can make a difference if enough people chip in.


Garbage in, Garbage out: The trouble with keeping yer lies straight….. A River Birch contract evaluation update.

The old adage about the trouble with keeping lies straight came to mind yesterday as I read Paul Rioux’s T-P story on River Birch’s much ballyhooed contract evaluation performed by the rent an economist at Loren C. Scott and Associates.  Being a blog moderator has its advantages, especially when the ol’ memory bank is functioning on a high level and within 5 minutes I had 2 of our old posts on the yet to be released, Parish commissioned River Birch contract evaluation up and on Ready Five when life intervened and I was called to Buzzard’s Roost unexpectedly. That’s OK because our regular commenters have great memories too but before we get to that we must visit with Paul’s story and one particular excerpt which is most topical:

With a tipping fee of $20.66 per ton and an additional cost of $4.89 per ton to maintain its dump, the parish spent an estimated $6.5 million to dispose of 255,000 tons of trash in 2009, according to the study.

If the River Birch contract had been in effect, the parish would have paid a tipping fee of $19.22 per ton and no overhead costs for a total of $4.9 million, leaving a savings of $1.6 million, the study concluded.

Obviously I was not the only member of the Slabbed Nation that immediately saw the problem here as Telemachus’ comment on our last Paul Rioux River Birch post nailed it:

Council Chairman Tom Capella said he expects the council will approve the deal. Continue reading “Garbage in, Garbage out: The trouble with keeping yer lies straight….. A River Birch contract evaluation update.”

Slabb-a-leaks: Did someone say more Tommy Capella please?

Yes they did and we aim to please.  Lots of duplication in this portion of the inbox which goes through early December but lots of good stuff too. Enjoy.  I think we’ll be rolling out some Byron Lee next.


Slabb-a-leaks: PRR? Here at Slabbed we don

The second installment of meet Councilman Capella takes us from October 2009 to mid November, 2009. This portion of the inbox had lots of duplicity, some of which we edited out.  At 1,147 pages it is quite an interesting read and includes some of the internals from Team West Jefferson Medical Center when it was revealed that Tim Coulon, along with Wally Pontiff and Tim Whitmer were eating from the Lagniappe trough at the hospital. Enjoy!



From: BBoudreaux [[email protected]]
Sent: 11/13/2009 11:04 AM
To: TCapella
REMINDER: I have a RUSH contract for you to sign.

Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ down the river……

By the middle of December 2009, Anne Marie Vandenweghe, APA in charge of Public Records, and in performance of her duty, is now in possession of FOUR separate JP/River Birch contracts as a result of PRRs requested by WM, the New Orleans metro media, the FBI and the US Attorney; contracts that Wilkinson specifically pointed out, were his business, and his alone! Four contracts, all different dates: one blank, one signed only by Councilman Capella, one hand written by Wilkinson (?), and one signed by Jim (Albert) Ward. So I ask, what alleged contract is the Council and the Administration referring to when passing resolutions to have the “contract” reviewed?

‘Gate stole my thunder but I previously confirmed this allegation with Ms. Vandenweghe. Continue reading “Coincidence?”

Slabb-a-leaks proudly presents: My baby sent me a letter. (Alternative title: PRR? Here at Slabbed we don’t need a stinkin’ PRR)

I’ve had about 10 different inspirations for rolling out this series, each pretty good but today I favor simplicity. The long and short of it is last fall I was the recipient of a data dump that comprised certain material that went to the federal grand jury late last year.  So the story goes, which will be told in detail in subsequent posts, this material went to the federal grand jury, 4 different NOLA area media outlets plus one individual that had the $5K it took to pay for the PRR, which I estimate numbers close to 200,000 pages. I’m not sure whose copy ended up on my doorstep but there is no denying the treasure trove of info contained therein.

With the emails of Tom Capella, we find a Parish councilman that was in reality a council part timer; one who used the Parish’s email servers to conduct his private law practice in the process compromising attorney client privilege.  Capella has an in with the LSED and Convention Center folks and the taxpayers pay his freight along with CDC Clerk Dale Atkins, who evidently was too engrossed with doing Larry Roedel’s bidding to make sure the conveyance data was properly backed up.

Here at Slabbed we’re fully prepared to do battle if need be to exercise our first amendment rights with respect to the Parish Council’s emails. That said we will not be publishing anything that we feel will interfere with the ongoing grand jury investigation.

First installment: Tom Capella October 2009 partial. 924 pages of spam, public notices, email blasts from Bayou Buzz plus some good stuff.