News schizophrenia on the Jeff Parish Hospital Beat while the reasons for Chris Robert’s SBA default come into sharper focus

I’ve sat back and watched the spectacular disaster that is the Jefferson Parish hospital privatization effort unfold as told by the beat gang at both the and the Advocate and I certainly came away wanting more information and even more important perspective. Call me a harsh critic folks but I’m not feeling it from the beat as it appears on this issue the newspapers have become mere mouthpieces for the politicians.

The history of the process and the attempts of Chris Roberts, Elton LaGasse and Ricky Templet to derail it are too numerous to mention in the limited time I have this morning. There the newspapers have done a decent job following the gyrations albeit sans any useful analysis but there are a couple of examples of reporting where I read the news and came away thinking, “Myers sure had someone blowing mega smoke up his ass” or “Quinlan is giving Roberts another redo”.  I know they are better than the slop being served but it is what it is. First up from the smoke up Ben’s ass files I have this from January:

Jefferson hospital lease process started with ‘one parish,’ wound up with division ~ Ben Myers

In this piece the Parish council is thoroughly infantilized by Myers, who pinned the blame that day for the disaster on the Hospital Boards and the consultant hired by the Parish. The fix for Children’s Hospital had been in for way longer than last September. In fact astute political observers who speak to Slabbed on the condition of anonymity indicate Children’s Continue reading “News schizophrenia on the Jeff Parish Hospital Beat while the reasons for Chris Robert’s SBA default come into sharper focus”

Slabbed takes the Ignatius challenge and writes one wayyyyy to the inside Part Deux

As Davichy55 would say on finance back in the the olden days


Now for a round of double jeopardy:

Question: Who else stepped financially for the former Goatherder in Chief back in February, 2011?

Answer: Same guy that was given the no bid legal services contract by the Jefferson Parish Council.

Jefferson Parish Council awards contract to lowest-ranked firm that gave most money ~ Adriane Quinlan

Must read folks as Chris Roberts waxes nonsensical justifying this sweetheart deal.

Next question: Is there a story behind the story on the selection of Bruce Burglass’ law firm by Roberts and company?

Answer: Oh yeah.

H/T: The Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government

Stay tuned.

“And they were all lined up like birds on a wire……”

Six Mardi Gras krewes were fined from $100 to $2,500 for violating Jefferson Parish’s parade ordinance during Carnival 2013, according to public records released Tuesday. Most of the infractions involved unmasked riders and smoking on floats, although two krewes were cited for having too few marching bands.

The citations come in the second year of the latest crackdown on Carnival krewes as Jefferson Parish tries to enforce its parade standards and gradually raise them. The parish attorney’s office released reports on six of Jefferson’s 14 parades, in response to a public records request from | The Times-Picayune.

6 Mardi Gras krewes fined by Jefferson Parish for parade violations ~ Drew Broach

Jefferson Parish councilmen Chris "Mini-me" Roberts, Mark Spears and Rickey Templett along with Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner on the politicians float, Krewe of Alla. Reader submitted photo
Jefferson Parish Councilmen Chris “Mini-me” Roberts, Mark Spears and Ricky Templet along with Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner on the politicians float, Krewe of Alla. Reader submitted photo

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Jefferson Parish open thread: We have lots to discuss.

A few examples of items needing a full fleshing out is the District D 24th JDC race involving Julie Quinn as she has an opponent. I’ll note Slabbed swam against the media current well over a year ago in maintaining Quinn had her sights set on the 24th JDC, not the State 5th Circuit Court of Appeals as was reported elsewhere.  Quinn is being endorsed by all the usual suspects including Sheriff Noodles and the MIA DA Paul Connick.  Unfortunately for Ms. Quinn, she is not Slabbed approved and depending on the quality of her opposition, Slabbed may well have lots to say about this particular race.

Not mentioned in the preceding paragraph is Ms Quinn’s fiance, Parish Prez John Young.  By all accounts John is crazy about Julie and we’re completely down with the marital bliss thing here at Slabbed New Media. That said there are political observers in Jefferson Parish that are concerned we are seeing a repeat of South Park Season 3, Episode 3. If this is indeed the case I know of only one way to rectify the issue and even then such is a dicey proposition as there could well be collateral casualties. Lest I digress but back to Mr Parish Prez….

This whole charter change deal has caused open warfare between Parish Prez Young and the Parish Council. Now close your eyes and imagine what the local TeeVee media reaction would be if Diana Bajoie called Stacey Head a “hypocrite” or if Head said Mayor Half Moon’s ego has gotten too large. People would have died from being run over by every TeeVee truck in town headed for City Hall to cover the conflict. After reading Drew Broach’s account of the controversy what we got instead was one big yawn from the video set. Councilman LaGasse must not be photogenic enough for the camera is all I can figure. If I missed where the local TeeVee news covered this please feel free to correct me in comments.

Finally I’d like to give a shout out to all the nice peeps at the Yenni Building, where Slabbed New Media now has a field office. Continue reading “Jefferson Parish open thread: We have lots to discuss.”

We had an election Saturday……

I spent my day watching football both at the local stadium and on TeeVee.  That said I did peek at Channel 4’s election coverage and I was happy to see the citizens of Bucktown liberate themselves from the legislative idiocy of John Labruzzo in favor of Nick Lorusso.

Meantime the whoremonger Nunny lost to Jay Dardenne in a race that was closer than I thought it’d be.  As Mr NAAS remarked Nunny actually carried Orleans and Jefferson Parishes and that folks does not reflect well on the voters in greater NOLA as Nunny is a crooked self serving slob.

In Jefferson Parish Council races Mark Spears is in a runoff with Cedric Floyd.  Ben Zahn won outright over Skip “Wrinkled Robe” Hand and Walt Bennetti. Ricky Templett beat Michael O’Brien.  It will be interesting to see how the new faces fit onto a Parish Council at war with Parish President John Young.

Another race I followed though I did not blog on it was the St Tammany Assessor’s race.  Long time encumbent Patricia Core is in a runoff, no doubt due to the very unfavorable Lee Zurik reporting on her proclivities to live large on the taxpayer dime.  Her interview with Zurik was a disaster IMHO and frankly I’m surprised she wasn’t booted from office by the voters outright. Something tells me she’ll have a hard time increasing her level of electorial support over the next 3 weeks absent some really shit house double dealing.  I’ll be paying attention. Continue reading “We had an election Saturday……”