Le’ Nouveau Construction debarred from Jefferson Parish Contracting

This story and Slabbed’s coverage of it go way back to late 2010. Chad Calder at the New Orleans Advocate has the latest:

Jefferson ethics panel urges company be banned from parish work

On the topic of whether Mississippi or Louisiana is the most corrupt state in the union my money would be on Louisiana and this saga involving the now convicted former Louisiana legislator Girod Jackson along with former councilman Byron Lee and his successor on the Jefferson Parish Council Mark Spears would be one of the reasons why. Only the DMR disaster approaches the scale of the annual looting of the “conprofits” in Louisiana.

Slabbed, of course, has broken major portions of this story and then some, going all the way back to late 2010. (Click here for a series of posts on this specific part of the larger controversy.) We’ll see if the Parish Council votes to affirm the Parish’s debarment recommendation for Le Nouveau.

Given the taxpayer funded looting this is really a slap on the wrist but it is all Parish government can do.

Tuesday in side of the “Beltway” and otherwise

Here ya go folks, some of the best links money can’t buy:

Thad Cochran’s Executive Assistant Accompanied Him to 42 Countries on 33 Taxpayer-Funded Trips ~ Matthew Boyle

Staying with the election theme:

Gene Taylor says Steven Palazzo cast three unforgivable votes ~ Paul Hampton

Actually Gene was kind to Palazzo leaving off the wild parties that trashed beach houses, Palazzo’s former Chief of Staff heading to the Federal Pokey, using his taxpayer funded staff to conduct his and wifey’s personal business, etc, etc. etc.

Next up, from the how much damage can a packaged out former tampon salesman cause before he is packaged out again (Russell feel free to chime in here):

Chiquita verifies company considering a move from Gulfport ~ Anita Lee

Yo Fernando…..;-)

Speaking of Yo. Yo Gordon. 😉

Woman was aiding FBI in scrutiny of DA Harry Morel ~ Gordon Russell and Richard Thompson

This case simply won’t go away. Kinda like Slabbed. :mrgreen:

Finally, from the disaster that is the Jefferson Parish Hospital Privatization Process:

Children’s, Ochsner sign up same consultant to relieve financial pressures ~ Ben Myers and Rebecca Catalanello

Bonus heard on the street. Councilmen Roberts and Spears are butting heads these days. The conflict evidently traces to one of the JP public hospitals.


Guest post: Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government comments on proposed Jefferson I.G. ordinance

Supporters of Good Government:

Citizens for Good Government was disappointed that the ordinance to limit the ability of the Jefferson Parish Inspector General to conduct his investigations has been deferred until the April 9th council meeting. CFGG Chairman Margaret Baird and I both expressed our disappointment at the March 19th council meeting about the deferral of this ordinance, since we wanted it to be cancelled or defeated.

The objectionable ordinance would require Inspector General David McClintock to provide written requests in order to obtain information from our government, although our Code of Ordinances currently permits him unrestricted access to this information without such a request. Unfortunately, among other things, such written requests would alert the objects of his investigations and would make him ineffective. Louisiana Inspector General Stephen Street and New Orleans Inspector General Ed Quatevaux both agree that it is important for our IG to have direct and unlimited access to this information, as does President Raphael Goyeneche of the Metropolitan Crime Commission.

We want to thank profusely all of those who called the councilmembers and urged them to vote NO on this terrible ordinance. By the way, three councilmen have publicly expressed their intention to vote NO on the ordinance: Chris Roberts, Ricky Templet, and Elton Lagasse. Councilman Lagasse’s aide came to the Inspector General meeting with the Ethics and Compliance Commission last Wednesday night, which was attended by Citizens for Good Government, and she announced that Councilman Lagasse was planning on voting NO.

We very much appreciate that Councilmen Roberts, Templet and Lagasse have had the courage to publicly announce their intention to oppose the current ordinance. It has been difficult to get the other councilmembers to express their intentions publicly. However, we believe that the other councilmembers owe it to the citizens of Jefferson to vote NO on this ordinance, since Jeffersonians overwhelmingly voted for the Inspector General, and we want this ordinance defeated. CFGG believes that the council’s vote on this ordinance is a test of their commitment to the success of our Office of Inspector General. Continue reading “Guest post: Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government comments on proposed Jefferson I.G. ordinance”

Indictment rumors are swirling in Jefferson Parish

Like chootin’ fish in a barrel folks.  Here are the areas people are talking about.

The Housing Authority checks in as number 1.  Ben Myers wrote a piece for NOLA.com a week or so back that touches on several areas of interest.

Number 2 is Thompson Thibodeaux Community Development Corp., a story that Slabbed helped pioneer and when you talk about Thompson Thibodeaux you gotta include former Councilman Byron Lee and his cuz/predecessor Mark Spears, especially since Lee pulled the race card back in November to explain his nefarious activities with respect to Thompson Thibodeaux.

Here are a few other links of interest:

Byron Lee, Mark Spears bristle at audit report that public money helped their relatives, associates ~ Andrea Shaw

After four months in limbo, political pawn lands different job, higher pay ~ Adriane Quinlan

Jefferson Parish inspector general, president agree on email access; Councilman Mark Spears unsatisfied ~ Ben Myers

Jefferson inspector general regains access to all parish email ~ Jeff Adelson

Stay tuned because my best sources in Jefferson Parish are urging me to stay frosty and alert.

Links, links and more links……

Who knew Todd Slack did bankruptcy work? I occasionally refer business to that specialty so this is useful knowledge.

Brennan’s Inc., former owner of the landmark restaurant, is bankrupt ~ Doug MacCash

The Political Award Season is upon us:

Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni wins JEDCO ‘Chairman’s Champion’ award ~ Adriane Quinlan

Lafreniere Park Advisory Board names Councilman Ben Zahn ‘person of the year’ ~ Adriane Quinlan

In other stories Slabbed’s been following:

Kenner finds no criminal wrongdoing after investigating missing cash in code enforcement department ~ Yo Adriane…

Yes Mark Spears still has mucho explaining to do.

Jefferson Parish ethics committee discusses damning audit in private ~ Ben Myers

Finally, with his diaper wearing days firmly in the past, David Vitter is thinking of running for Louisiana Gov.

Vitter’s trial balloon causing a stir ~ Stephanie Grace

Business as usual for the Jefferson Parish Council: A trio of links

Yes indeed folks despite the DMR indictments things are still hopping in the political cesspool that is Jefferson Parish.  Here are a trio of links to illustrate:

Convicted legislator Jackson tries to continue serving on Jefferson Parish Finance Authority with the help of Parish Councilman Mark Spears ~ NOLA.com

Jackson and Spears are conprofit associates from way back folks.

How about some music.

Original goals trashed in split over Jeff hospitals ~ New Orleans City Business Editorial

Jefferson Parish hospitals lease is in ‘total disarray’ and ‘shrouded in secrecy’, BGR says ~ Ben Myers

Byron Lee and Mark Spears say they’re not a bunch of thieving crooks……

Everyone is getting lots of mileage outta that Legislative Auditor’s report on Jefferson Parish West Bank Conprofits. Here is the latest:

Byron Lee, Mark Spears bristle at audit report that public money helped their relatives, associates ~ Andrea Shaw

Former Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee says audit implicating patronage politically motivated ~ Andrea Shaw

Mark Spears Jr. contends he didn’t benefit from public money, argues audit findings misleading ~ Andrea Shaw

Like I said, lots of mileage.

Statement from Jefferson Parish Councilman Mark Spears on audit ~ WDSU

Byron Lee issues statement on audit ~ WDSU

Paul Connick?  Someone in the media actually dropped the MIA DA’s name. (With a straight face no less).  Mark Spears and Byron Lee must’ve had a good belly laugh at that. How about some lovely music: Continue reading “Byron Lee and Mark Spears say they’re not a bunch of thieving crooks……”

The long fabled Thompson/Thibodeaux Community Development Corporation Investigative Audit Released….

Last week the Louisiana Legislative Auditor released its report related to the reasons Anatola Thompson resigned from her Parish of Jefferson job, a story Slabbed broke back in September. Tom literally let the cat outta the bag last month at the Parish Council meeting, after being prevented from doing same by being forcibly removed from the prior Parish council meeting.  The streets of Good Government are indeed mean streets at times.

If I could sit down with former US Attorney Jim Letten in a completely candid conversation one of the first questions I would ask would be somthing like “Jim, Byron Lee was served up to you on a silver platter about nine different ways, why in the wide wide world of sports didn’t you take him?” One of those ways Lee was served up was right here on these pages in fact. To line things up we begin with today’s NOLA.Com feature story by Andrea Shaw on the Investigative Audit’s release:

Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera said his staff launched the special investigation of Thompson Thibodeaux after turning up clues to its activities during financial reviews of West Jefferson Medical Center, the Parish Council, the public Jefferson Community Health Care Centers organization and the non-profit Jefferson Sports and Scholastic Foundation. The health clinics and sports foundation, run by Lee’s political allies, received parish money under his direction while he was on the council.

Most of that was already out in the open when I published the results of a Slabbed New Media investigation on Lee and his connections to several conprofits way back in late 2010. The one rumored Mississippi connection that I could never source was that is blood relationship existed between Eric Thompson and Mississippi’s own Congressman Bennie Thompson. On its own that does not mean anything but there is an undeniable Jackson to New Orleans cesspool connection and occasionally it manifests itself in places like Mark St Pierre’s trial so being a relative of Congressman Bennie Thompson would be of interest to me, especially to debunk the rumored connection since that is the way we roll here at Slabbed.

Lest I digress as the legislative audit report on Thompson/Thibodeaux Community Development Corporation is a 472 page whopper that will take some time to fully digest.  I can tell you based upon professional experience that when language like the following appears in an audit report within the first 10 pages the whole thing is well worth reading cover to cover: Continue reading “The long fabled Thompson/Thibodeaux Community Development Corporation Investigative Audit Released….”

Slabbed takes the Ignatius challenge and writes one wayyyyy to the inside Part Deux

As Davichy55 would say on finance back in the the olden days


Now for a round of double jeopardy:

Question: Who else stepped financially for the former Goatherder in Chief back in February, 2011?

Answer: Same guy that was given the no bid legal services contract by the Jefferson Parish Council.

Jefferson Parish Council awards contract to lowest-ranked firm that gave most money ~ Adriane Quinlan

Must read folks as Chris Roberts waxes nonsensical justifying this sweetheart deal.

Next question: Is there a story behind the story on the selection of Bruce Burglass’ law firm by Roberts and company?

Answer: Oh yeah.

H/T: The Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government

Stay tuned.