Come join Steve Scalise, John “Big Dog” Alario & Sheriff Noodles for a Fundraiser for Federal Grand Jury Subject Chris Roberts

All I can add is the gang has good tastes in West Bank Restaurants in Thanh Thanh Restaurant with Slabbed having covered the place both here and here. Those wanting background on the Federal Grand Jury that is convened in New Orleans looking at Councilman Roberts can click here and here for media accounts that are less than one week old. Here is a snippet from Ramon’s story:

Roberts’ annual council salary exceeds $111,000, according to parish records. In his most recent personal financial disclosure form, he indicated that he also was involved in some private businesses, including a landscaping company where he is listed as general manager.

Having seen Robert’s W-2 from a few years ago that was filed in his divorce case, I can confirm the “Landscaping company” also paid Roberts in excess of $100,000 for his general managerial services, which is not a bad gig for a supposedly full time politician. Sheriff Normand is also acquainted with side business participation so the association should not surprise. The invite to the March 8, 2017 event is below the jump. Continue reading “Come join Steve Scalise, John “Big Dog” Alario & Sheriff Noodles for a Fundraiser for Federal Grand Jury Subject Chris Roberts”

Meantime down in Plaquemines Parish on the eve of the election……

Oh the posts I could have written about this year’s Louisiana election that features more stinker races involving narcissists, especially in metro New Orleans than I can recall ever. So here at Slabbed we said screw dat, sit back and lets watch the knife fight that was sure to ensue. Our patience was well rewarded.

Slabbed makes absolutely no endorsements but I will say I am stunned JP Councilman Chris Roberts used his own son in a campaign ad because it opened up Pandora’s box. There are several stories the main stream media could have run about several of the candidates including Roberts and believe me folks when I say the dirt on Mr. Mini-me that has come out thus far in the campaign scratches the surface. He is endorsed by all the major Parish Wide politicians including the Sheriff and DA because his massive character flaws means Roberts is essentially a puppet. I personally can’t wait to see how that particular race turns out because it comes to you straight from the sewer.

Meantime for Lite Gov we got John Young and Billy Nungesser as the two favorites to advance to the runoff. Slabbed New Media is considered authoritative on both men so it is no surprise the following lawsuit filed a week or so ago by the Parish of Plaquemines against Nungesser for “misappropriating” Parish materials and equipment on a private construction project showed up on my doorstep because this is exactly the kind of muck we love to rake here at Slabbed. Click below the jump to nab the 4 page pdf of the suit and remember tomorrow in Louisiana hold your nose and go vote:

Petition for Damages Plaquemines Parish v Nunny

Petition for Damages Plaquemines Parish v Nunny

Friday Open: Where does the time go?

I’m fighting numerous deadlines thus the lack of new material. That does not means the news cycle is not happening though, especially the continuing dust-up involving Consultant Joshua Nemzoff’s airing of the sweetheart insider dirty laundry in a full page ad to the Times Picayune.  I personally don’t understand why Channel 8 doesn’t just lend Chris Roberts a camera man and microphone for the week while Lee Zurik explores anew why John Young likes a well compensated secretary.  Maybe Zurik should explore how Robert’s makes his money but we’d all die from asphyxiation holding our breath waiting for that.

Wedding Bells for Councilman Chris Roberts????

But what about Mrs. Roberts???? I will say these two things for now.

  1. The rumor mill is going full tilt.
  2. The prospective Mrs Roberts hails from Lafitte and is a smoking hot babe.

Continue reading “Wedding Bells for Councilman Chris Roberts????”

Good News – Bad News

It depends on your perspective folks. We have elections happening this year in both of the two states Slabbed covers. The good news is I will be covering certain races in both states, one being the At Large council seat in Jefferson Parish which features Chris Roberts and Louis Conjemi. For as long as Slabbed has been covering Jefferson Parish politics it is easy to forget that Roberts is just 33 years old accomplishing feats that Dixie Darlyn Newman could only dream of achieving including winning the first Slabbed 5AM Award of Gastrointestinal Excellence involving Robert’s unsolicited advice for the proper conduct of campaign finance research. I would posit this is good news for the Jefferson Parish electorate as a whole, maybe not so good for the candidates but we’ll see.

Next up would be the race to replace Cynthia Lee-Sheng in District 5. Lee-Sheng has a lock on the other At Large Jefferson council seat:

Former state Rep. John LaBruzzo has started campaigning for Metairie-based Jefferson Parish Council seat ~ Ramon Antonio Vargas

LaBruzzo joins former Interim Councilman Mike Thomas in the race. Parish Prez John Young’s COO Jennifer Van Vrancken Dwyer will be joining the guys when the time is right. I am being told by some of my best sources in JP there are skeletons aplenty among the announced candidates for District 5 so this race also bears keeping an eye on.

Even Chris Roberts most ardent political haters…….

Admit that putting up Elton LaGasse for Parish President was a savvy political move. It not only clears the way for Cynthia Lee Sheng to slide over to the vacated At Large council seat it sets up a bruising battle between LaGasse and Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni, who is also rumored to be in the race to succeed John Young as Parish President. Gretna Police Chief Arthur Lawson is backing LaGasse with his West Bank political base along with Roberts and his base there in Terrytown.

Meantime over at Louisiana Lite Gov this could be Nunny’s year.

Add a tax lien to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts’ resume

IRS hits Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts with $90,000 lien on unpaid taxes ~ Ben Myers

And Roberts’ explanation of how things got to this point does not make sense and it set off the following precision instrument here at the worldwide headquarters of Slabbed New Media:

And this in turn lead here: Continue reading “Add a tax lien to Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts’ resume”

Tuesday in side of the “Beltway” and otherwise

Here ya go folks, some of the best links money can’t buy:

Thad Cochran’s Executive Assistant Accompanied Him to 42 Countries on 33 Taxpayer-Funded Trips ~ Matthew Boyle

Staying with the election theme:

Gene Taylor says Steven Palazzo cast three unforgivable votes ~ Paul Hampton

Actually Gene was kind to Palazzo leaving off the wild parties that trashed beach houses, Palazzo’s former Chief of Staff heading to the Federal Pokey, using his taxpayer funded staff to conduct his and wifey’s personal business, etc, etc. etc.

Next up, from the how much damage can a packaged out former tampon salesman cause before he is packaged out again (Russell feel free to chime in here):

Chiquita verifies company considering a move from Gulfport ~ Anita Lee

Yo Fernando…..;-)

Speaking of Yo. Yo Gordon. 😉

Woman was aiding FBI in scrutiny of DA Harry Morel ~ Gordon Russell and Richard Thompson

This case simply won’t go away. Kinda like Slabbed. :mrgreen:

Finally, from the disaster that is the Jefferson Parish Hospital Privatization Process:

Children’s, Ochsner sign up same consultant to relieve financial pressures ~ Ben Myers and Rebecca Catalanello

Bonus heard on the street. Councilmen Roberts and Spears are butting heads these days. The conflict evidently traces to one of the JP public hospitals.


News schizophrenia on the Jeff Parish Hospital Beat while the reasons for Chris Robert’s SBA default come into sharper focus

I’ve sat back and watched the spectacular disaster that is the Jefferson Parish hospital privatization effort unfold as told by the beat gang at both the and the Advocate and I certainly came away wanting more information and even more important perspective. Call me a harsh critic folks but I’m not feeling it from the beat as it appears on this issue the newspapers have become mere mouthpieces for the politicians.

The history of the process and the attempts of Chris Roberts, Elton LaGasse and Ricky Templet to derail it are too numerous to mention in the limited time I have this morning. There the newspapers have done a decent job following the gyrations albeit sans any useful analysis but there are a couple of examples of reporting where I read the news and came away thinking, “Myers sure had someone blowing mega smoke up his ass” or “Quinlan is giving Roberts another redo”.  I know they are better than the slop being served but it is what it is. First up from the smoke up Ben’s ass files I have this from January:

Jefferson hospital lease process started with ‘one parish,’ wound up with division ~ Ben Myers

In this piece the Parish council is thoroughly infantilized by Myers, who pinned the blame that day for the disaster on the Hospital Boards and the consultant hired by the Parish. The fix for Children’s Hospital had been in for way longer than last September. In fact astute political observers who speak to Slabbed on the condition of anonymity indicate Children’s Continue reading “News schizophrenia on the Jeff Parish Hospital Beat while the reasons for Chris Robert’s SBA default come into sharper focus”