Louisiana Legislator Girod Jackson back in the news and this time it is not for ripping folks off or getting no bid contracts from Jefferson Parish

You know it has to be an election year when the local crooked politicos start kicking up sand to make it look as if they care for the people instead of lining their own pockets. Such is the case with Paul Purpura’s story on State Rep. Girod Jackson’s efforts in the legislature to create a third minority judicial district in the 24th JDC. Jackson is a name we know well here on Slabbed as he runs earmark scams with outgoing Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee fleecing the taxpayers outta big money. And when he is not stealing from the local taxpayers Jackson scams ordinary folks like the poor Moss family who claims Jackson became the invisible man after taking their money to repair their house.

Meantime the folks in Harvey are getting just the type of representation in the legislature they deserve. Breaking the cycle of masochistic ignorance that leads to ascension of unabashed crooks like Jackson and fellow west banker John Alario to public office is the key here IMHO.


And the mystery person is "Lil' Piece" Larry Sisung: A what The Times Picayune didn't tell you update.

Serendipity: ser·en·dip·i·ty/serənˈdipitē/
Noun: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

A trip to the hive yesterday in Jefferson Parish for a quick meetup with a source, coupled with an earlier lengthy phone conversation with another is the genesis of this post as we feature a stinker of a T-P editorial, a related Ed Anderson news report and a Michelle Hunter piece on Noodle Norman’s budget and the M&M sisters that share a related theme IMHO: Jefferson Parish money machine man Larry Sisung. Let’s start with Ed Anderson:

With less than 90 minutes left in the Louisiana Legislature session that ended Thursday, lawmakers came together on a bill that would require the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East to pay $700,000 by July 30 to cover the costs of maintaining New Orleans’ Lakeshore Drive.

I’ve noticed in passing the news stories about the demise of the lakefront levee police. The latest from the T-P represents the intersection of that story and the politics of 2 incumbents being thrown into the same district via redistricting and an election coming in October. What makes this a controversial issues involves how the Flood Protection Authority allocates its money to the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority. As Anderson explains in his story, “The two agencies were created by the Legislature after Hurricane Katrina from the old Orleans Levee Board: one agency has control of the flood protection capabilities of the district; the other has control of the old board’s non-flood property, including Lakefront Airport, marinas and commercial property in the Lakefront area.” Continue reading “And the mystery person is "Lil' Piece" Larry Sisung: A what The Times Picayune didn't tell you update.”

Citizens for Good Government updates the last Jefferson Parish Council meeting.

Chris Roberts evidently has a bad attack of IBS and attended the meeting using his laptop and Skype from his throne room…

Seriously, from the most recent CFGG email blast:

Supporters of Good Government:

A number of pieces of good government legislation supported by Citizens for Good Government were passed by the Jefferson Parish Council at its May 11th meeting. In addition, after almost two years of attending Jefferson Parish Council meetings, we actually saw a spirited Council debate without a unanimous council vote!

Citizens for Good Government was pleased that the Jefferson Parish Council voted unanimously for the following legislation which we enthusiastically supported:

1. Office of Inspector General Continue reading “Citizens for Good Government updates the last Jefferson Parish Council meeting.”

Today is Grand Jury day for the Jefferson Parish Council…

Actually Grand Jury day 2. Rich Rainey filed a short report for the T-P where he includes a nuance previously missing from the earlier reporting concerning the exact type of subpoena that was issued as all subpoenas are evidently not created equal.


We have a Slabb-o-gram for Lee Zurich

Girod Jackson? Oh yeah we know him well.  IMHO he is cut from the same cloth as Byron Lee, Derrick Sheperd, Cedric Richmond and that clique of corrupt politicians. Fertile ground for certain Lee though following Girod and the money will probably lead you back to Team Ward/Heebe. How funny that a guy who can’t seem to build a house is able to score big time no  bid contracts from the Parish after Katrina.

You can thank me later Lee.


Slabb O’Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek: A shameless attempt to set a monthly traffic record

I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together
See how they run like pigs from a gun
See how they fly, I’m crying

Sitting on a cornflake
Waiting for the van to come
Corporation T-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday
Man you’ve been a naughty boy
You let your face grow long

I am the eggman
They are the eggmen
I am the walrus
Goo goo g’ joob Continue reading “Slabb O’Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek: A shameless attempt to set a monthly traffic record”

Garbage in, Garbage out: The trouble with keeping yer lies straight….. A River Birch contract evaluation update.

The old adage about the trouble with keeping lies straight came to mind yesterday as I read Paul Rioux’s T-P story on River Birch’s much ballyhooed contract evaluation performed by the rent an economist at Loren C. Scott and Associates.  Being a blog moderator has its advantages, especially when the ol’ memory bank is functioning on a high level and within 5 minutes I had 2 of our old posts on the yet to be released, Parish commissioned River Birch contract evaluation up and on Ready Five when life intervened and I was called to Buzzard’s Roost unexpectedly. That’s OK because our regular commenters have great memories too but before we get to that we must visit with Paul’s story and one particular excerpt which is most topical:

With a tipping fee of $20.66 per ton and an additional cost of $4.89 per ton to maintain its dump, the parish spent an estimated $6.5 million to dispose of 255,000 tons of trash in 2009, according to the study.

If the River Birch contract had been in effect, the parish would have paid a tipping fee of $19.22 per ton and no overhead costs for a total of $4.9 million, leaving a savings of $1.6 million, the study concluded.

Obviously I was not the only member of the Slabbed Nation that immediately saw the problem here as Telemachus’ comment on our last Paul Rioux River Birch post nailed it:

Council Chairman Tom Capella said he expects the council will approve the deal. Continue reading “Garbage in, Garbage out: The trouble with keeping yer lies straight….. A River Birch contract evaluation update.”


I am a man who likes to kill multiple birds with one stone so after Slabbed’s researcher and I left Muni court last month we headed over to Lafayette Square to see what was shaking on skid row. As per usual we were not disappointed as we immediately saw the Wino.

“Hey kid, my lady friend wants to have a few words with you.” said the Wino.  “I think you’ll like her.” She looked like she hadn’t eaten in days so we went to a local restaurant  known for having good turtle soup. Her name was Betty.

“No offense bubba but your work on Byron Lee bites.” she began.  “You always talk about following the money but I’ve been waiting for you to do that for months with Byron Lee.”  I protested that my work load was amazingly heavy but to no avail as she was having none of it.

“Lee is part of a crime family son, one that is pretty easy to find.” Knowing time was scarce that evening she handed me a dossier on Lee. “Don’t fuck it up!”, she exclaimed, ” I traded a case of mad dog for this.” With that she disappeared into the chilly evening. Continue reading “It”

Johnny Young took an axe……..

And gave Bobby Bourgeois fourty whacks.
When he saw what he had done he gave Deano Bonano fourty-one.

Keith Gee also has left the employment of the Parish of Jefferson. Hat tip: You guys know who you are.  😉

I’m rolling out the long talked about post on Byron Lee later this afternoon, specifically examining his connections to Debris Management LLC and an area businessman who is purportedly an in-law to Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson. I think this may be salient to the lawsuit involving Waste Management and the Parish.

Additionally we are at T-1 for the world debut of Slabb-a-leaks which I’m hoping will rock the local media scene.


Speaking of Byron Lee and the lawsuit involving Maxima……

We were asked for Team Lee’s response to the insurer’s lawsuit against him which one lawyer read and termed “boilerplate denials”.  It almost was buried in my email inbox but alas here it is for those so interested.