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Who knew Todd Slack did bankruptcy work? I occasionally refer business to that specialty so this is useful knowledge.

Brennan’s Inc., former owner of the landmark restaurant, is bankrupt ~ Doug MacCash

The Political Award Season is upon us:

Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni wins JEDCO ‘Chairman’s Champion’ award ~ Adriane Quinlan

Lafreniere Park Advisory Board names Councilman Ben Zahn ‘person of the year’ ~ Adriane Quinlan

In other stories Slabbed’s been following:

Kenner finds no criminal wrongdoing after investigating missing cash in code enforcement department ~ Yo Adriane…

Yes Mark Spears still has mucho explaining to do.

Jefferson Parish ethics committee discusses damning audit in private ~ Ben Myers

Finally, with his diaper wearing days firmly in the past, David Vitter is thinking of running for Louisiana Gov.

Vitter’s trial balloon causing a stir ~ Stephanie Grace

I hear Heather Hilliard has a new lawyer: Jefferson Parish Omnibus

Folks don’t get mad, get Slabbed.  I’m not certain why Ms. Hilliard changed counsel midstream but I certainly think she nabbed a fine lawyer. Newbies can find vital background here and here plus generally here. It is another example of a Slabbed scoop on the Jefferson Parish beat.

I’ve had a few things in my inbox on this and the Broussard flood suit for well over a month that need examining. Plus this Jefferson Parish hospital deal has people talking and they are not talking about the extensive coverage afforded to Councilmen Chris Roberts and Ben Zahn by and the Advocate or the quality of care provided by the various competitors to the deal. I’ll see if I can get something semi coherent together on that issue while I have a sliver of time to spare. It sounds like classic cesspool politics based on what I know at present.

The latest email blast from Jefferson Parish Citizens for Good Government came late last night. Speaking of Ben Zahn:

Supporters of Good Government:

The Jefferson Parish Council will meet this Wednesday, September 18th at 10 a.m. on the West Bank at the General Government Building. As we have been doing at every council meeting for the past three years, Citizens for Good Government will again present information from our Campaign Contribution Table shown below. The information which we present is summary information which supplements the contractor campaign contribution information read aloud by Council Clerk Eula Lopez. We have factually and precisely identified the entries in our table as total campaign contributions of at least $1,000 made during the PAST FOUR YEARS to our councilmembers by contractors and subcontractors on whom the Jefferson Parish Council is scheduled to vote at the next council meeting. The contractors and subcontractors in our table were obtained from resolutions in the Agenda for the council meeting and from the affidavits attached to the online Agenda Items. Continue reading “I hear Heather Hilliard has a new lawyer: Jefferson Parish Omnibus”

Jefferson Parish Council Jackassery Miscellany: Mini-me and Zahn lead the way with Noodles on top

One thing I’ve learned is you don’t mess with the M&M sisters or the CFGG and the reason for that is simple: The CFGG’s message is pure, without hint of hidden agenda.  Councilman Ben Zahn will learn that in time but first:

Jefferson Parish Councilman Ben Zahn disagrees with citizen group ~ Adriane Quinlin

The headline was charitable because the story makes it clear that Zahn was more of a garden variety ass than anything IMHO.

Next up the gang is taking illegal straw polls as Slabbed will continue to assume there is double dealing galore in the shadows of these specious public hospital “negotiations”.

Jefferson hospital lease suitors to present in public; secretive conduct called into question ~ Ben Myers

Of course, when I write posts about the Jefferson Parish Council and Chris Roberts in particular, I generally get the warm fuzzies thinking about the pictures.  🙂

We had an election Saturday……

I spent my day watching football both at the local stadium and on TeeVee.  That said I did peek at Channel 4’s election coverage and I was happy to see the citizens of Bucktown liberate themselves from the legislative idiocy of John Labruzzo in favor of Nick Lorusso.

Meantime the whoremonger Nunny lost to Jay Dardenne in a race that was closer than I thought it’d be.  As Mr NAAS remarked Nunny actually carried Orleans and Jefferson Parishes and that folks does not reflect well on the voters in greater NOLA as Nunny is a crooked self serving slob.

In Jefferson Parish Council races Mark Spears is in a runoff with Cedric Floyd.  Ben Zahn won outright over Skip “Wrinkled Robe” Hand and Walt Bennetti. Ricky Templett beat Michael O’Brien.  It will be interesting to see how the new faces fit onto a Parish Council at war with Parish President John Young.

Another race I followed though I did not blog on it was the St Tammany Assessor’s race.  Long time encumbent Patricia Core is in a runoff, no doubt due to the very unfavorable Lee Zurik reporting on her proclivities to live large on the taxpayer dime.  Her interview with Zurik was a disaster IMHO and frankly I’m surprised she wasn’t booted from office by the voters outright. Something tells me she’ll have a hard time increasing her level of electorial support over the next 3 weeks absent some really shit house double dealing.  I’ll be paying attention. Continue reading “We had an election Saturday……”