“And they were all lined up like birds on a wire……”

Six Mardi Gras krewes were fined from $100 to $2,500 for violating Jefferson Parish’s parade ordinance during Carnival 2013, according to public records released Tuesday. Most of the infractions involved unmasked riders and smoking on floats, although two krewes were cited for having too few marching bands.

The citations come in the second year of the latest crackdown on Carnival krewes as Jefferson Parish tries to enforce its parade standards and gradually raise them. The parish attorney’s office released reports on six of Jefferson’s 14 parades, in response to a public records request from NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune.

6 Mardi Gras krewes fined by Jefferson Parish for parade violations ~ Drew Broach

Jefferson Parish councilmen Chris "Mini-me" Roberts, Mark Spears and Rickey Templett along with Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner on the politicians float, Krewe of Alla. Reader submitted photo
Jefferson Parish Councilmen Chris “Mini-me” Roberts, Mark Spears and Ricky Templet along with Lafitte Mayor Tim Kerner on the politicians float, Krewe of Alla. Reader submitted photo

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HUGE!!!!!! Paul Rioux completes the toxic River Birch campaign cash gumbo. Fred Heebe spreads the cash just before the JP River Birch Landfill vote

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Telemachus and ‘Gate, take a bow.  Paul Rioux has the must read story on the topic Slabbed broke earlier today. We got a hat tip in fact. 🙂 The list of River Birch’s lawn politicians is indeed impressive.

So the campaign cash conduit to the politicians is laid bare as expertly as the money train to Heebe’s local media shills. In other related media news we continue to get google search referrals under the search string “why was Val Bracy fired?” Damn good question IMHO.


Capella political hack Pat Tovrea needs to learn a bit of restraint. An occasional Jefferson Parish Failing Schools Update.

Why are Jefferson Parish Schools some of the worst in the state of Louisiana?

See Pat Tovrea run for School Board.
See JPSB member Pat Tovrea harass central office employees.
See JPSB member Pat Tovrea stalk central office employees.
See JPSB member Pat Tovrea bully central office employees.
See Employee file for a restraining order.

Maybe spending too much time with his nose up Tommy Capella’s hiney makes Pat an angry guy. Or maybe the thirst for loot makes Pat act like Tom Wilkinson during in his thirst for loot. Whatever the case this Pat Tovrea is a product of the machine. And the voters of Jefferson Parish are getting exactly the kind schools they deserve. The amazing thing is I bet there are some dedicated educators in the system that still give 100% trying to make a difference. It must really suck for those folks. Continue reading “Capella political hack Pat Tovrea needs to learn a bit of restraint. An occasional Jefferson Parish Failing Schools Update.”

One word folks: Ugly. Baudier, Leone gets their asses kicked.

I believe Jim Brown said in his column something along the lines that when he was getting started in politics an old salt told him there was 3 things he needed to know about the game. The first thing was you gotta have money and he couldn’t remember the other two.

I never saw an Al Leone commercial and though we were happy to debut Baudier’s excellent ad I only saw it in the media Friday.  And the sad fact is most folks make voting decisions just like they do many other decisions – based on a 30 second ad which in reality conveys nothing of substance.  And I imagine armed with accurate polling data Dubos at Gambit and the T-P folks endorsed an inevitability perceiving a self-interest.  Roberts is a particularly nasty ho for instance and he has media interests with which to use to snag legal ads, etc.

I do not question why Leone and Baudier decided to run despite the fact both had to know going in they would likely lose due to the huge campaign cash disparity.

Dubos had already interpreted the results of the election and as usual for a TeeVee talking head has over analyzed the results.  Support for the River Birch dynamic duo of Roberts and Capella may be a mile wide but it is also less than half an inch deep. The gang that fund these guys; the hogs at the public trough that are the reason your taxes are sky-high aren’t going away easily.  And hopefully no one expects Jim Letten to do a job the people who choose to live in Jefferson Parish won’t do for themselves.  Anything along those lines will be gravy.