My spidey senses tell me the resurrection of Diaper Dave…..

Is rooted firmly in the local sewer. A clue lies in the players displayed on the stage:

  • The candidates in Vitter and Dardenne.
  • The forum in the Loyola law school and the sponsor in the Alliance for Good Government. As luck would have it I have some background coming on the Jefferson Parish Alliance.

If it smells like dead hot tuna and it involves the endorsement industrial complex, this must mean an election in Louisiana is close at hand. The stage players are for show, its the people pulling the strings where my interest lies:

David Vitter responds to question about prostitution scandal ~ Julia O’Donoghue

Todd Price asks a darn good question in comments.

That ain’t donut glaze on David Vitter’s diaper as he was the biggest loser in Saturday’s election

The Louisiana  TEA Party, by extension, is also a big loser.  John Maginnis has some quality analysis for the Times Picayune of Jay Dardenne’s win over Nunny and Jim Tucker’s crushing loss in the Secretary of State’s race.

Not mentioned by also big losers was the Jefferson Parish Council who now will have to learn to deal with an independent inspector general.


Gidget’s guys: Goober nails the Vitty endorsement of Nunny

Everyone is still scratching their heads over Diaper David Vitter’s endorsement of Billy Nungesser aka Bubba aka Nunny for the La Lite Gov against an incumbent from his own party. Nungesser is the subject of a federal investigation into how the Parish spent Katrina recovery funding, is the idiot that helped Bobby Jindal shake down BP for those useless sand berms and is otherwise a useless fat piece of crap.  Folks I do not recommend visualizing what it looked like when he crawled on top of one of Gidget’s girls running up a 5 figure tab with the Canal Street Madam that his daddy ended up making good per Jeanette Maier aka Gidget aka the Canal Street Madam who personally told me this in a telephonic interview.  Now she made it clear that she took anyone’s money including Norman Robinson at WDSU, who reportedly like his women very blonde but she also made it clear she had no use for Nunny on a personal level.  I know I trust Gidget far more than I’d ever trust a typical Louisiana politician.

In any event Goober over at the Plaquemine’s Parish forums at NOLA did a good job making the Gidget connection linking us, Oyster aka Mark Moseley and Scott McKay over at The Hayride, which has rapidly become the GOP blog of choice in Louisiana.  Oyster’s work on Diaper David Vitter and his proclivities with prostitutes over at Your Right Hand Thief is the literal magnum opus on the subject.  All of Goober’s links and research are well worth the read.


Between a crook and a hard place: A Louisiana Lite Gov election update.

Here is the choice folks, the daughter of a politically connected class action lawyer with a Goldman Sachs/Bill Clinton pedigree or the lawyer for a sleazy stock operator who ran a pump and dump on the now defunct HSOA.  That HSOA scam created a lot of bagholders due to greed but some of the stuff Daddy Fayard is into really will make your skin crawl.  We appreciate the coverage and links from Scott McKay over at the Hayride on a few of our older posts dealing with Hugh Sibley and his connections to Pappa Fayard.

All that said Slabbed will make a recommendation on this race: Continue reading “Between a crook and a hard place: A Louisiana Lite Gov election update.”

Sunday news miscellany: Various and sundry politicians, election results and “Hot lead for lunch”.

Like Nowdy, I’ve been relatively scarce from the cyber scene though for different reasons, mine being completely self centered.  I have unanswered emails going back to the middle of last month but I am tackling everything albeit on a slower pace.  The only thing I’ll add is that IMHO a good basher need down time.  😉

Speaking of down time and the fact we’ve talked gun safety a good bit of late on Slabbed I am proud to report I finally found my aim with my 40 caliber pistol yesterday at the local gun club.  I still need more work with my 44 magnum revolver though.  I’ve long enjoyed shooting both skeet and ducks and look forward to doing more of that this fall/winter.

The gang at the range did not hear of our recent gun safety topic at Slabbed in the accidental discharge of the deringer in Cheryl Mintz’s purse at Galatoire’s one week ago last Friday so it made for nice banter.  Earlier this week I got an eye-witness report as it seems everyone knows someone who was there when the gun discharged.  Still, it is never too late for James Gill to weight in on the subject and weight in he did for today’s Times Picayune in a highly entertaining piece that is well worth the read. Continue reading “Sunday news miscellany: Various and sundry politicians, election results and “Hot lead for lunch”.”