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New Orleans Traffic Court Judge Ronald Sholes to step down ~ John Simerman

Sholes himself was found to have interceded in dozens of cases on behalf of traffic scofflaws in 1999 and 2000, although there was no evidence that he took anything for doing it. Sholes defended the practice, saying traffic law violators often have a hard time gaining access to the prosecutors who have the authority to dismiss their tickets.

Yo Rafael Welcome to Slabbed. Perdigao rats out Sholes ~ Slabbed circa June 2008

And that ended up on the front page of the Sunday Times Picayune where Gordon Russell gave Slabbed its major first cross over hat tip.

Tim Whitmer has a new attorney – oh, by the way, a JP School Board member testified before federal grand jury

FOX 8 confirmed that former CAO Tim Whitmer has a new attorney. Whitmer replaced former district attorney candidate, Ralph Capitelli with well known criminal attorney Pat Fanning. Whitmer’s insurance business is what started the federal investigation into Jefferson Parish government.

The big story on Fox 8 was Jefferson Parish probe widens to school board and we’ll get to that after we take a look at Whitmer’s new attorney – and, to think, only a few hours ago I passed on Searchhound’s suggestion because I’m just learning my way around Jefferson Parish.  However, Capitelli rang a bell and with help from Google®, I learned the bell it rang was Perdigao v Adams&Reese. ” Capitelli represented casino owner Robert Guidry, who pleaded guilty to bribing…[former Louisiana Governor Edwin]…Edwards in exchange for a riverboat license.”

Mr. Fanning was one of Capitelli’s supporters when he ran for District Attorney.  Capitelli also had the support of Harry Connick, Sr., and, like everything thus far in the unfolding story of Jefferson Parish, there’s a connection there.  Actually, there’s also a connection to Perdigao.  Fanning represented former New Orleans Mayor Marc Morial: Continue reading “Tim Whitmer has a new attorney – oh, by the way, a JP School Board member testified before federal grand jury”

What in the world is going on with USA v Perdigao?

I found Waldo and I’m hoping Sally James and NAAS  will stop by with comments on the Motion for Continuation filed in USA v Perdigao.  waldo1

Now comes David L. Arena, Senior United States Probation Officer, and moves the Court for an order continuing the sentence in the above-matter which is currently set for February 11, 2009, because additional time is needed to prepare a pre-sentence report. Neither defense counselor, Charles Griffin, nor Assistant United States Attorney, James Mann, have any objections to a brief continuance. Therefore the probation officer moves the Court to continue the sentencing date in this case for approximately 30 days.

Somehow, I don’t think Sop will be surprised by the delay or the reminder in this Notice of Continuation. Continue reading “What in the world is going on with USA v Perdigao?”